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Sun Mountain Reflex golf pushcart is practically pocket sized

Kiel ChristiansonBy Kiel Christianson,
Senior Writer
Sun Mountain Reflex golf pushcart
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The Sun Mountain Reflex comes in several color combinations and retails for $259. (Courtesy of Sun Mountain)

Golf is a sport best played on foot. If your local course has rules and topography that allow walking, you really should consider doing so. It's great exercise, and it lets you experience the course as it was laid out.

But we all get older, and we develop aches and pains. As a matter of fact, I'm nursing a bulging disk in my back as I write this. For those of us who like to walk, despite our infirmities, pushcarts are a revelation. You can walk and push (or pull) your golf clubs without straining your old bones.

Over the past decade, engineers have delivered progressively smaller, lighter, and easier-to-use pushcarts.

The newest offering from Sun Mountain, the Reflex cart ($259), has the smallest folded footprint of any cart I've seen: just 51 cubic inches (25"x15"x11"). It's also very light at just 17 pounds.

With these dimensions, the Sun Mountain Reflex fits easily into the trunk of my Ford Fusion along with my clubs and a pile of golf shoes (15-20 pairs). Yet when it unfolds, the four-wheel Reflex is a tall, stable cart that keeps my clubs up off the ground and off the front tires.

Unfolding the Reflex doesn't require an engineering degree, either. All you have to do is flip two levers, raise the handle and extend the chassis, flip the switches back, and you're ready to go. The angle of the handle grips is even adjustable.

There are a couple of relatively minor irritations about the Reflex's design, however. Neither the drink holder nor the umbrella holder clips onto the frame, so if you're not careful, they're easy to leave behind in your trunk (or lose). In addition, the larger of the two valuables trays in the accessories console has a hinge into which items tend to slide. When they do, the lid won't close, and if you force it, you could break the lid. Finally, there is a lack of tee/pencil holders on the console.

Taken all together, though, the superior height of the bag on the cart, ease of use, and miniscule size of the folded Reflex all more than make up for these cosmetic shortcomings.

The Reflex is a dream to push around for 18 holes, even with a bad back. It allows me to keep playing, and walking, as I rehab, which is a wonderful thing indeed.

For more information, visit www.sunmountain.com.

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