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Jan Stephenson sparks LPGA debate

Until recently, Jan Stephenson was known mostly for once being an overrated glamour star on the LPGA Tour. Now, in the great tradition of Vijay Singh, she's opened her mouth one too many times. By telling Golf Magazine that she thinks Asians are "killing" the women's tour, she took her ignorance to a new level.

Two years ago, the LPGA Tour launched a full-fledged campaign to promote their more attractive players, regardless of past performance. Rookies were featured as prominently as 10-time winners, and the tour's marketing focus was very clear. I wouldn't be surprised if a few tour officials secretly shared Stephenson's opinion, but they've got it all wrong. If the tour really wants to move forward, they should actively promote its best players, regardless of appearance or nationality.

Of course, not everyone agrees with us (see below for a sampling of the responses), and that's what makes the sports world go 'round. Feel free to add your comments and we'll be sure to add them to the discussion.

Stephenson right on target

Have to disagree with you. Jan Stephenson may have upset the "establishment" of women's golf with some of her comments concerning the Asian girls, but her comments were right on target. Some have talent but they just don't get it when it comes to reacting with the paying public who spend the money so that they have anything to play for.

I can definitely see major sponsors withholding sponsorship or support if the women--asian in particular--continue to ignore the people who support their tour. I attended five rounds this past year--two at the McDonald's and three at the Betsy King--and can relate to exactly what Jan was talking about. Not necessarily nice to talk about but, sadly, true.

Al Howell, via email

It's about entertainment

If I ponied up the money to get into an LPGA Pro-Am I would hope to be entertained by the golfers whose prize money I'm helping to provide, and feel very slighted if my Pro-Am partner was playing a practice round instead.

I can understand that some of these Asian golfers struggle with their English and understandably they may not be able to be quite as social. But it appears they're working on it. Se Ri Pak has made strides in her English recently. I bet there are some Europeans whose English might need more practice too.

To generalize and specifically point out Asians was probably not racist, but it was biased and regrettable. For sure, pointing out that some golfers should be more friendly in Pro-Ams would have been preferable to saying that some group of people are solely responsible for ruining the LPGA.

Arbon Reimer, via email

An Asian perspective

I read your opinion on what Jan Stephenson said about Asians. I have heard many people in the golf world try to put a pleasant spin on her comments. I am glad to see that you share my opinion on the ridiculous comments that she said. Hearing person after person trying to soften the negative nature of her rude and insensitive comments makes me sick. She said something that was unacceptable.

I watch the LPGA, and would like to see a lot of the players be more loose and personable. That is just not the case with some people. Being Korean myself I have a chance to get to know a lot of very reserved Koreans. This is a cultural difference, but in no way is this a bad thing. However, being born to an American father and growing up in Saint Louis Mo., I consider myself much more Americanized that the average Korean.

I am a very outgoing and emotional person. I have never met a Korean that didn't like these qualities that define my personality. And I do notice that most of, if not all of the more reserved Koreans that I spend time with also loosen up when I am around. This is not a quality that is frowned upon.

In time some of the foreign players, Asians and other ethnic groups, will too open up and we will see more than their serious side. But some people just aren't like that. Open and happy or serious and ridged, as long as these women are the best golfers in the world, that's what I want to see in the LPGA.

Thanks again for your refreshing opinion on the comments made by Jan Stephenson.

Perlie Voshell, Outlooksoft.com

Missing the point

Just read your thoughts about Jan Stephenson's comments. It is very safe for you (and the media) to pounce all over her. What would have shown more courage and insightfulness on your part is to really focus on what she said and not get blinded by the mention of race. What she said was the Asians are not engaging the pro-am amateurs. They say hi and goodbye and nothing else.

Why not examine that and get it out in the open rather than throw race cards all over the place. If many of the best players are not customer friendly, that's a problem for the tour. Plain and simple. If they do talk and schmoose the amateurs, then let's disagree with the premise. Instead, the race card blinds the point she was making and you do a disservice to your readers by following the herd. Agree?

