Sean O'Hair July 7, 2011, 9:22 am

by Marc O'Hair
Golf World:
Do you want to know why Sean will never come out from beneath my shadow and face the true facts and go on to be a major winner?
It all started back when Sean was 17 years old and demanded that I allow him to stay out Monday Qualifying while being home schooled. He wanted to and did turn pro that summer at 17 years old. You know he was unexpectedly a failure at Q-school his first 5 times. I honestly could not believe it...he was seriously a GREAT TALENT! The first 3 Q-schools (which he failed) he was under the influence of a medication called "Accutaine". It was developed for severe acne. Of course at that time no one was aware that it caused severe symptoms of irritability and depression. Some kids even committed suicide. He stopped taking it when his face cleared up. No wonder he failed those first 3 Q-schools. The 4th Q-school failure was definitely due to love...puppy love. Or should I say in this case "Doggy Love". That was our 4th Q-school year when he had already met the Lucas girl the summer before...who...unlike the press clippings...absolutely has the worst swing I've ever seen...even worse than her father's. She played the #5 spot on the FAU Women's Golf Team. She had an 83.2 scoring average in her 4 years there. (check it out...FAU Women's Golf Archives). When Sean and the Lucas girl met...that took his game to almost as bad of a level as the accutaine did. He could not get his mind on his was either on her and her lisping telephone voice or on picking his face in the mirror. As we traveled that last year when he was 19-20...every night he spent 3 hours on the lobby telephone talking to his first love. When we returned to Florida after his 4th failure at Q-school...he had his pick-up unloaded in less than an hour and was on his way to her parents condo...30 minutes away. Her parents were hardly ever there. She talked him into moving in with her...invited him into her bed...and that was it. In my opinion...quite trashy! Sean is not a bad looking guy and could have done much better. The last time I saw him was at his wedding about 6 months later. I found out years later that I was not invited to his wedding but my wife begged Sean to let me come. If I would have known the truth...I surely would not have gone. It was the most unpleasant experience I had ever had.
When Sean did make it on Tour...he had a great "Rookie of the Year" season. He was the talk of the tour. He filled you press types with the biggest bunch of tripe and lies I've ever heard. You see...the Lucas family is very liberal and told Sean that my hard work tactics and honest strict discipline (Lombardi and Bryant)was wrong. They had the Lucas lawyers get together to scheme a way to get me out of both Sean's life and our contract. By telling all of those unbelievable lies in the press...they had every American thinking I was the Devil. By doing so...their scheme would make any court in the land claim that I made him sign the contract we had under duress. Of course I released him to prove that my travels with Sean in trying to make the big Tour were not about money...they were about love for one's son. I had plenty of money and sure as hell did not need him to support me...what a childish thought. And to answer your obvious next question about the 60 minutes comment I was a humorous moment and taken out of context. I was being sarcastic...even the CBS camera crew laughed. Sean was not "pretty good labor" he was fantastic labor (fantastic golfer)and everyone knew it...everyone in the country knew Sean was one of the best young players in the world. In the 60 Minutes bit...I was just being funny! But golf is a business when you are a professional. And there are always 3 very important elements in any business...material, labor and overhead. In the game of golf...the material are the clubs, ball, clothes, shoes, etc...the labor is the player...and the overhead is the finances it takes to travel and play worldwide.
Here is the lowdown! Here is the real truth now! Sean's game has gone to hell in a hand basket! He has dropped off the charts. His money list and world rankings have gone south. He is now truly a loser. He might even loose his card. Remember the old saying..."what goes around comes around". Well has come back around and is staring you in the face. You mistreated me with your lies and deceit. And I truly believe the Man Upstairs knows what really happened in our story. I love you Sean but you have crapped on me big time. I deserve an appology! And if you were ever a big enough man to say you're might just get out from beneath that shadow, make a comeback and win that precious Major Championship.
Marc O'Hair

RE: Sean O'Hair October 12, 2012, 5:42 pm

by patsy tamborski
I just read your Dad's message. There is Karma. Big time, and you are looking at it. Your Dad deserves more from you.


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