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Tiger Woods to announce his retirement from golf

William K. WolfrumBy William K. Wolfrum,
Tiger Woods
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What will Tiger Woods' retirement mean to pro golf? (Courtesy PGA of America)

After he winds his way down the 18th fairway of Augusta in this year's Masters, Tiger Woods' epic chase for golf's most hallowed records will come to an end.

Woods will announce his retirement from competitive golf, say sources unwilling to be identified. A press conference is rumored to be scheduled for Friday.

"That's it, it's over," the source said April 1. "Tiger is moving on to full-time fatherhood and other challenges.

The source went on to say that there are rumors that Woods, who has been in the public eye since the age of three, has burned out on golf, and may even look to other sports as a way to unleash his legendary competitiveness.

"Tiger and Roger Federer have been spending a lot of time working on Tiger's tennis game," said the source. "Tiger's serve is already approaching the 125-mph range, so I wouldn't be surprised to eventually see him try to add a Wimbledon trophy to his golf accomplishments.

Woods will retire with at least 64 career PGA Tour victories and 13 major triumphs. At least one Woods fan claimed disbelief in the possibility of a PGA Tour without the venerable Tiger.

"This is the worst news I've ever heard," said Donald Trump. "Seriously, why in the hell would anyone want to watch the PGA now?"

Some anonymous sources have added that there are rumors that Woods will work full-time with Michelle Wie, both as a tutor and golf coach.

"Tiger's been to Stanford and been at the top of golf," said the source. "Plus, if he worked with Wie, that would likely take care of his commitments to Nike."

The news of Elin's pending triplets was accidentally leaked on the television show "Oprah."

With Woods leaving the game, caddie Steve Williams has let it be known that he will stay in golf, but no longer as a looper. He will be accepting a position with Sports Illustrated as a golf photographer.

Aside from an eventual tennis career, work with Wie and a job as a father of four, Woods will also continue his work with his charity, The Tiger Woods Foundation, as well as work as a consultant for the Tavistock Group.

Woods could not be reached for comment, but someone who could have been a spokesman said "Dude, what are you on?" when asked about Woods' imminent retirement.

Nonetheless, the anonymous sources stand by their rumor.

"He's done. Face it, this will basically end golf as we know it," said the source. "But man, could it be good for tennis, or what?"

William K. Wolfrum keeps one eye on the PGA Tour and another watching golf vacation hotspots and letting travelers in on the best place to vacation. You can follow him on Twitter @Wolfrum.

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  • Tiger Woods Retirement

    Bryan Persson wrote on: Apr 1, 2016

    It is truly a sad day when a great golfer such as Tiger Woods will allegedly announce his retirement. With such good golfers such as Rory McIlroy, Jordon Spieth, Jason Day, Adam Scott, just to mention a few, would have been nice to see them give Tiger the competition that he needed. It is amazing how sometimes in life that when injuries start adding up, you have no idea how this will effect people both physically and mentally. It is true that over the last 15 or so years, that no matter how far out Tiger was you would always watch to see if he would make a run for a comeback. Tiger WILL be missed in the golf world I believe by both players and fans if the sport. All you can say is THANK YOU Tiger for all you have done in the world of golf.


  • Tiger retiring

    Clyde Temple wrote on: Jul 14, 2011

    Golfing community you suck!! You are racist, and pretentious. You dont care enough to reclaim your sport from the doledrums by rescuing Tiger from obscurity. You owe it to golf to take care of Tiger if you are the honorable sport you think you are. Get it together! Golf is like the Charlie Sheen of sports; drunk on its own reflection but worthy of little of what you crave, respect from the sober. You make me sad.


  • Tiger & Tennis

    Paul Brack wrote on: Apr 13, 2011

    LOL. What is this a joke? Tiger at 35yrs.old playing competitive tennis? He'd get destroyed. On the ATP tour you're a dinosaur at 30yrs. old. I would love to see him in a five setter with that 90yr.old arthritic knees he has. LOL.
    Teaching Michelle Wie how to putt would be the most viable option for him.
    The whole article is a joke.