Jack, via email

Taken out of context?

I thought about it for a while and I think some of her comments may have been taken out of context. I think what she was trying to say was that there seems to be an etiquette problem. I remember reading another interview article I think it was Juli Inkster, where she was annoyed with on course conduct. (I may be wrong about who the interview was with, but there was a strong point made about asian manners.) Ruining the tour is a bit extreme though. Let's face it, poor putting is the biggest obstacle the LPGA faces. (I'm kidding.)

James Ellis, via email

Consider the source

Jan Stephenson - what can you say about a so-called professional who cannot even treat up and coming children golfers any sense of dignity. I was witness to her outburst at the Beaconsfield Golf course a number of years ago (was then a major). After completeing the 18th hole, even though she was frustrated with her play, some young girls simply wanted an autograph. Ms. Stephenson basically told them to "bug off", and off she went. I will never forgive her for her lack of compassion. In my book, she is a complete loser.

As far as her comments, I do agree that Asian players are rather dull to watch and do not provide much excitement to the game of golf, other than knowing how to play it extremely well. But, personality - no there is none to speak of. I think she went a little too far with sexy etc., but then, look at the much needed publicity she is getting - more than she can do on a golf course.

Ken Greene, via email

'I miss JoAnne Carner'

Pro Golf is all about entertainment and that is where the LPGA is hurting. They need to make it fun. At the players summit last year the Commissioner laid it on the line about how players needed to communicate with the fans. The Asians players need to learn English. I think Jan Stephenson was right in a sense. We do not need quotas. But the LPGA is not just playing greatgolf it has to be about entertainment. I miss JoAnne Carner and other animated players who had personalities. Pros who give yes or no answers are boring - they need to know how to express theirselves.

Sue Munson, via email

Underlying issues

The Jan Stephenson comments have become a media circus, much like the Vijay Singh comments recently. The real underlying issues are: (1) do sports performers have a duty to entertain their fans and/or the paying public? (2) has an individual athlete any justification to make sweeping statements about any subgroup in their field and (3) what credibility does such a person bring to the issue. Here are my opinions on the above three issues.

(1) yes, high paid performers have a responsibility to entertain as well as excel in their field. At worst they should not offend. Why? (a) The paying public is well educated and knows the difference between entertainers and peformers and personality. The paying public can pick and choose their favorites... so ultimately the success of the LPGA rests with the golfers (and others) to put a product on the field that demonstrates excellence and civilized behavior. I don't hear people extolling the LPGA often these days, so maybe the lack of due consideration to fans is part of the reasons the LPGA is not growing that well. While I enjoy admiring attractive ladies as much as the next ignorant male, I don't buy the "sexy" image being promoted. Sorry.

(2) Generalizations that are critical in content alays, without fail, raise a howl of protest and often tell us more aout the speaker than the issue at hand. Everyone in the world is different and every culture in the world has its ways and subtleties. Before people spout off and sulk and have tantrums in public about an unfamiliar culture or starnger, how about trying a quiet pleasant word in the ear of that person? It as quite unpleasant when the 13-year old girl and her father caddy were partly ostracized in the media during the year. She seemed a real nice person to me as did her proud father. Hey, if I went on the tour I would mess up, believe me. I would also appreciate a few tips and quiet words by my experienced partner rather than the grumps and public tantrums. So grow up please and remember it is the DUTY of the establishment to welcome new blood into the group.

Ghandi said it better than most (I paraphrase) "before I take on sensitive issues I make a point of building a relationship". This can be done through polite talk about family and achievements and hopes for the future. AFTER the parties understand their common ground THEN talk about the issues.

(3) Credentials: I always liked watching Jan Stephenson play, one reason beng her competitiveness. I can't recall her ever being an expert on manners, customs, good behavior, and communications. Now I know she is no expert!!

