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Center-Shafted Lil'b Offers Golfers Mid-Length Option


Golfers intrigued by the popularity of mid-length or "belly" putters can choose the custom-fit PING lil'b model. Available in lengths ranging from 38"-44", the lil'b is a center-shafted putter modeled after the popular PING B90 (long putter). The stainless steel putter features a double bend shaft and split grip. It's custom fit in five color codes (plus or minus 2 degrees flat or upright) to match your stance and stroke.

PING putters are the most successful putters worldwide with over 2,000 tour wins. In fact, the Anser has over 500 tour wins to make it the winningest putter in golf. It's proven design, which debuted in 1966, also makes it the most copied putter in golf.

Today, the winning combination of innovation, custom fitting and passion for the game continues.

• The new G2i Series combine a soft insert with our most popular putters, each with cleaner lines and increased perimeter weighting.

• The G2 Series are stainless steel designs with cleaner, square lines and more forgiveness for increased feel and confidence.

• The JAS Series are precision milled forged titanium putters with brazed tungsten inserts on the heel and toe.

• The Specify Series challenge convention. You choose the hosel, the back design and the weight to create the ultimate custom putter.

In the PING tradition, each of our putters is designed to be fitted to the golfer to ensure the highest possible performance. You can get started with a static fitting by clicking Web-Fit. We then suggest you complete the process with an authorized PING Fitter. To find a fitter or an upcoming fitting day in your area, just click the Fitters/Fitting Days link below.

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  • Value

    Frank wrote on: May 8, 2007

    it should be less expensive the g2 puter.