Master's comments April 15, 2008, 11:41 am

by Jeff Wilson
I disagree with the statement that the Master's was boring and a weak field because of the Amateurs and Fuzzy Zoeller and Gary Players.
First of all Fuzzy and Gary have earned the right to play in the Masters as long as they desire and feel that they can still play the game to some degree that they are comfortable.
Second of all, individuals are reading too much into some of the statements that Tiger made. I have never personally met Tiger, however I can almost assure you that he handles himself with respect to the other players at all times. Even though his mind set is to win every tournament he enters, the fact of the matter is that it would be near impossible to accomplish that regardless of who you are. So everyone should realize that Tiger is just not going to win every event, even though the press sometimes puts him in that position.
I applaud the Members at Augusta National Golf Club to have taken the steps necessary to provide an opportunity to allow children to be accompanied by a Patron to attend the Masters (something that they will always remember).
Let us not forget The Masters is more of a mental challenge for every player and the ability to "golf the ball" around the golf course is what makes it so special and enjoyable to watch. It is not about making birdies and eagles it is all about finding the best player who can handle the many demands that The Masters presents itself to the player.
Man the best player win!
Jeff B. Wilson
PGA Golf Professional

The Masters April 15, 2008, 11:38 am

by Rodrigo Samper
Is great to watch birdies and eagles but not when you are only using a pitching wedge or 8-iron like Tiger did in 1997 on the par 5's. I think the changes for the Masters are good. You have excellent risk/reward holes in the back 9 like 12/13/15/16. You can make birdie or eagle on 13/15 with a super 2nd shot. Zach did it in 2007 on the back nine, unfortunately nobody challenge Immelman on the back nine this year. Length is not an issue, Augusta play hard on Sunday because it was windy and players did not have the confidence to attact the course. Some did, like Karlson on 15 which he eagle. You get 2 to 4 players close on the back 9 and you will see eagles and balls on the water.

Re: April 15, 2008, 11:35 am

The Masters April 15, 2008, 11:35 am

by Marty Burns
Yeh, it was pretty dull, but what finally got to me was the reverence, the music, the endless flashbacks, the sanctimony, Jim Nantz's voice & cadence. Maybe I've watched too many of these, but it seemed like the sappy tone trumped all else. Bring on Johnny Miller & lower the tournament's pedestal a rung or two...

Master's Boredom April 15, 2008, 11:30 am

by blbrown
Prior to the recent "changes" made to Augusta National to "toughen" the course, drama was created on the back nine by knowing that almost every player could realistically make birdie to double bogey on almost every hole with an occasional eagle thrown in. With the new changes, that range has realistically become par to double bogey. Birdies and eagles are exciting. Pars and bogeys are not. Same players, different course. The Green Jackets have defended Augusta National's integrity at the expense of excitement. The US Open has rarely been as exciting as the majority of Masters of bygone years. Now we have 2 prestigeous golf tournaments devoid of the type of electric excitement that the old Masters provided on an almost routine basis. That is, in my opinion, a sad commentary.

The Masters April 15, 2008, 11:26 am

by Alfredo F. Lamas
Dear GW:
Tiger Woods' attitude is a shame to the great game of golf. Before and after the final round he tried to diminish the performance of "inexperienced" players ahead of him. He never congratulates or recognizes other people's accomplishments, "I lost because of some few putts.." but "played well". It seems that he doesn't count putts as part of the game. No doubt he's a great player but short of education and respect for the rest of the world!

RE: The Masters April 15, 2008, 11:40 am

by Michael
13 majors gives Tiger the ability to comment as he did. I do agree with the author of the article that the last 2 Masters have been snooze-fests. Hopefully someone will pee in Johnny Miller's cheerios and let him call the Masters next year. Jim Nantz has his head up someone's butt at Augusta. I guess he's hoping for an honourary membership. Both Immelman and Johnson are both about exciting as watching paint dry. The Masters has been very boring the last two years and hopefully Tiger can win soon so I can stop falling asleep during weekend Masters coverage. Let's see Fald and Miller in the booth so they can snipe at each other so we have something to listen to when the Masters puts me asleep. I'm glad someone else mentioned how boring it was this year and last year.

Masters setup April 15, 2008, 11:25 am

by Ben Calhoun
I agree with story about the new setup of Augusta. All of these changes to the golf courses to "Tiger proof" them are ruining the fun of watching golf on TV. I want to see Birdies and Eagles, and back nine charges at Augusta as well as the other Majors. Stop messing with the courses, set them up as they were designed and let the best players in the world score on them. That is what makes golf exciting.

RE: Masters setup April 15, 2008, 12:06 pm

by Patrick
It truly was a boring Masters. While I felt happy for Trevor and disappointed for Tiger, watching the majority of the rest of the field struggle with a 'mini-golf on steriods' setup was not the golf of former Masters.
To suggest that it could have been more exciting if Johnny and Gary were commenting is true but probably only for the 6 nano-seconds they would have been allowed to speak before being shut down by Billy and the rest of the fossil crowd. Don't forget that these same beacons of liberty and free speech, helped by Mr Excitement - Tom Watson and the CBS wimps, already forced Gary out for making a comment about the silly-fast greens just a few years ago.
For me, the only major that continuously provides true excitement is The Open.


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