John McCrossan, Vancouver, Canada

Truth in the message

I have to disagree with you. While she might have been insensative she was also correct. I think we have gotten too correct anymore. Why is she such a bad person for speaking the truth when it is okay for a person who speaks english to talk in a different language in front of a person who only speaks English? Why is that player not punished? Why is that person not have articles written about them for being wrong?

George Gallo, via email

Man with a plan

I think we have a plan. First we get rid of all the Asians on the LPGA tour because they don't have enough sparkle to promote the tour. Next, I guess we have to dump the gays because a lot of viewers can't get behind the tour with so many of them on the circuit. There should also be a weight restriction, because, after all, it's all about ratings and who wants to see excellence if it's twenty pounds overweight?

Eventually, we'll end up with the HPGA (H stands for Hooters). Hideki Matsui is not ruining the appeal of Yankees baseball because real sports fans just want to see the best of the best go at it. To ask for anything less is demeaning to the athletes and their sport, whether it's baseball, golf or luge.

Brian Mondschein, Kutztown University

Freedom of expression

I'm not sure i agree w/Jan Stephenson, but I do believe that people should be able to talk freely about their opinions & experiences w/o being labelled as racist or other negative terms. Dialogue can only truly happen when people feel free to be honest publicly. People feel free around the world to bash Americans w/o these types of consequences.

It seems that we have almost gotten to the point of censorship regarding honest opinions because the consequences can wreck a career. I think this is just another way that the press has been irresponsible and this is also why we get such watered-down "dialogue."

Nancy King, via email

Meeting with resistance

In regards to Stephenson's remarks, I could not agree more. I belong to a Private Country Club where competition and friendship are normal. Unfortunately, the Asian members do not want to be a part of the club competitions or social events. It is like two seperate clubs with one group being very active in the club and the Asians refuse to be a part of that. We have tried to change that but were met with resistance. Out of 150 Asian members 6-10 are involved in the Clubs activities. Very sad.

Brian Baumgardner, via email

The truth hurts

Ty Votow had a meeting recently with the Asian golfers, and the very subject was what Jan Stephenson spoke about in her Golf Magazine interview. That doesn't excuse her tasteless public comments, but what she said was absolutely true.

By the way, you should have been just as vociferous in decrying the "Year of the Woman" on the PGA Tour as you were in challenging Stephenson. There is a very large majority of male golfers in America who think that the ridiculous double standard embraced by the LPGA Tour with regard to the "female at birth" standard in their bylaws. The women want it both ways: they want to invade the men's tours, but refuse to allow men on their tour.

My point is not that men should be allowed on the LPGA Tour. It would be a waste of time. However, it is ridiculous for highly unqualified women to be playing the men's tours (PGA, LPGA, Champions). They have no chance of competing, and they create a ridiculous sideshow in the process.

Ron Garland, Golf Nuts Society

Double standard

Mr. Carey, I feel you are the one that is off base. How can you fault someone for stating the truth, at least as they see it,. Why does she (Jan) and people like Fuzzy, get all the heat, when people like Dusty Baker, Reggie White, Jesse Jackson can say any thing they like and no one says anything about it. How can you fault her when even Stevie Wonder could see that she is right, maybe she should be the head of the LPGA. What ever happened to freedom of speech for white people. I guess telling the truth makes you a racists. Thank you.

Edward Heck, via email

New rules for the LPGA

If Asian players are not good for the golf and if English is official language for players, why doesn't Jan Stephenson push for such a rule to be on the rule books so every body whom wanting to play in LPGA tour understand that non-English speaking players will be penalized with 2 strokes. Please Jan Stephenson, what is your agenda? Really, you need to come out of hiding (coward), your playing time is over and yet what is your real goal? Trying to rally for racism to flower in the Gentle game of Golf, so you could somehow benefit from your attention-getting comments?

