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Dynacraft Prophet Tour irons by Hireko Golf: Affordable workability

Kiel ChristiansonBy Kiel Christianson,
Senior Writer
Dynacraft Prophet Tour irons by Hireko Golf
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The Dynacraft Prophet Tour irons are well worth a look for budget-minded low handicappers. (Courtesy of Hireko Golf)

I don't know why, on some days, it feels like you can do anything on the practice range. You can hit every shot and never mishit the golf ball. This mystery grows deeper when those practice sessions follow an abysmal round, when not a single shot works as planned.

Fortunately, tomorrow is another day, and such practice sessions hold the evanescent promise of improvement — and perhaps, one day, even a single-digit handicap.

Also fortunate, true sets of players' clubs are growing more accessible to all golfers, both in terms of the engineering achievement of melding easier-to-hit features with traditional hallmarks of workability and in terms of price.

Dynacraft's new Prophet Tour irons by Hireko Golf rank as the best set of budget, low-handicap irons we've seen. In fact, they may serve to forge a new market for low-cost, high-quality players' clubs.

How the Dynacraft Prophet irons play

The Prophets are sharp-looking irons, with compact clubheads in a black finish. The top line is thin, though not blade-like, and the offset is progressive through the set, maxing out at 4.3 mm in the 3-iron. The clubhead material, super-soft 304 stainless steel, provides excellent feedback.

Most important, the irons feature a Stability Slot, which pushes the center of gravity further back from the clubface without compromising the blade-like feel.

After using the Prophets for a round of golf and considerable practice time, their eminent playability was obvious — especially on the range, where I felt a bit like a mini-tour player. High fades, low hooks, high draws, low fades, dead straight high and low shots. I could hit them all. (And call each shot first.)

The Stability Slot provides a solid feel. I found no trouble getting the ball in the air. But even so, the trajectory was generally lower and more penetrating than mid-handicap irons I've tested recently. Nevertheless, when high shots were required — like a 6-iron faded over an 80-foot oak — I simply adjusted the face angle a bit.

The verdict on Dynacraft Prophet Tour irons by Hireko Golf

Once again, Hireko Golf developed a solid budget alternative to high-priced, big-name golf clubs. From the black clubhead finish to the stock True Temper shafts and Golf Pride grips, the Prophet irons ($36 each assembled; $288 3-iron through pitching wedge) offer a remarkable value for better players looking to upgrade their bags and lower their handicaps. Even for the aging, old-school, lower- to mid-handicapper who clings to an old set of unforgiving blades, it would be wise to give the Prophets a look.

For more information visit hirekogolf.com.

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