Beer Truck driver wins March 23, 2005, 8:36 am

by Just50
Chris - I am surprised by your ignorance. The champions tour may not have the best players in the world, but they are the players who brought golf to the forefront of American viewers. They made golf interesting to millions who never knew the game before. Despite their age and waning skills, I still enjoy watching them. I still dream of playing with them. A former beer truck driver winning the event is a great story! It is what golf dreams are made of.
Nobody is forcing you to watch. I would remind you of one thing. If not for those players, golf would still be a 3rd rate sport and there would be no need for television, newspaper or online commentators like yourself. If it weren't for them, you might be driving a beer truck today.

Shrewd bit of writing March 23, 2005, 8:28 am

by Steve Divnick
Chris, I know you love the Senior Tour. None of us in the golf business misunderstands its contribution to the sport. Many of your readers are seniors who live vicariously through those guys...whether famous or no-name beer truck drivers. Half of my sales volume is to seniors.
So your clever rant did exactly what you wanted it to do: To motivate guys like me to read the comments, to post something for the first time, and to pass it along to others and expand your subscriber base. You're a shrewd devil aren't you!
I can't wait for the next skewer. Maybe, "Only sissies wear spikes!" or, "Titanium heads are for wimps!"
Keep 'em coming.
Steve (

Re: March 23, 2005, 8:27 am

Heroes March 23, 2005, 8:27 am

by Gene Halterman
When you get older and they take away all of the real heroes in your life you will understand the champions tour. To see these old guys go out and win gives us old guys inspiration. I really don't care if he drove a beer truck--more power to him. I think you should get a life and realize heroes were ment to be held in glory by us mortals.

Champions Tour March 23, 2005, 8:23 am

by Tony
The Champions Tour article by Chris Baldwin is both vile and hateful. Sure, there are players that never won on the regular tour. But his derogatory remarks not anly refer to them, but also to Nicklaus, Palmer, Player, Floyd, etc. They all played on the Champions Tour.
He can state any opinion he wants. But at least do it in a respectful manner.

Champions Tour For Writers Like Chris Baldwin? March 23, 2005, 8:11 am

by Ronald Montesano
Chris Baldwin is fortunate that WorldGolf.Com does not dispatch him to the Champions Tour for writers. His pathetic attack on the Champions Tour is hopefully a ploy to generate responses such as mine. If so, it worked. If he is sincere in decrying the talent level on the Champions Tour, his superiors should reconsider his next contract. The Champions Tour is a unique opportunity in sports, in a sport that does not put a premium on physical fitness (although fitness helps.) Unlike Chris' hackneyed prose, the shots struck by Champions Tour golfers are poetic, precise, and (yay, alliteration) powerful. I take umbrage with Chris' tendency toward hyperbole. Revisit the topic, Baldwin.

senior golf article March 23, 2005, 7:39 am

by chuck o'malley
the little league world series, college football, basketball, and baseball all attract hundred's of thousands of viewers yet none of the participants are the best in their sport. certainly a very small per-centage will become the best, but when we are viewing them they are not.
no offense, but if you really are not a golfer i understand why you don't understand. sorta kinda like us males are never going to find out how much pain women going through in having a baby. if you haven't been there you will never truly understand.>>

Feeble Writer seeks new career. March 23, 2005, 7:16 am

by CB Maxwell
Oh boy...I couldn't find the by line on who wrote this trashy Champions story, but I agree with most of you. What a great win, by a seemingly great guy, who just picked up a quarter of a mil, with room to spare. Coulda just as easily taken an 8 on the last whole but instead, laid up, and chipped it in for birdie. That is great golf! By his logic, and I am assuming he is a man, it sounds to me like it is time to retire as a writer since he clearly doesn't have his BEST game anymore either.
As for boring old guys, how come Larry King is still on the air, he became irrelevant about the same time Monica did.

Beer truck driving golfer March 23, 2005, 6:54 am

by Chris Brown
It just goes to show you that some people cannot grow with a sport. I you had it your way most of the general public would only be able to see a golf course by carrying a bag for you or your boss. You don't know what this person went thur to get were he's at today. Not everybody was born with a silver spoon. The average golfer relates to the working man not your idea of what a golfer should be.

Champions Tour March 23, 2005, 6:37 am

by Norm
Well, the ignorance of the writers to this web page comes through again. Maybe they are all too old to be able to do a good job writing. After all, they are not employed by any of the really credible papers and magazines of the country. Seems like they just eked into the journalism category by getting one of those mail order graduation certificates. Just because they can run the spell checker on the computer, they think they can write. Personally, I take whatever these guys write as pure trash and all of them should be replaced by someone who supports the sport that provides them with a paycheck. Criticism is valid if there is some purpose, like improving the game, but what these guys write is not worth reading. They would rather promote the wonderful golf courses across the country that 99% of the golfers can't even afford than provide a positive spin on the game. Shame on you guys! Get a life!

Champions Tour March 23, 2005, 6:20 am

by J.D.
The writer trashing the Champions Tour is a bitter idiot! No one forces you to watch their events and as long as corporte sponsors exist why not keep the Tour going. There are far more negatives in the sporting world that should get the attention of negative press.


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