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"Ultimate protection" from Bag Boy's Clip-Lok stand bag falls short

Tim McDonaldBy Tim McDonald,
Bag Boy - Clip-Lok Stand Bag
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Bag Boy's new Clip-Lok bag. (Photo courtesy of Bag Boy)

The new stand bag does not meet Bag Boy's claims of keeping your golf clubs from banging together.

They make just about every kind of golf bag you can think of these days, from every kind of space-age material, but they've never come up with one that can keep your golf clubs from banging together.

Until now, says Bag Boy.

"Clip-Lok's unique top design holds your clubs firmly in place, preventing potential damage by keeping them from banging together while walking the course," the company says in a press release.

I've been testing the Clip-Lok and now have my own press release: The company has still not invented a golf bag that keeps your clubs from banging together.

That's too bad, because the only way to keep that spiffy new set of irons and woods from bumping heads and getting those little dents is to tediously put covers on them after every shot.

At least Bag Boy tried.

The Clip-Lok design has little rubber clips in its 14-way organizer, positioned in the corner of the dividers. It's a simple system: You simply clip the shaft of the club into the "lock," and thereby, ostensibly, hold it firmly in place.

The "clip-loks" do indeed hold the shafts firmly in place, and the fact they are made out of rubber prevents damage to the shaft.

The problem is, the club faces are free to swing around when you walk, or even if you ride, and the clubs still bang together.

They don't bang together as much as if the locks weren't there, but they do bang.

The clubs are more stable than most other stand bags, but the claim that the clubs do not bang together is false. It's "ultimate" protection claim is hardly ultimate.

That said, the Bag Boy Clip-Lok is still a handy, little stand bag, great for walking.

It's lightweight, and that 14-way organizer with full-length dividers keeps your clubs well organized.

I like the tuckaway strap-system that tucks away unobtrusively when not in use. The bag has 13 pockets that will store everything you could conceivably bring out to the golf course except your playing partner.

The bag has an insulated cooler pocket and a very spacious ball pocket.

I've mostly used the Clip-Lok while walking, but the company's claim that the cart sleeve prevents the bag from twisting on the cart is true.

It's a stable bag with a "patented flex bottom (that) sits flat in any position for maximum stability," according to the company. That is mostly accurate, though I managed to turn it over on a few pronounced, sidehill lies.

The straps are very comfortable, one of the most obvious and important factors for a stand bag. Once I got the straps on mine adjusted properly, it was one of the more comfortable stand bags I've walked with.

The Clip-Lok retails in the $140 range, which makes it a good buy. It comes in five different color schemes.

Bag Boy has been around for a while, since 1946, and makes a variety of golf products like carts, travel covers, accessories and, of course, bags.

It also makes the "Cosmic," an ultra-lightweight stand bag that weighs 4.5 pounds with eight dividers, as well as the SB-50.

The company is also venturing into the electric, walking cart market with three new products.

Veteran golf writer Tim McDonald keeps one eye on the PGA Tour and another watching golf vacation hotspots and letting travelers in on the best place to vacation.

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