  • The end of golf

    tigger wrote on: Apr 20, 2010

    the game of golf is officially dead, and should expect no more than 100 viewers at the next tournament


  • Tiger switches to Rap career

    gdub wrote on: Jan 1, 2010

    In view of Tiger's arrogance,I think he is perfect for a career change. First an image makeover, then a record deal with death row records; then get all 12 of his girlies and put them by the pool as he sings his gangsta rap hit, "I got it like that" Finally, a name change to T-woody


  • dam

    bud brausen wrote on: Dec 11, 2009

    first jfk,now this seems to be no hope left on this planet


      • RE: dam

        Ray wrote on: Jul 21, 2011

        dont be so daft man. woods is done and other good golfers are coming on the scene. Golf was great before woods and will be great again after woods is gone, and or dead and buried. woods has had his 15 minutes of fame in the spotlight. now its time to move on.
        SO MOVE ON .....DAM


  • good ridence!

    sergio wrote on: Apr 16, 2008

    Joke or not, he is extremely arrogant and hostile and only cares about the money and nobody else.


      • RE: good ridence!

        T LO wrote on: Sep 28, 2009



          • RE: RE: good ridence!

            mdanter wrote on: Jun 26, 2011

            its a joke, and its spelled riddance. glad to see the US education system is still climbing up into the top 20.


      • RE: good ridence!

        Marjorie Taylor wrote on: Oct 1, 2008

        Tiger is very sad about your opinion of him but wishes you well!


  • Retirement

    george wrote on: Apr 14, 2008

    I wish he would retire. His obnoxious behavior has done nothing for the game. The sport casters and newpapers protect him because of their "white guilt". Not to mention that even if he is twenty strokes behind he still gets front page news coverage with captions like "Tiger on the Prowl". I am sure many of the other professional golfers who would like to have one of those profitable endorsement contracts cannot even get an face time when Woods plays, even if they defeat him! He is dragging down golf and no one will says anthing against his vile antics because they will immediately be labelled a racist even though Woods himself does not push his black heritage. It's all the PC media's making.


      • RE: Retirement

        Brian wrote on: Dec 11, 2009

        Tiger is famous for his accomplishments in golf and not for being Jesus Christ. He is not the first person to make a mistake and certainly won't be the last. But I guess for someone like you who has never sinned a day in your life or required forgiveness, it must be hard to comprehend. And all that talk of "White Guilt" come on. Why does it always have to resort to race. Regarding endorsements, businesses are profitable because they pay stars less than the stars generate. They won't be successful otherwise. Tiger brought people to the sport and he took his fair share of the revenue generated. If the other golfers you mentioned had that pulling power, believe you me, they would be getting those endorsements. I guess what you are trying to say is that he is an average golfer who only got the attention he got from the press because he was black - which made a good story. And by the way, no body, black or white would object to the press attacking Tiger, if what he did was so far removed from what men do everyday, all over the country. It is not right, but the fact is that topless bars would not exist if everyone was so squeeky clean. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. Well I guess that would be you, wouldn't it.


      • RE: Retirement

        spirit of competition wrote on: Dec 11, 2009

        Wow, are you an idiot or what?
        Tiger's behavior is no different than any other professional golfer out there. But do to his popularity, its caught on the media alot more. Is it wrong...i dont think so. Cause i'm not an Uptight, self-rightous do*che. Tiger's attitude has got nothing, I repeat, -NOTHING- on the attitude Mayweather has on boxing, and you dont see anyone rejecting the fact that he is one of the greatest athletes of our time.
        And Tiger dragging down golf?! What?! are you insane? You do know that without Tiger having been in the scene, many of the mainstream would still not consider golfing a true sport right? He brought media and attention that golf has deserved for years. He's an icon.
        and off topic, if I were Woods. I'd go up to every backstabbing fellow golfer who claimed to be 'friends' with Tiger at one point and mouth off about him when the situation was never any of their business...sellouts.


  • There'll be no retirement!

    Chip Shot wrote on: Apr 9, 2008

    You obviously don't know Tiger. He would consider this quitting - and he's the farthest thing from a quitter. You guys have got to find some better material. Is it just me, or are there three times as many golf writers as there are stories?


  • Woods retirement

    BobbyWomack wrote on: Apr 2, 2008

    Surprise, surprise...Tiger is a typical golfer who curses when fans and photographers violate course rules. With all that's at stake, I don't blame any golfer for being pissed when they interfere.


