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Puma's IGNITE Spikeless Sport Golf Shoes: 24-hour comfort

Kiel ChristiansonBy Kiel Christianson,
Senior Writer
PUMA IGNITE Spikeless Sport Golf Shoes
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PUMA's new IGNITE Spikeless Sport Golf Shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day, every day. (Courtesy of PUMA)

Last season, I wrote an article on the three most comfortable golf shoes I had tested during the year. The plan was to do the same this season, but PUMA threw a wrench into the works by sending me a pair of their new IGNITE Spikeless Sport Golf Shoes ($120).

Why a wrench? Well, the IGNITE are, simply put, the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn.

In fact, as soon as I slipped them on, I decided to make them my everyday shoes -- more comfortable than any tennis or gym shoes I've ever owned. I've basically been wearing them 24 hours a day on and off the course ever since.

What makes the IGNITE so comfy?

Well, they're constructed from a four-way stretching mesh upper (feels like foam, actually) paired with a leather saddle.

The insole is fully padded and supportive, cradling the sole of my foot in place.

The new bootie-style includes a 360-degree tongue that also envelops the upper part of my foot, and the tongue doesn't slide to the side ever. Woven into the laces are some rougher strands, which grip together and ensure that they never come untied.

The mostly hexagonal nubs on the sole are not completely rigid, so they grip turf and harder surfaces alike. The heel of the outsole is extra wide, thereby providing stability even when I overswing (i.e., on most of my swings).

My appreciation of the IGNITE is shared by PGA Tour wunderkind Bryson DeChambeau, who will be wearing them throughout the remainder of the 2016-17 season.

"These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn," DeChambeau said. "The Spikeless Sport provides all the stability, comfort and support that I need on Tour, but they are also very stylish -- combining a modern look with classic golf details that fits my style perfectly."

The only negative I can find about the IGNITE is that, contrary to the promise made on the shoe's tag, the mesh upper is not waterproof. At least, it was not for me early one morning. After walking 18 holes in heavy dew, the tops of the shoes and my socks were indeed wet. So the IGNITE might not be the right choice for players in rainy locales, or for dewsweepers who are bothered by moist piggies.

Under dry conditions, however, you won't find a golf shoe more comfortable than the PUMA IGNITE Spikeless Sport.

For more information, visit cobrapumagolf.com.

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IGNITE Spikeless Sport Golf Shoes by PUMA

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