Sam Cantinas, via email

Can't we all just get along?

Stephenson's comments can be deemed racist. She should try to understand that people from diversified background and region do not react like what she think people should react. Asian generally are more conservative and quiet, unlike American or European who are generally "loud" and open.

I cannot believe some of the comments posted here. I found them very dumb, rubbish, and being racist. If you cannot play golf as you wish anymore, just retire or get lost. Stephenson chose the most idiotic way to get attention; this is an example of an average tour player past her prime trying to garner some more press attention. If she is or was a pro golfer, she must acknowledge that golfers can come from different ethnics or background.

I cannot wait to see Stephenson being totally humiliated by Asian players on tour. It is a professional sport event, not a Wrestling Show where personality takes top spot.

Some of these Asian Golfers may be struggling with their English and understandably they may not be able to be quite sociable as language is a barrier. But it appears they're working hard on it. Pak Se Ri has improved in her English quite recently. BTW, some Europeans Golfers should polished up their English, too. Stephenson's comments was biased and regrettable.

Chang Sunway, via email

Unbecoming behavior

I am against her unbecoming behaviour also. You chose what you say. So her personal opinion on Asian players not fit to play on Tour just because they do not speak or emotionless during competition is down right ridiculous. If she is mature enough, these comments could have been saved for her husband in their family backyard or behind her bedroom door.

I strongly believe she could have been a neglected one herself so she sought to voice her mind off whenever she has the chance. How do you like hearing Asian replying to her: "Well, we don't talk much to Americans because we do not like fat persons and they are rude and noisy and totally self-centered beings. Altogether, just a rubbish race.

Jackie Valiant Syed, via email

Freedom of speech

It doesn't matter to me if Jan Stephenson is right or not. I just don't see why it benefits her (or any other Sports Professional, for that matter) to pop-off like that. Escpecially when you know beofre you say something that it will be looked upon as a negative comment from MOST. There is NO gain for her by making those comments. Yes, you could say that we all have "Freedom of Speech" but listen to what you are saying whenever you bring a 'Group' of people down and consider that your comments are only hurting yourself when it is all said and done!

Craig Johnson, via email

Se Ri Pak is so boring

Women's golf is boring. It has nothing to do with how far they hit the ball. It has everything to do with drama. The LPGA lacks drama. The best thing about the Ladies U.S. open was watch whatever her name was rise from nowhere to win. She jumped around and I was actually interested. Watching Se Ri Pak nod when she hits a very good shot or any other just smile and do the golf wave, is not going to draw fans.

Face it, women's sports as a whole don't attract men. Men are largest target audience for sports. Men like men to see men go after it, and they like women to look good. Call it sexist, but its the way it is. To try to change man kind to fit to accommodate the women's rights advocates is a waste of everyone's time.

Gary Byrd, via email

Maturity and professionalism

How absurd is it that in tennis there is a mandatory press conference after matches yet their is no accountability for Golfers after a round? I agree her comments were misdirected but their is a definate underlying issue with standards. Furthermore, my sister who plays for Cal State Long Beach would never join the tour without giving the amateur side of golf a real shake.

It is not a child's game, so for god's sake don't let golfers play on any tour until they are legally allowed to celebrate their spoils in the clubhouse bar! Go back to school Michelle Wie and try to beat your fellow amateurs to prove how professional you can be.

Troy Wilkinson, Laguna Whitsundays Resort

Simply stating the obvious

I read Jan's article and she's right. These Asian players can easily be replaced by a robot. They lend nothing to the tour because TV is all about personalities and excitement. These gals play golf like slabs of concrete. Sorry, but this is not a PC issue this is about the survival of the tour and if you don't think TV and sponsorship money is not important then you've got your head in the sand.

Too many sportswriters think they are the guardian at the gate for the PC folks. Sorry, but your views are to political for my taste. Jan simply stated the obvious these Asian players can bore a viewer to tears. Lose the viewer, and say goodbye to the tour.

