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Sonartec Golf Introduces New Fairway Wood for Custom Club Fitters


Sonartec Golf officially released the new SS-07 line of fairway woods at the PGA Fall Expo in San Diego. The new product line will be ready for shipment Aug. 20.

The main feature of the new SS-07 is an adjustable hosel that allows custom club fitters to adjust the lie and loft 2-degrees in any direction. The SS-07 custom fitting system was tested on the PGA Tour for a full year prior to this summer's release.

The SS-07 ClubFit Series will give a select number of club fitters the opportunity to receive SS-07 component heads. For the first time, professional club fitters have access to a high-end, Tour-proven club head made expressly for the club fitter market.

"Usually, a club fitter has to pull the shafts to have a premium club head at their disposal," said Sonartec Director of Sales Bob Gotfredson. "The combination of this premium Tour-proven club head with an exotic shaft will produce very attractive margins for our club fitting partners."

"We are looking for 125 to 175 of the best club fitters to be a part of this program," said Gotfredson. "There is an application process with specific requirements that must be met in order to qualify for the ClubFit Series. With swing analyzers and precision fitting being the wave of the future, we feel this is the perfect time to introduce the SS-07 program."

The SS-07 is available in 3, 4, 5, and 7 woods. Its face depth is between that of the SS-02 and SS-03 fairway wood models that Sonartec currently offers. Retail prices for the SS-07 will vary depending on the shaft chosen by the club fitter, but the SS-07 should sell for between $300 and $400.

Sonartec Golf is an established leader on the PGA Tour and in golf club innovation. Over 75 players are using Sonartec Driving CavityTM clubs on the PGA Tour in 2003, which has helped Sonartec rank 3rd for fairway woods in play 6 times on the PGA Tour. The patented Driving CavityTM design positions the Center of Gravity deep within the club head to widen the sweet spot and raises the Center of Gravity, creating a penetrating, boring ball trajectory.

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