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Summer golf apparel round-up: It's getting hot outside, let's take off our rainsuits

Kiel ChristiansonBy Kiel Christianson,
Senior Writer
AG Green Label Golf Shirt - Camilo Villegas
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Camilo Villegas is the new spokesperson for AG Green Label, which offers a line of golf apparel tailored for an athletic fit. (Courtesy of AG Green Label)

Fighting a blustery and chill spring wind a few weeks ago, I couldn't decide which seemed less likely to ever happen again: a warm, sunny day, or a drive in the actual fairway.

By golly, it was not the warm, sunny day. (Still waiting on my drives to straighten out, though.)

So here I find myself, staggering pale and squinting into the gleaming late-spring sunshine, dragging my rapidly inflating handicap behind me. The only saving grace at this point in the year is my new summer golf wardrobe, which, quite honestly, I will not be taking off until winter rears its icy head once again.

Let's take a leisurely stroll through the best summer threads of 2015, starting from the ground up:

Allen Edmonds 2015 Jack Nicklaus Signature Collection golf shoes

Premium men's shoe manufacturer Allen Edmonds has teamed up with Jack Nicklaus to introduce four new golf shoe styles. The Port Washington, Wis. company combines both classic and innovative styling in the line (all styles, $245), all of which are named after famous Nicklaus golf courses.

It is no exaggeration to say that I took my pair of Renegades (one of the four styles) out of the box, put them on and proceeded to walk 56 holes in three days with not a single ache or blister -- a truly remarkable feet feat! The nubbly soles provide excellent traction, and the support and stability are top-notch.

Injinji Golf Toesocks

I know what you're thinking, and I know this because every time anyone sees these socks on my feet, they say, "Why the heck do you have socks with toes?" They also say, "I couldn't wear those. They would bother me." Well let me say that both they, and you, are simply wrong.

The Injinji Golf Toesocks ($12/pair) have been designed with input from LPGA player Christina Kim. The top of the sock is made of a reinforced mesh fabric that breathes like it's not even there, and the heel is raised to keep golf shoes from scraping the back of your heel. The toes take a little work to get on but very quickly you forget them, and they keep your toes from rubbing against one another as you walk the course (which you should all be doing as often as possible). This can be a huge benefit if you forgot to cut your toenails or have trouble with ingrown nails.

Ogio 2015 spring golf apparel

You may know Ogio for its golf bags or luggage lines, but the company is growing its apparel lines, too, in particular its golf offerings.

The new Grille Polo ($65) pairs nicely with the Knockdown Pant ($80), especially on those early spring mornings when we dew-sweepers can still see our breath. Ogio's futuristic polyester fabrics wick moisture and stretch as you do for maximal comfort. My favorite feature of Ogio slacks and shorts is the strip of rubber inside the waistband that keeps your shirt from pulling out, no matter how contorted your swing. (Trust me, I know.)

Tommy Hilfiger Golf Collection for spring 2015

Iconic American sportswear designer Tommy Hilfiger is expanding his golf-specific line for both men and women. Drawing on themes from the American Midwest and combing these with the company's trademark preppy stylings, Tommy Hilfiger's 2015 Golf Collection features bold colors with lots of stripes.

The cotton-blend fabrics have a more traditional feel than the high-tech threads of many other brands today, which is a welcome touch for old-schoolers like me. Sometimes the sizes seem to be slightly smaller than on the label, however, so take this into consideration when buying.

Devereux golf polos

Devereux's motto is "Proper Threads," and these fine golf polos ($95) lives up to the billing. The 2015 Men's Christina O Collection draws on nautical colors and lines to evoke not just a golfing lifestyle but a lifestyle of leisure and comfort.

The mainly pastel palette is punctuated with occasional bold touches, and the flowing asymmetry of the designs are unlike any other golf shirts on the market. These are the sort of golf shirt you can wear to the course and then to a wedding or confirmation without having to change. (Hint, hint.)

AG Green Label golf apparel

PGA Tour heartthrob Camilo Villegas is the new spokesperson for AG Green Label, which offers a line of golf apparel from hats to polos, shorts to belts. The AG Green Label polos ($118-$148) are tailored for an athletic fit (which can also run little small), with unexpected color combinations and some classic touches (such as the button-down collar on the Deuce Shirt).

Tattoo Golf shirts

Golfers who want to make a bold statement with their clothes as well as their games will find Tattoo Golf's offerings refreshing and fun ($60). Brash, loud patterns and colors, replete with dimpled skulls and crossed irons, are the hallmark of Tattoo golf polos, along with the silkiest feel of any moisture-wicking fabric on the market.

Antigua's 2015 Men's Golf Collection

Antigua's 2015 Men's Golf Collection features the Desert Dry Performance Cotton fabric that combines moisture-wicking capability with the more natural feel of cotton. One of my favorite things about Antigua is that the actual fit is always consistent with the labels -- none of these "XLs" that feel like an L.

Importantly, the shirts resist shrinkage, and the colors and patterns never go out of style. For the money ($50-$60) it is hard to beat Antigua if you're looking for a durable golf shirt to wear round after round, year after year.

Imperial hats powered by Coolcore

I don't know how they do it, but Coolcore technology keeps the surface temperature of the new line of Imperial hats up to 30 percent cooler without any chemicals, polymers, gels or crystals. Moisture is wicked away, and evaporation is controlled to regulate the temperature. So now you can keep your cool even when you're blowing your top after topping a shot into the water.

Talon Golf Gloves

It's kind of remarkable that so many sports gloves -- football receiver gloves, soccer goalkeeper gloves, baseball batting gloves -- are now constructed with high-tech, super-tacky materials that stretch and breathe and wear so much better than the gloves of decades past. But not golf gloves, which are still mostly made from soft leather that crinkles, stiffens, wears through fast, and gets all slippery and slimy in high humidity.

Well, not anymore. The Talon Golf Glove ($18) feels like a receiver glove when you put it on, and it moves like a second skin. In hot, humid conditions, this glove will not slip. In extremely cold conditions (<40F), I had an issue with it slipping, but hey, who cares this time of year?

Like I said, it's getting hot outside. Let's take off our rainsuits!

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