Charlie Piazza, via email

More opinions

Sorry but I feel Jan Stephenson is right. The LPGA is an American tour. They should have the right to limit the percentage of international players.
Janet Moore, via email

I totally agree with Jan Stephenson, although I do enjoy watching excellent golf.
Frank Lisk, via email

Jan hit it on the head. Asians are taking the LPGA tour down. They do not relate to the fans which eventually will go away as I did..
Nick, via email

It is time for Jan Stephenson to get lost. And I cannot believe some of the comments posted here. I found them very dumb, rubbish, and being racist. If you cannot play golf as you wish anymore, just get lost. Jan, you chose the most idiotic way to get attention. Nice try. I cannot wait to see you being totally humiliated by Asian players on tour. It is a professional sport event, not WWE.
Scott Hamilton, via email

Jan is an example of average tour player past her prime trying to garner some press ink. If she is or was a pro golfer, she must acknowledge that golfers can come from different backgrounds.
Khokan Mitra, Dynamic Coatings, Inc.

She's entitled to her opinion....there are bigger issues facing this country...the breakdown of the institution of marriage (a man and a wife), our families breaking apart, taking away "One Nation Under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance. We should be praying for our President and leave the small petty stuff out of the headlines!
Marilyn K. Cummings, via email

Jan just told the truth. Are we so racially divided that we cannot do this? The fact that this has become an issue proves failure is certain. Ignorance is always alleged but true ignorance is ignoring the truth of a matter. Jan didn't.
Lawrence Klotz, via email

Does the 1st Ammendment mean anything to anybody. I am sick and tired of all of the Politically Correct Police. I am now retired and am very happy that I can say what I want, without worrying about getting disciplined for saying something that might hurt somebody's feelings or offend them. The PC Police should go to hell.
R.Gleaton, via email

Whether you agree or not you both have a right to your opinions, so shut up about Jan Stephenson.
Clyde, via email

It's refreshing to hear someone speak from the heart - even its not PC. I'm neither pro or con on the Asian golfers. But have to agree with Jan. Wathching the Asians is "boring." Wouldn't it be PC for the foreigners, who are taking American sponsor money, to at least make an attempt to speak "the language of the tour" and act interested in what they are doing?
Brad Jensen, via email

I respect Jan very much and perhaps her comments were misguided but she does have a right to say what she thinks. If anything, the LPGA could use some controversy and a wake up call before they are left out in the cold. Grouping all the wonderful players from the Asian countries is not how I would have stated it, but there is some truth to Jan's statements. Now let's finish the rest of the story and get on with the game.
Dave Daubert, via email

Let's face the real facts. The LPGA is a minor player in the professional golf world. There is only 1 star, Annika Sorenstam. Why else would the media be obsessed with promoting women playing with the men. The Solheim Cup event was not even watched by the Golfing Public. The LPGA is almost gone.
Del Foster, via email

If Jan Stephenson feels what she said is true, she is simply not putting any spin on the subject. A person of color can say damn near anything and catch no grief, but don't ever let a white person say what is on their mind. Enough already. If she's right or wrong, it's her choice to say what she believes to be the truth.
John McGonigal, via email

All people who speak the truth are criticized today. hooray for Jan Stephenson. Get rid of the boors who think the world owes them a living. No telling how many victories Jan would have if she hadn't been mugged by a good for nothing, too lazy to work, criminal. She and Nancy have done more for golf than the dykes and Asians, by far.
Ron Fogarty, via email

I'm getting tired of listening to all you geniuses pop off about what Jan said. My god, can't anyone say anything without being raked over the coals. You of course, and the golf grates at the Golf Channel have never made any stupid comments, eh? Why don't you and the rest of the dogs just bury the bone and go on to something more informative.
John Rogers, via email

