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Ogio Gotham golf bags are both spacious and light

Kiel ChristiansonBy Kiel Christianson,
Senior Writer
Ogio Gotham golf bags
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Ogio Gotham golf bags strike a balance between space and weight. (Courtesy of Ogio)

When it comes to golf bags, there is a delicate balance between space and weight: Larger, more spacious bags tend to be heavy.

If you normally ride when you play, or let kids schlep your bag, weight might not be an issue. But if you tend to handle your bag yourself, or travel with your clubs, or walk with or without a push cart, you're often forced to choose between having enough room for all of your gear and clubs, or making due with less space in order to save your back.

The new Gotham cart ($235) and stand ($205) bags from Ogio strike the balance between space and weight as well as any.

These bags are all black and ultra-sleek, thanks to the location of the pockets, many of which have been moved inside the larger outer pockets. This shift lends the Gotham bags a distinctive, minimalist look, and they weigh in at just four pounds for the stand bag and around six pounds for the cart bag.

We tested the Gotham cart bag during a dozen rounds both on a motorized cart and on a push cart, and we were impressed.

On my push cart, the Gotham cart bag is light, and the base is narrow enough to set between the front wheels of a four-wheel cart. It's also somewhat lower profile than many cart bags, so your clubs don't interfere with cart compartments and scorecard holders. The molded top handles and well-padded single strap make for easy transfer to and from the trunk.

The 15-club divided top allows room for a ball retriever or extra club (for testing). Best of all, the front Putter Pit is extra wide, so it can accommodate those oversized putter grips. Yet, despite all this room, the Gotham cart bag is light as air pushing it over 18 holes. And, to be honest, it would not be overly burdensome to carry for 18 holes -- caddies would be fine with it, even though it hasn't been designed specifically as a carry bag.

The more streamlined pocket design looks great, but digging through the outer side pockets to get into the hidden interior pockets (three on each side, secreted inside the large exterior pockets) can be somewhat distracting. The "no interference" cart strap tunnel, however, does allow easy access to the fleece-lined valuables pocket and insulated cooler sleeve when riding, which would otherwise be covered up by the cart strap.

All in all, the Gotham golf bags by Ogio are easy on the eyes and on the back, with plenty of room for all the accouterments of golf.

For more information, visit ogio.com.

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