steroids... July 31, 2005, 2:48 pm

by karl
I am not sure if the issue is steroids in particular...however one has only to look at Tiger Woods back in the late 90s and now to see a massive increase in the size of the muscles and two views from the back and the difference is not merely pumping one can increase this much bulk in muscles by lifting weights...something else has contributed, namely growth hormones or some form of anabolic steroids...?? The PGA is in total denial about this and the truth will come out sooner than later or later...hopefully sooner to keep the game as pure as possible

STERIOD USE IN GOLF June 23, 2005, 4:40 pm

by Gary
Her picture just jumped right out at me the acne, reports of her beging "Really Buff this year" and leading the LPGA Tour in 2005 in driving with a 274 yard average.
Of course Annika can't be using steriods. Golfers don't do that or do they? Jeffrey Roth's article suggested as much in February of 2005. Now I am beginning to wonder myself. Recent comments from LPGA pros such as Beth Daniel saying "I wish she'd tell us what makes her longer and stronger." This was printed in the June 23rd USA Today.
We certainly cannot associate guilt with longer albeit better play. Annika has been the best womans player for 10 yrs no doubt. But the recent increase in yardage and the obsession with the grand slam. Makes you wonder just how far a driven person such as her would go to achieve her goals.

Re: February 28, 2005, 5:27 am

steroids in golf February 28, 2005, 5:27 am

by jeffrey roth
ASSUME STEROIDS ARE LEGAL, which they are not, steroids in golf could be used for golf improvement the way the souped up balls of today benefit the strong and long, illegal drivers (COR) that benefit the strong and long, beta-blockers that benefit bad putters etc. . My point is that over the years we have seen tremendous game improvement from equipment, fitness and drugs that benefit who????
They benefit the talented, thats who. None of the above benefit the 15 handicapper.
Trying to stay on subject is difficult because why can't someone use steroids if they think it will make them better at the RISK OF KILLING THEMSELVES LIKE LYLE ALZADO, PRO FOOTBALL.
Personally I would not take steroids or endorse the use of them, however, I can understand that once you turn pro it is everything about "SHOW ME THE MONEY" from performance on course to endorsements off the course.
Steroids, cheating....yes! Beta-blockers, cheating....yes! The right to do with your body what you want, cheating....maybe! Long putters, cheating....yes! Illegal drivers on TOUR (VOLUNTARY TESTING, YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME TIM FINCHEM), cheating, yes! Souped up balls, cheating, yes! THANKS USGA!!!!!!
Now granted, better fitness is all part of improving your golf, but what constitutes performance, drugs, steroids, no testing of equipment cheaters and letting them get away with that. So what is worse?
Anyways it all means nothing cause The TOUR won't test equipment, the USGA won't turn back the golf ball and steroids are ILLEGAL, and in America we have courts to deal with druggies! Just don't get caught....cause it is okay until you do in Professional Sports these days!!!

steroids February 24, 2005, 3:45 pm

by Garry
I would like to take this opportunity ,rare as it may be and agree with Chris.I think that professional athletes will do whatever is necessary to compete and stay at the top.I'm sure a lot of fans thought that their heros were above gambling ,cocaine and cheating(steroids).Why not be prepared.Insert the rule and establish some guide lines.Ignoring a potential or possible problem by saying we are better than that is egotistical or maybe hiding something.?.

Steroids in Golf February 24, 2005, 1:35 pm

by Gary Gibson
You can clearly see the impact that fitness has made in the game. Increased strength and fitness helps to hit the ball farther, and reduces fatigue when walking 18 or more holes.
So if you think that no one will (or hasn't already) try steroids to enhance performance, you are kidding yourself. I am sure baseball and other sports were having these conversations years ago. I have heard many times that golf does not teach character, but reveals it...and with tour winnings having lottery-sized pots, some players' characters will be overtaken by dollar signs. I am not convinced however, that performance enhancing drugs have yet to be shown to improve feel, touch, patience and finesse - but I am convinced that attempts will be made sooner than you think.

steroids in golf February 24, 2005, 2:53 am

by Paul Fisher
dear Sir,
your quote "As always your comments are welcome on any topic, including the chance of a performance-enhanced golfer one day dominating the sport."
Who's to say that this is not already happening?
Think about that ! ! !
Paul Fisher

RE: steroids in golf February 24, 2005, 6:07 am

by Ken Kreskowiak
Steroids may give you the ability to hit a ball farther but do the pills aid in keeping the ball in the fairway or hitting it 2 feet from the pin?
John Daly and Tiger are among the big hitters but we have to see how often they are in the rough or greens hit in reg.
It seems Tiger still has trouble leaving the ball out to the right and John can still spray the ball with the best of them.
So are steroids b big issue in golf? I really don't see it being so. Not yet anyway.
Technology in club and ball design is giving the players the longer ball. It is still skill in placement that brings home the paycheck.


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