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TaylorMade's new line of golf bags, FAST-TEK is a snap to use

Mike BaileyBy Mike Bailey,
Senior Staff Writer
TaylorMade Golf - Pure-Lite Stand Bag
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TaylorMade's new Pure-Lite Stand Bag is one of eight models offered in the company's new FAST-TEK line. (Mike Bailey/WorldGolf.com)

If you're like me, you're often trying to figure out at the end of a golf round where you put things like your keys, cell phone, wallet and GPS unit. So I'm all for anything that provides sort of a system for that, which is exactly what TaylorMade Golf's new line of FAST-TEK golf bags does.

Just introduced for 2010 is TaylorMade's Fast Action Snap Technology golf bags. In short, the concept provides for easy snap-on, snap-off holders that will allow you to carry accessories such as a cell phone, GPS unit or even a cigar holder right on your golf bag. When you're done with your round, simply release the snaps and take them with you. They're in the same place every time - easy to track.

TaylorMade is offering eight different models of cart and stand bags in FAST-TEK. I tested the new Pure-Lite Stand Bag, which has eight dividers, plenty of pockets and is very light (less than 5 pounds). And while I don't get the opportunity to walk much in Texas, having a light bag that's easy to get in and out of the car trunk still has its value.

And when it's cart path-only - which we've had a lot of in recent weeks here with all the rain - being able to sling a light bag to a ball on the opposite side of the cart path in the trees also has merit.

But back to the FAST-TEK concept for a moment: There are actually six different cases you can get with the bag of your choice. There are two different sizes for GPS units, two for cell phones (including iPhones and the like), one for a range finder and one for cigars, which can hold up to three stogies.

"The hassle of digging through the pockets of your golf bag for golf accessories and personal belongings is over," said Gregg Hemphill, TaylorMade Golf's category leader for golf bags. "The introduction of FAST-TEK technology provides golfers with an easy solution and is yet another example of our attention to detail and commitment to engineering the most functional golf bags in the marketplace."

The company also made efforts to bolster the pockets within the bag, and they added internal dividers to many of the models. The Pure-Lite is a good example: It has eight full-length dividers and seven pockets, plenty of room to carry almost anything you can think of. The bag also comes with a comfortable shoulder strap system.

TaylorMade Golf's Pure-Lite bag: The verdict

What's not to like about this bag? While it doesn't have every bell and whistle I've seen in some other models (like an insulated drink pouch), it really does have everything you need.

It also looks good. With a number of color schemes, this bag has a bold, strong appearance. Its stand mechanism is solid and easily activated, the shoulder strap goes on and off easily and the FAST-TEK concept works as advertised. You can even stand the bag straight up without having to use the stand.

It also has a very large valuables pouch, which I like. While you can snap your cell phone or GPS onto the outside of the bag, keys, wallet and watch easily fit in the valuables pouch with plenty of room to spare. So even if you didn't have any FAST-TEK accessories, you could put those items in there as well.

The only thing I had trouble getting use to was the seven club dividers. Having been used to five or six over the years, I have a certain system of where everything goes. Throwing the extra row in there has made it a little more challenging, but in time, I'm sure it's easy to get used to and probably better in the long run.

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TaylorMade Golf - Pure-Lite bag

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