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Taylormade Introduces R510 TP Driver, Authentic, Tour-Inspired, Tour-Proven Extension Of The R510


CARLSBAD, Calif. -- TaylorMade makes it a point to maintain an active, ongoing equipment dialogue with tour professionals, and then uses the knowledge gained to make better-performing, ever-authentic products. Such as the new R510 TP (Tour Preferred) driver, which was created in response to tour pros that requested modifications to the original R510 driver.

"When tour professionals talk to us about equipment, we listen," says Sean Toulon, vice president, global product and brand creation. "The R510 TP is a product of the PGA Tour, and has been proven on the PGA Tour, and we're pleased to make it available to the public. This is the same club that more than 25 professionals on the PGA Tour are playing, and which has already been used to win three Tour events so far this year, including Fred Couples' victory at the Shell Houston Open. The R510 TP is an authentic tour product manufactured with the original tour tooling. It was designed with the assistance of the best players in the world, for the best players in the world."

At 390cc, the R510 TP is 60cc larger than the R510, resulting in a higher MOI for greater stability. Plus, the head of the R510 TP is shaped in a more traditional fashion. Like the R510, the R510 TP features a deep face and a forward-positioned center of gravity (CG) that produces a penetrating ball flight; plus the weight is strategically distributed internally to activate what is known as the vertical gear effect.

In addition, the R510 TP boasts a larger amount of clubface area above the CG than any other R500 Series driver, equaling more clubface area that delivers the high launch/low spin combination that delivers optimum distance.

Explains Toulon; "The R510 TP's center of gravity is positioned two millimeters below the center of the clubface, as measured on the vertical axis. This, combined with the fact that the R510 TP boasts over 30 millimeters of clubface height area above the CG, results in a driver that gives the skilled player a huge area with which to achieve the high launch angle-low spin rate launch condition that yields maximum distance."

The R510 TP employs the same innovative features that have made TaylorMade's R500 Series drivers No. 1 in overall usage on the PGA Tour, including Inverted Cone Technology, which provides a dramatically larger COR zone for greater ball velocity on off-center hits for consistently longer drives, and the Tuned Weight Cartridge, which allows TaylorMade engineers to precisely tune the head with the shaft for perfect balance and feel.

Targeted at skilled players that build clubhead speed in excess of 95 miles per hour, the R510 TP is equipped with a .335" tip Fujikura Speeder 757 graphite shaft trimmed with an eye-catching color combination of red and silver. The Speeder 757 features Fujikura's Triax™ technology: Triax is a material composed of carbon fiber woven in a honeycomb structure, the dynamics of which permit the shaft to withstand forces in multiple directions. A golf shaft exhibits the tendency to change from a circle to an oval shape during the swing, due to the shaft's bending and twisting. Triax's honeycomb structure allows the shaft to quickly recover its original, circular shape resulting in improved consistency and accuracy.

The R510 TP also features a Golf Pride Tour Velvet non-cord grip, and is available in right-handed 7.5°, 8.5°, 9.5° and 10.5°, and left-handed 9.0°; and in X, S, and R shaft flexes. Manufacturer's suggested retail price is $699. The TP Shield on the toe incorporates dual racing flags that symbolize the spirit of authenticity, high performance, precision design and fine-tuning that embody this distinctive driver.

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  • R510 TP

    Willie Best wrote on: Nov 21, 2007

    I have this club and it is awesome. I have a 10.5 degreee of loft. I wish it was about 8.0 or 7.5. I guess id will have to buy a new club to make the change. It's a difficult decission. Can the head be purchased seperately?