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Get in touch with your feminine side: Golfing Caddy has merit

Mike BaileyBy Mike Bailey,
Senior Staff Writer
Golfing Caddy
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The Golfing Caddy may be a bit of a "man purse," but it is pretty useful. (Mike Bailey/WorldGolf.com)

I never really thought much of those clip-on products for golf bags, but I really haven't given them much of a chance, either.

Recently, the good folks at BVT Products sent me a product called the Golfing Caddy. It's a multi-compartment tote that clips to your golf bag. The big advantage, they say, is that this has a compartment for a water bottle, which is nice, but my golf bag already has one of those.

In fact, my contention is that these kinds of products were fairly redundant to the modern golf bag.

For example, Ping bags have water pouches, Ogio has an actual cooler pocket that you can load with ice and a drink, and most bags have valuables pouches, while some even have inside clips for keys, etc. And they certainly have clips for towels.

But I think the value here is that you can put everything in your Golfing Caddy beforehand, then simply clip it onto your bag. It's also easily removed if you should go in the clubhouse, for example, helping you keep everything together and perhaps helping to prevent theft. And at the end of the round, you merely unclip and take everything with you.

Ladies will like the Golf Caddy

This is almost kind of a "man purse" for golf, which means the ladies will like it, too.

"The idea for the wrist strap came from a women's golf group that was nice enough to try the first design out," said Vicki Forster of BVT Products. "They mentioned that they would like to be able to take it with them to the clubhouse between rounds.

"Another idea came from many men golfers I interviewed. They wanted the smaller towel. They wanted to be able to have the option of keeping it in their pocket to wipe the clubhead when they were on the green and not have to walk back to the cart for this."

Golf Caddy: The verdict

I really didn't think I would have much use for this product beyond my review when it arrived, but I've actually found it to be pretty handy.

I like to keep it in my car when I play golf and even when I don't play golf. Having a car that has fewer storage compartments than my golf bag, I like to lay it on my passenger seat and put my cell phone and wallet in it. Then if I play golf, I simply clip it to my golf bag.

I also like that it has a key clip, because I'm always searching for my keys after I finish a round a golf. All in all, the Golf Caddy is a fairly useful product.

Cost for the Golfing Caddy is $19.95. You can check it out at www.thegolfingcaddy.com.

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