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Sun Mountain's waterproof H2NO golf bags protect clubs and accessories in any weather

Kiel ChristiansonBy Kiel Christianson,
Equipment Editor and Senior Writer
Sun Mountain's H2NO Stand Bag
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Sun Mountain's H2NO stand bag is not only waterproof, it's ultra-light, too. (Courtesy of Sun Mountain)

I've played a lot of golf in the rain, from Scotland to Michigan. In fact, I sort of like playing in a light drizzle, especially on a links course.

One problem with rain, though - especially those all-day drizzles that don't feel too heavy at any given moment but end up soaking you clean through - is, well, getting soaked clean through.

But whereas you can go home and change clothes and towel off, your clubs are not so lucky. If your golf bag gets soaked, it wrecks havoc on the grips, not to mention all the accessories in your golf bag: matches, cigars, souvenir scorecards, golf gloves, etc., etc.

Sun Mountain's H2NO cart and stand bags are designed to keep golfers' clubs and accessories dry, no matter the weather. The H2NO features waterproof materials and rain hood, seams treated with seam-sealer and water-tight zippers on all of the ample pockets.

Built upon the same frame as Sun Mountain's Superlight 3.5, the H2NO carry bag features all of the innovations that make the Superlight popular: built-in top collar handle, top-molded stand attachment for stability and patented Roller-Bottom stand mechanism for easy leg activation. Additionally, H2NO features six pockets, including a full-length clothing pocket, waterbottle pouch and velour-lined valuables pocket.

Another cute feature is the "ball-cup" (well, that's what I call it): It's a little ball-sized dome hanging from the bag with slits cut into it, perfect for marking your ball with an aiming line.

I tested the H2NO stand bag (MSRP $239; cart bag $279) over several rounds and found it extremely light and comfortable to carry. The shoulder straps, however, tended to get twisted as I put them on (typical of all shoulder straps in my experience). There was plenty of room for accessories, and my clubs slid smoothly in and out of the multiple top bays.

During testing, the weather wouldn't cooperate with me, staying sunny the whole time. So, I packed the H2NO pockets with balled-up socks, put on the hood and sprayed the bag down with my garden hose.

Sun Mountain H2NO golf bags: The Verdict

Aside from a few drops that suck in between the hood and bag (my fault—got a little too aggressive with the hose and didn't make sure the hood was pulled all the way down), everything stayed dry - even the socks in the pockets.

Speaking of those pockets, the YKK zippers, although water-tight, tended to stick quite a lot, making quick retrieval of balls or accessories fairly difficult. You need two hands to get anything out of the pockets: one to zip, and one to hold the fabric firmly.

The legs are sturdy and feature wide, triangular "feet" that really kept the bag stable, even on hillsides. And, again, the bag felt extremely light, even walking 18 holes up and down hills.

The H2NO almost makes you wish for a rainy day.

For more information, visit www.sunmountain.com.

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Sun Mountain's H2NO Cart Bag

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