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Tallahassee's working-class personality shows on its golf courses

William K. WolfrumBy William K. Wolfrum,
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Tallahassee is more laid back than many of its neighbors and the golf reflects that trait. ()

There is a difference between the things Tallahassee is best known for, and what Tallahassee is really all about.

Look up this town in the encyclopedia, and you'll see it's the capital of Florida, as well as a college town, with Florida State University and Florida A&M calling Tallahassee home. But the college-town personality ends on campus. Tallahassee is close to the Georgia border and is a town with a more conservative, white-collar attitude than many of its neighboring towns.

This attitude can also be translated to its golf courses. There are less than a dozen public courses within a 30-minute drive of Tallahassee, a number dwarfed by similarly sized Florida towns such as Naples. But while Tallahassee doesn't offer the most or the best of golf, it does offer solid golf with low green fees.

Here's a look at some of the places to play golf in Tallahassee.

Can't miss Tallahassee golf courses

SouthWood Golf Club has been named as "Tallahassee's Best Golf Course" by Tallahassee Magazine and "Florida's Best New Upscale Public Course" by Golf Digest Magazine when the course opened in 2003.

Fred Couples and Gene Bates designed SouthWood, which entered the Tallahassee golf scene with high expectations and has thus far delivered on its promise.

"The land seems handcrafted for a course, as the topography rises and falls elegantly, creating some tough, but scenic, holes," Jason Scott wrote in a story for TravelGolf.com. "Couples said it has the potential to be a 'premier course in the Southeast.'"

In terms of sheer popularity, it's hard to discount Don Veller's Seminole Golf Club. Located conveniently near the Florida State campus and with green fees rarely exceeding $30, Seminole used a recent $7-million upgrade to keep itself relevant.

"As one expects from a Bill Amick-designed course, Seminole is fairly open with no trickery and modest hazards," wrote Derek Duncan at GulfCoastGolf.com. "It certainly serves as a welcoming venue for all levels of player."

Also playing

Hilaman Park Golf Club a municipal course in southeast Tallahassee that opened in 1971. It brings an interesting landscape to life in this Larry Zimmerman design. Trees and bunkers will come into play, as will pleasant green fees that range from $20-$35.

Designed in 1988 by Dean Refram, The Players Club at Summerbrooke is one of the toughest courses you'll play in the region, as a tight, rolling landscape will require your inner shot-maker to make an appearance.

Take a drive out of town to find an interesting round of golf at the Golf Club of Quincy. Beautiful scenery combines with the most steeply rolling hills you'll find in the region's golf scene. A Joe Lee design that opened in 1968, the Golf Club at Quincy is a soothing way to get in 18 holes.

Also a 25-minute drive from Tallahassee will take you to Wildwood Country Club in Crawfordville. Wildwood enjoys a reputation of being the type of course you can play a four-hour round or less, and put up a good score while doing it.

"It's quiet and scenic (perhaps only a dozen homes populate the course), and there is a simple, refreshing joy to playing this layout that measures just 6,500 yards from the tips," wrote Duncan.

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