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Tired of the big bang? Ogio unlocks the secret to protecting your clubs with its Chamber golf bag

Jason Scott DeeganBy Jason Scott Deegan,
Senior Staff Writer
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The biggest selling point for the Ogio Chamber bag is its club organizer that protects your sticks. (Courtesy of Ogio)

For golfers, it's a mystery on par with Stonehenge, aliens and the Loch Ness Monster.

Why can't somebody design a golf bag that organizes and protects your clubs from relentlessly banging together?

Technology has invented devices that read 200-yard shots down to the centimeter and clothes that withstand the most ferocious monsoons. Well, golf's Bigfoot has been found and is now on display for all to enjoy. The creative geniuses at Ogio have invented the Silencer Golf Protection System for the new Chamber golf bag.

I hope within three years these "silencers" are installed on every Ogio bag. They're totally cool. High-grade polymer membranes on the custom-designed top hold the clubs in place.

The molded bottom of the bag (the part you can't see) features flex grab teeth that lock clubs in place and eliminates the rattling, jumbling and crashing when the bag moves. No more dings. It makes the plastic tubes that I tried to use more than a decade ago totally laughable and pathetic.

There's only 14 slots to hold clubs, a plus for a tournament golfer but possibly a caveat for amateur hackers who want to carry more. Ian Woosnam -- who famously was docked a two-stroke penalty for carrying too many clubs while leading the 2001 British Open -- would approve.

Organizing your clubs has never been so simple. No more panicked searches for that wedge. Honestly, you should never lose another club again. If there's an empty spot, you should notice before driving away from the green.

Beyond the silencer, the Chamber is a typical Ogio bag. I've always found Ogio bags to be technically superior to many brands for their endless array of pockets and storage spaces. There's a zipperless pocket for golf balls so you can just grab and go when you need to hit that mulligan.

Nine other pockets run the gamut from an insulated cooler pocket (shush, don't tell the ranger) to a fleece-lined valuables pocket and easy-access divot and pencil sleeve pockets.

My only minor complaint is I'd love the bag to be a stand-and-carry bag, but there are no legs. It's more of a cart bag, not really built for walking with its over-padded single shoulder strap (unless you've hired a caddie).

I've always been a fan of Ogio products. I've been using an Ogio carry-on luggage bag for more than a decade, and it's still going strong. It's the same type of durability I expect from this great golf bag.

The bag comes in black-tech and charcoal/burst, which offers orange lines and highlights. It retails for $265. Visit www.ogio.com for more info.

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