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Golf "trolleys" don't fold any flatter than the BIG MAX Blade Quattro

Kiel ChristiansonBy Kiel Christianson,
Senior Writer
BIG MAX Blade Quattro golf push cart
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The Blade Quattro is the newest model by Europe's #1 golf "trolley" company, BIG MAX. (Courtesy of BIG MAX)

BIG MAX is the undisputed king of European golf "trolleys." (We Yanks call them push carts – because nobody pulls a golf cart any more). Last year, BIG MAX introduced a remarkable fold-flat technology in its three-wheeled Autofold FF model.

Now BIG MAX adds the Blade Quattro model ($300), the first four-wheeled push cart to incorporate the company's patented collapsible design. The Blade Quattro folds from a full-sized, sturdy, and substantial cart capable of handling any size golf bag down to about 8 inches flat and about two feet long with the flip of just two switches.

The first time I folded it down in the parking lot of my home course, three different guys came over to my car and marveled at the ease and speed – and compact size! – of the Blade Quattro. One of them had me fold and unfold it a few times to demonstrate the ease and speed of the entire process. When they saw that it fit into the trunk of my Ford Fusion along with my golf bag, my Autofold FF cart, AND about 20 pairs of golf shoes with room to spare, they just sort of walked away shaking their heads in general bemusement.

BIG MAX Blade Quattro: On the course

The BIG MAX Blade Quattro is a solid performer on the course, too. Its three-wheeled cousin, the Autofold FF, is outstanding, but on occasion it can be unstable on steep hillsides. No need to worry about the four-wheeled Blade Quattro, though – the extra wheel provides complete stability.

The extra wheel does come at a couple of slight costs, however. First is the somewhat lower profile compared to the three-wheeler. A few times my longer golf towel dangled under the rear wheel of the Quattro and brought me to an unexpected halt. Also, the Quattro is shorter tip to stern, as they say, and thus has a center of gravity closer to the handle. As such, it is slightly prone to tipping backwards, especially if the adjustable handle is set at a low angle.

Neither of these concerns amount to anything more than trivialities, though. In fact the only aspect of the Quattro that I would actually complain about is the front bungee that secures the bottom of your golf bag. It's just a plain bungee, rather than a hooked bungee, so it's sometimes tricky to get it out from under your bag once its positioned on the cart and stretched around the bottom of your bag.

On the other hand, this new BIG MAX model boasts a spacious collapsible storage console on the handle, a foot break with improved ergonomics, and a brilliant umbrella older attachment that adjusts to secure your "brolley" on your "trolley" no matter how fierce the wind. The umbrella attachment is also jointed so you can angle the umbrella against the wind – brilliant!

Golf was invented to be walked. If you're lucky enough to play a course whose design allows for walking, give your legs and heart a workout – but give your back a break – and invest in a push cart. If you do, and if you want a cart that unfolds in seconds and folds down to practically flat, give the BIG MAX Blade Quattro a look.

For more information, visit bigmaxusa.com.

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