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Weather approved: ProQuip Trophy rain suit is Ryder Cup quality

Kiel ChristiansonBy Kiel Christianson,
Senior Writer
ProQuip's Trophy rain suit
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ProQuip's Trophy rain suit is constructed from polyester specially formulated to be lightweight, breathable, nearly silent and totally waterproof. (Courtesy of ProQuip)

If you're in the market for a new rain suit, it's wise to look across the pond to see what they're wearing. After all, those links courses get a lot of precipitation, but it rarely keeps the die-hards from playing. And if you're looking to Europe for some insight, who better than the European Ryder Cup Team?

The most popular weatherwear brand in Ryder Cup history is ProQuip, with 19 of the last 30 teams -– European and American -- selecting the brand to supply their team rain suits. Over the last decade, ProQuip has been the choice of Ryder Cup Captains Sutton, Woosnam, Faldo, Montgomerie and now Jose Maria Olazabal. And from 1983-95, ProQuip supplied weatherwear to both teams for an unprecedented seven consecutive competitions.

So when we heard that ProQuip had been chosen once again as the official supplier of outerwear for the 2014 European Ryder Cup Team, we had to test their top-shelf Trophy rain suit.

Test-driving ProQuip's Trophy rain suit

The Trophy suit is constructed from 100-percent polyester that is specially formulated to be lightweight, breathable, nearly silent and totally waterproof. The fabric is also crease free, so it won't wrinkle if you jam it into your golf bag.

The fit of both the jacket ($400) and the pants ($300) is perfect: not too loose, not too tight. The waterproof zippers and Velcro cuffs keep moisture out completely, even during heavy downpours. The half-zip pant cuffs are especially well-designed for slipping on and off over golf shoes.

The only odd feature is that there is no adjustable waist on the pants. Instead, there are belt loops. I'd never seen belt loops on rain pants before and weren't quite sure what to do. Despite the elastic waistband, once the pockets were full of balls, tees, coins, divot repair tool, etc., etc., I got a tad concerned that the pants would slide down. But if I moved my belt from my shorts to the rain pants, I was worried my shorts would start riding a bit low. The only solution I could find was to wear two belts, which seemed redundant.

Perhaps Ryder Cup Team members are just the two-belt kind of guys. And if you can afford a $700 rain suit, you can certainly afford a second belt.

Price and belt loops notwithstanding, the ProQuip Trophy suit is excellent -- it's the Mercedes or Porsche or Maserati or Jaguar (or some other fancy European car) of rain suits. If you play often in inclement weather, it's worth the investment.

For more information, visit proquipgolfusa.com.

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ProQuip Trophy golf rain suit

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    Ross Haines wrote on: Mar 1, 2015

    Belt loops are fantastic and frankly, I tend to wear them over the top of skins or similar so I don't have shorts or a belt underneath - they're very comfortable and light and I would highly recommend them.


  • Belt Loops

    Warren Grant wrote on: Jul 30, 2014

    In the drizzly UK, a lot of men use their rain pants as everyday pants; to run errands, pick up the kids, work in the garden. Hence the belt loops!