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The short-cut to summer golf: adidas, Ian Poulter have answers

Mike BaileyBy Mike Bailey,
Senior Staff Writer
adidas Golf - Ultimate Short
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Lightweight, flexible and, most important, comfortable, adidas' new Ultimate Short is a welcome addition to golf apparel. (Courtesy of adidas)

Do you ever watch the PGA Tour in the middle of the summer and think to yourself, "Why do they make these guys wear long pants in 100-degree weather?" They don't wear long pants in tennis or basketball or even football (if you think about it). Why golf, where other than the PGA Tour, shorts are allowed at every level?

A few of the Tour players probably feel the same way.

Of course, about 15 years ago, the caddies finally got to wear shorts, but that was because they thought one of them almost died from heat exhaustion. More recent, the European PGA Tour has allowed its players to wear shorts during practice rounds and pro-ams.

"Hallelujah," exclaimed Ian Poulter, who designs his own apparel line (IPG Design). "And I get to showcase my shorts, which I've never been able to do before."

Fortunately, regular golfers can wear shorts whenever and wherever they want 99 percent of the time, even in the winter (I know a guy who wears shorts no matter how cold it gets).

New materials like microfibers make shorts much more comfortable. Cotton shorts, for example, in hot humid climates, are a disaster. Shorts should fit well, breathe, and it doesn't hurt if they're moisture wicking.

Poulter's line (available online at ijpdesign.com), for example, features shorts that are even water resistant, making them perfect for those warm, stormy rounds when rain pants can really be uncomfortable and hot.

One of the industry's worst "innovations" in recent years, though, is the pocket within the pocket. (Please, please stop it!) They were designed for ball markers or something. More accurate, tees tend to get stuck in them, and if you bend over just right, a tee invariably stabs you in the leg. And yes, those ball markers and coins also find their way in those little pockets, where it's nearly impossible to extract them when you're trying to mark your ball and your fellow playing companions would like to putt.

adidas Golf's Ultimate Short: A new concept in golf shorts

For something really different, though, check out adidas Golf, which has introduced its Ultimate Short. The new shorts feature a stretch waistband for mobility and comfort, especially after a big lunch in the clubhouse. They also have a silicone gripper in the waistband to keep shirts tucked in (always a challenge), micro-mesh pocket bags for airflow, moisture-wicking stretch fabrication for full range of motion and a water resistant finish for. Additionally, the adidas Ultimate Short is lightweight.

The bottom line is that these are athletic shorts. They're sort of reminiscent of the old coaches' shorts from the 1980s, expect they aren't hideous looking. They're very lightweight and conform to the body.

The adidas Ultimate Short ($65-$75) comes in six options: Ultimate Short, Climacool Ultimate Airflow Short, Ultimate Competition Plaid Short, Ultimate Dot Plaid Short, Ultimate Heather Short and Ultimate Chino Short. Check them out at adidasgolf.com.

The second best thing about these shorts? No pocket within the pocket. Hopefully, this is a trendsetter as well.

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