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Sun Mountain's MC3 Micro-Cart and ClubGlider Meridian Travel Bag make walking easy

Kiel ChristiansonBy Kiel Christianson,
Senior Writer
Sun Mountain MC3 Micro-Cart golf pushcart
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Sun Mountain's MC3 Micro-Cart is the most well designed 4-wheel golf pushcart on the market. (Courtesy of Sun Mountain)

If you choose to walk whenever possible, check out the easy-rolling Sun Mountain MC3 Micro-Cart and ClubGlider Meridian golf travel bag.

According to a 2006 study by the Mayo Clinic, golfers average approximately 12,000 steps playing -- and walking -- an 18-hole round.

Do you know how many steps doctors recommend we walk each day to maintain cardiovascular health? 10,000.

This means a round of golf gets you ahead of the curve, in a fun, competitive, collegial and challenging way.

Of course, this only holds true if you actually walk -- riding in a cart doesn't count.

And there's the rub: Walking is really good for you, but it's also sort of hard on golfers who are, shall we say, playing the back nine and heading toward that big clubhouse in the sky.

Don't get me wrong, I'm nearing 50 myself, so this includes me. A few years ago, I realized that carrying my bag on my shoulder was beyond exercise -- it was hurting my back and hip.

Enter the pushcart, the long-time staple of European golf courses, which for some reason, often draws scoffs from Americans born and bred on fast food and remote-controlled TVs.

But today's pushcarts are not hinky pull-behind frames that you rent for $2 at the muni. They are engineering marvels that fold to fit into the tiniest of trunks yet hold bags and accessories with ease and style.

Sun Mountain's MC3 Micro-Cart

I personally like four-wheel carts, as they almost never tip, and they fold down into the size of a small suitcase. The best example on the market today is the Sun Mountain MC3 Micro-Cart ($200). This redesigned, third-generation Micro-Cart features larger wheels and a sleek, lightweight, eye-catching white aluminum frame. The larger solid foam wheels not only never go flat, they also ensure that your golf towel doesn't hang too low off the side and get caught under the tire (as sometimes happened with the previous version of the Sun Mountain Micro-Cart).

The MC3 doesn't include the zippered bag that appeared on the previous model (which I had grown to appreciate), but the higher wheels and overall more solid construction of the MC3 -- along with all of the other bells and whistles of the previous model -- makes up for this small lack of extra convenience.

Whether you walk on the course or not, though, nearly every golfer travels at some time or another to play. And the walking through airports and to and from hotels to courses can be a real drag -- literally, if you're dragging your enormous travel bag behind you, along with all of your other luggage.

Sun Mountain's ClubGlider Meridian Travel Bag

Sun Mountain's ClubGlider Meridian Travel Bag ($290) features easily extendable and retractable legs with rollerblade-like wheels on the ends. This allows the bag to stand at about a 45-degree angle, making it easy to load and maneuver through crowded airports and long lines. There is extra padding at the top to protect your clubs, and the base is constructed with a hard plastic skid to protect both the clubs and the legs.

The leg mechanisms were first introduced as part of a product-development show on Golf Channel several years ago. I was personally a bit skeptical of them at first, but on a recent media trip, one of the writers -- a guy who has played golf in more countries and on more courses than perhaps any other living human -- told me: "The ClubGlider has changed my life!"

High praise, indeed. The combination of ease of access, ease of movement, and the overall light weight -- just 11.3 pounds before you put your bag inside -- makes the ClubGlider a solid contender for all traveling golfers.

Golf is a life-long sport, which can be played almost indefinitely. If you choose to walk whenever possible, and protect your back, knees, and other joints with the easy-rolling Sun Mountain MC3 Micro-Cart and ClubGlider Meridian travel bag, you'll have a better chance at extending your playing days as long as possible.

For more information, visit sunmountain.com.

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Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Golf Travel Bag

Kiel Christianson has lived, worked, traveled and golfed extensively on three continents. As senior writer and equipment editor for WorldGolf.com, he has reviewed courses, resorts, and golf academies from California to Ireland, including his home course, Lake of the Woods G.C. in Mahomet, Ill. Read his golf blog here and follow him on Twitter @GolfWriterKiel.

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