  • Tiger retiring/

    Norma wrote on: Apr 1, 2008

    April Fools Day?


  • profanity anywhere!

    jimmy velman wrote on: Apr 1, 2008

    I agree on your article about Tiger's
    arrogant behaviour on the golf course.
    Cursing and uttering profanities within earshot of children is so rude, ungentlemanly that he and his golfer
    buddies ought to be penalized for it.
    I really dont care if he wins and becomes a top golfer if being on the top makes him a rude, expletive uttering idiot. He can be world's wealthiest golfer ,but if his utterings are disgusting, he does not deserve any honors and the fans ought to just desert him.


      • RE: profanity anywhere!

        spirit of competition wrote on: Dec 11, 2009

        You're wrong...
        You're really really wrong.


  • Tiger's Impending Retirement

    Starr wrote on: Apr 1, 2008

    Good one! Loved it! I just hope it doesn't make Tiger swear in front of his child...


      • RE: Tiger's Impending Retirement

        Rosemary Burbaum wrote on: Apr 1, 2008

        All a bunch of bull----!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Tiger Woods' Retirement

    Nancy Callahan wrote on: Apr 1, 2008

    I was devastated when I read your article. I had forgotten what day is was. What a relief...


  • Tiger's reaction

    John E. Molinari wrote on: Apr 1, 2008

    Tiger's reaction to an unexpected interruption is nothing new. Professional golfers have been reacting negatively to poor manners by fans and the media and to their own poor play since the beginnings of golf. Ted Ray, one of the best professional golfers of his era, frequently threw a club and uttered unprintable comments when his performance was adversly affected by what he perceived to be fan misbehavior or as a result of his own poor play. That took place during the 1913 US Open at the Country Club at Brookline Mass.
    Tiger's actions are not new or unexpected. They are just reported more frequently.


  • has to be an april..

    Dave wrote on: Apr 1, 2008

    Could this be true...on Aprils Folls day too?
    I doubt it!


  • Woods retirement

    Orca wrote on: Apr 1, 2008

    Good April Fool's prank


      • RE: Woods retirement

        coby wrote on: Apr 1, 2008

        omg....not funny at all....down right scarey


          • RE: RE: Woods retirement

            BackAlleyBarney wrote on: Apr 1, 2008

            I wish that he would quit...he is a disgrace to the game of golf....no class or self-control...and doesn't even care apparently. Did I mention that he has no class whatsoever? Yes I did, but it's worth repeating.


              • RE: RE: RE: Woods retirement

                Stone wrote on: Apr 2, 2008

                BackAlleyBarney: What a goof!!


              • RE: RE: RE: Woods retirement

                youdon'tneedtoknow wrote on: Apr 1, 2008

                What is your probem are you mental. Without Tiger golf would never have achieved what it has. the golf industry needs him or there id no fedex cup.


                  • RE: RE: RE: RE: Woods retirement

                    don glover wrote on: Dec 5, 2009

                    give me a break...he's not quitting until he owns all the records.thats more important to him than money now


                  • RE: RE: RE: RE: Woods retirement

                    Craig wrote on: Apr 17, 2008

                    WOW! All the Tiger haters out there are ignorant morons. Have you played golf before? Do you understand the game of golf? Golf isn't a game you can ever master. Of course people are going to be frustrated over a poor shot. I'd be pissed if I played the game on a daily basis and still had a tough time hitting certain shots. Give the guy a break. He's Tiger! He's changed the face of golf this century.


                      • RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Woods retirement

                        john wrote on: Sep 22, 2010

                        I hope if tigers ex has his triplets,I hope they come out mexican,completely white or japenese,just to show the big boy what it felt like-


                          • RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Woods retirement

                            washington state wrote on: Jan 21, 2015

                            If the man wants to retire let him retire in peace. maybe he wants out because of people like you all.


                              • RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Woods retirement

                                Bib wrote on: Feb 11, 2015

                                Nice going tiger now golfers won't have to be on the course people in charge of making the grass taller greens faster with more curves and more up in Haledon more lumps and put all Conaway's and maybe to change golf come back later you are the greatest golfer I have ever seen you ran the table on those guys just like pool players if you took up pool nobody wood change the table pga should be ashamed of them selves to make fair way 15 yards wide


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