Tiger's potty mouth April 2, 2008, 7:21 am

by Mike Jackson
I suspect that most of his defender's will not like the subject line. I am not defending the actions of the photog. He knows the guidelines, and he broke them. He has to answer for that. However, his actions do not justify Tiger Woods' actions. The problem that Tucker notes is not isolated to a photog's bad choice. It goes to the repetitive, vulgar nature of Tiger's outburts.
At the 2003 US Open, my 12-year-old and I staked out the prime spot for Tiger viewing on the 5th tee. We both were excited when Tiger approached. He pulled his tee shot into the trees left of the fairway. No one near the tee demonstrated poor golf etiquitte before, during or after his swing. He just made a bad shot because he is, as others have noted, "only human." From his mouth came a string of #@&%*@. We were less than 10 feet from Tiger when he dropped his bombs. I was disappointed. My son was crushed. All of his coaches have taught him the necessity of self-control, respect for the game, etc. Now here is the biggest name on his bedroom wall letting it all out in front of children. He's now nearly 18, and Tiger is way down his list becuase of that one incident.
Tiger is an emotional guy. That's great when stuff is going well - like when he sank the putt on 18 to win Palmer's tournament. His out-of-control emotion is bad when he hits a poor shot, a specatator disrupts his routine, or a photog does a no-no. We all have problems. Tiger too. I hope he can man up to it.

RE: Tiger's potty mouth April 2, 2008, 11:44 am

by Ivory Rubin
Mr. Jackson, in no way would I, or do I, defend Tiger's vulgar language outbursts. He really should stop!! However, I am very concerned at the depth of condemnation that he receives as a person for that one flaw...that only occurs in the heat of a moment in a tournament. Not every shot, not every hole, or every day of any tournament. I'm also concerned that Tiger plummets way down yours and your sons list because you witnessed him demonstrating a flaw. Letting it wipe out the multitude of incredible accomplishments and deeds Tiger has achieved in a little over a decade. Much, much more that many presently in his profession...or before!! I wonder why absolute perfection is the expectation for him? Because, it sure didn't take much for him to loose you guys admiration. The incredibly admirable way he conducts his daily life be damned...I guess!!

Re: April 2, 2008, 6:43 am

Tiger behavior? April 2, 2008, 6:43 am

by Jon Wilson
As a journalist, I guess you have to write about something, otherwise you would have difficulty making a living, right? Do you really think that other golfers have to deal with the day to day journalist/photographer clutter and clatter that Tiger is faced with. Especially at a critically important moment of a tournament. Remember, why does Tiger play? "TO WIN" while others would love to be in position as often but are more realistic and look to make a good check. Coming back to you, originally I was not going to comment because the more responses probably the more valuable you think YOUR comments are worth reading. Unfortunately this is not the purpose. You need to rethink your purpose in life and write appropriately to maintain golfs' "civil responsibility" remember again we are only human, we fail and make mistakes and your comments were just that a Mistake. I accept your apology and hope that you are able to continue in you career.

RE: Tiger behavior? April 2, 2008, 11:40 pm

by Brandon Tucker
You're telling me we all make mistakes, my article was a mistake and that I should apologize.
The general purpose of the blog and newsletter I wrote was saying that exact same point. The fact Tiger will not recognize he was wrong is the problem.
I'll take the article back when Tiger comes out and says he could have handled the situation in a more civil manner.
See Jon? we're on exactly the same page.

RE: Tiger behavior? April 2, 2008, 7:04 am

by Windy Gordon
I think Wilson's point has merit but I would take exception to his casual use of the terms civility versus integrity.
It is appropriate to argue that Tiger could be more civil, even under the pressure of competition, since that is the norm in his sport. I doubt that any of us would be surprised by profanity, or worse, in the trenches of the NFL or under the boards in the NBA but those aren't professional golf. For better or worse golf chooses to present a different persona and Tiger, as its most visible personality can shape that image but he is also under some obligation to conform to the expectations of the sport's fan base.
However, nothing in Tiger's behavior constitutes a breech in integrity. Civility and integrity are very different and Tiger has never been challenged on his respect for the game and its rules.
I would argue that any lack of civility by Tiger was overshadowed by a blatant lack of professional ethics by a photographer who snapped a picture when he knew he shouldn't. It is well known that the sound of a hsutter release is unacceptabel for Tiger. To intentionally ignore that is to disregard the ethical expectations that allow media professionals on the course.
W Gordon

Tiger April 2, 2008, 6:23 am

by Del Santos
Mr Tucker,
Find something relative to write about!
I will not waste my time reading your next article.

Tiger's behaviour April 2, 2008, 6:21 am

by Stevens
Its funny to read the reaction of the press after Tiger's outburst, as if Tiger had been the first one to portray his character in a manner considered outside the so called "civility and etiquette" of what golf is said to have. How hypocritical can we get? I think the press is so high on covering the man that they've forgotten their own civility and the respect for the athlete playing on the course. The paparazzi needs to back off a little the course is not Holywood!

Tiger article April 2, 2008, 6:11 am

by Johnny Brann
What are you doing? Writing to get noticed.What a stupid article. Tiger is one of the best role models young kids could have. It might not be April fools day but it doesn't have to be for you. You are one every day.I would love to debate you on this. It would be a joke as I destroyed your accusations of Tiger Woods.

tiger April 2, 2008, 5:16 am

by dennyex
mr. tucker,
you should get a life....tiger puts up with more media bull in one weekend than most players do in a lifetime... jack and arnie were and are wonderful fellas and thank god the media wasn't close enough to them to hear some of there outburst or you would probably be on their case also....maybe if the media guy who doesn't know when to snap pictures was kept back another 100 feet or so we wouldn't have these issues.......find something real to write about to justify your job !!!!

Tiger's Outburst April 1, 2008, 11:47 pm

by Monroe
I walk the course with Tiger during his Florida Swing and was there when the unmentionable photog launched his shutter at the height of Tiger's swing on the par 3. It was loud and shockingly distractive. Who wouldn't have been upset. What gets my attention are the many commercials during the telecast of a PGA event for various "ED" drugs. (Levitra,Cialis&Viagra) Why should a parent have to explain the explicit activities that are portrayed in these ads.If you want young people to develop an interest in golf, how about cleaning up the commercials.


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