Phil pulling out September 6, 2007, 1:12 pm

by Patrick O'Leary
All power to Phil who like Tiger Woods, Ernie Els and the other top golfers, are the chief executives of the game of golf and just as the CEO’s of major corporations need a break from their work, so too do the CEOs of golf. Phil says he needs to spend time with his family. I relate to that. Spending quality time with the family is hard enough for a CEO whose office is close enough to allow him to return home every night. How much more difficult is it for the CEOs of golf who have to travel thousands of miles away from their families and homes to their ‘office’ every week and then compete in intense four day competitions to gain market share? Stress is said to be the modern businessman’s disease. The FedEx Cup is contributing to stress becoming the modern golfer’s disease. And now we hear that FedEx is going to hold onto the money until the winner turns 45! Wow! Thats’s like a retirement annuity which these guys no doubt already have. In my opinion, the golfing calendar is full enough and I lift my hat to these magnificent CEOs of golf who give us top class entertainment every week. They also need a break so to FedEx I say, this is one you really haven’t thought through – or otherwise you’ve been sold a dud by Tim Finchem. Why a dud? Well, sponsorship is part of marketing and marketing is all about trying to capture new business. The opposite is happening. You’re turning me off rather than turning me on. What’s DHL’s phone number?

RE: Phil pulling out September 9, 2007, 8:22 am

by Courtney Rudolph
boo-hoo, poor guys playing golf 4 weeks in a row for a chance to win 10 mil., these guys are not CEOs, true, they are athletes, toughen up PHIL!


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