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Dial in the comfort with PUMA TITANTOUR IGNITE DISC golf shoes

Kiel ChristiansonBy Kiel Christianson,
Senior Writer
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The limited-edition PUMA TITANTOUR IGNITE DISC golf shoes make "tying your shoes" obsolete. (Courtesy of COBRA-PUMA Golf)

Anyone who has helped a young child learn how to tie his or her shoes has thought at one point: "Tying shoes is for the birds. There has to be a better way ..."

PUMA's DISC technology brings a much better way to golfers. In the limited-edition PUMA TITANTOUR IGNITE DISC golf shoes ($220), thin steel wires are tightened and loosened with the simple twist of the disc.

Aside from the convenient and fast disc system, the TITANTOUR IGNITE shoes look and feel like modern but traditionally constructed golf shoes.

Extreme stability is provided by the PWRFRAME upper and duoFlex sole. The sole ensures incredible traction, with nine replaceable cleats, along with surprising flexibility. Each cleat is housed in its own individual "pad" and surrounded by permanent rigid nubs. This individuation of the cleats allows your foot to bend freely heel-to-toe and side-to-side. Finally, the tongue has extra padding so that even if you get overzealous with the disc, you won't feel the rubberized steel wires on the top of your foot.

PUMA TITANTOUR IGNITE DISC golf shoes: The verdict

The PUMA TITANTOUR IGNITE DISC golf shoes represent a nontrivial but excellent investment in podiatric health and comfort. The ease of getting these shoes on and off is much appreciated by an old guy like me, whose toes get mysteriously farther away every year.

Best of all, the ingenious disc technology ensures that your shoes won't come loose or untied during play -- a rather frequent irritation with most other golf shoes.

In addition, the traction provided by these shoes is among the best I've ever felt. This has been a very wet year in the Midwest, and the PUMA TITANTOUR IGNITE DISCs have become my go-to golf shoes to avoid both slipping and wet feet.

For more information, visit www.cobragolf.com/pumagolf.

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