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Tisi Tec Fairway Woods


Ping GolfAvailable in 3, 5 and 7 woods, the new TiSI Tec Fairway Woods feature progressive weight pad placement to fine tune the spin and lift characteristics of the golf ball based on the club's loft. As with the TiSI Tec Driver, this is achieved through Chemical Milling Technology.

Like the TiSI Tec driver, the TiSI Tec fairway woods utilize our Chemical Milling Technology (CMTTM) to remove the alpha layer from the casting and precisely control clubhead wall thickness. These woods also feature trapezoid-shaped weight pads cast onto the zirconium soleplate (a 'sister' metal that is 50% heavier than titanium) and a tungsten bottom weight.

Ping Golf - Tisi Tec Fairway Woods, by Travel GolfThis technology and choice of materials allows PING engineers to incorporate progressive weight pad placement into the design of these fairway woods and fine-tune the spin and lift characteristics of the golf ball based on the loft of the wood.

Since maximum distance is required from the #3 wood, the weight pads are positioned toward the face to reduce spin and maximize roll. For a higher trajectory and softer landing, the weight pads in the #7 wood are positioned away from the clubface in the back of the wood. For optimum lift and spin, the weight pads in the #5 wood are located approximately in the center of the soleplate.

Like all PING clubs, these fairway woods are designed to be custom-fit to the golfer. In addition to a choice of lofts, shaft flexes, lengths, grip sizes and swingweights, the thermoplastic hosel is available in 8 different lie and face angles. This allows a fitter to recommend specifications that can help a golfer reduce or eliminate hooks and slices and help "dial in" a preferred shot shape.

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