It aggravates me beyond my ability to express it that an individual can no longer express an opinion without being attacked and vilified. It is her opinion; nothing more, nothing less. Oh, and by the way, she happens to be right!
Jim Dunkle, via email

I agree with your comments about Jan Stephenson's remarks about Asian players. She is just plain, very, very dumb person. I think she meant tha the Asian players killed "her chance of winning." She should be banned from the tour because she is a bad distraction for the players and the audience.
Edward H. Suh, via email

It is amazing to me that these supremacist views still manifest themselves publicly. Jan Stephenson let out some of her idiocy. How can she imply that Asian players are hurting the game? Are Swedish players hurting the game? I think not. True fans like good competition, and a diverse field helps to make that possible. Some people are better off mute.
G. Luke, via email

Any opinions expressed above are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of the management.

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  • Lpga

    Ross sciara wrote on: Apr 15, 2017

    This is the LPGA tour of America not the Korean tour of America I'm not being prejudice I just think there would be more interest if we limited foreign countries to between five and 10 players from each country it's disappointing because they obviously come here because the purses are much bigger ----there are over 8000 female college offers in the United States why can't we come out with 50 or 60 girls a year who can't compete on the American tour doesn't make any sense


  • lpga and asains

    john johns wrote on: Jun 29, 2015

    take an american poll, then you will see how they feel.


      • RE: lpga and asians

        Enid Aaron wrote on: Jul 9, 2016

        Just look at the difference in prize money between LPGA/PGA tours. It's rediculous! Obviously the LPGA tour is not attracting enough sponsors or fans. Why is that? Well, the last time I attended an LPGA tour event, I could not tell enoough of the ladies apart except for the few obvious stars. I've attended many PGA tour events and that isn't a problem. Guess why? I'm not being a biased Canadian but the LPGA needs more players like Brooke Henderson and people will again watch. She has it all. And yes, the pro-ams are important. The players need to relate.
        Playing in on of those was the higlite of my duffer amateur career back in 1997. The same work ethic that makes the Koreans such great players, also kills their spirit. I'm confused as to what to now actually call the LPGA tour!


  • LPGA two piece rule

    Jack wrote on: May 19, 2014

    Want ratings and sell beer- do you know what women's beach volleyball did to get their ratings up? Mandatory two piece swimsuits.
    Is that what the LPGA should do?


  • Asians on LPGA

    Joe wrote on: Apr 25, 2014

    Maybe they should base membership on tour based on residence and number of events played. Either way, I don't watch it. So many Asians will even make me watch it NEVER. I have nothing in common with them and can't identify with their culture. As ad dollars go down, the LPGA will have to do something. But either way, who really cares.


  • Jan Stephenson's comment

    Joe wrote on: Apr 25, 2014

    Right or wrong. The amount of Asian women on the LPGA Tour gives me even more reason NOT to watch. As ad dollars go down and ratings go down the LPGA will have to do something.
    Better than


      • RE: Jan Stephenson's comment

        tiger Kins wrote on: Apr 17, 2015

        Golf is inherently a boring sport to watch, regardless of who is playing and who is not playing. Players spend too much time to address, recheck the lie and readdress before putting and swinging. In addition, golf manners, in general among LPGA players (particularly Paul Creamer), have declined.
        People have finally began to realize the truth.
        A prolonged drop in the TV ratings was something predictable.


  • Asiajns and the LPGA

    Scooter wrote on: Nov 25, 2013

    We, as viewers of professional golf, are asked to support our countries in many different ways. I want an American to win most of the tournaments I watch. I don't care if they are white/black/Asian/white Hispanic it makes no difference. I'm not going to cry about it but I sure wish some American women could improve their games to keep women from other countries sliding in and taking all the tournaments. I don't dislike other countries, just proud of mine.


  • Funny

    Joe wrote on: Sep 10, 2012

    Watching white people try to justify their deeply entrenched racism is hilarious. They'll literally come up with as many half-baked explanations as possible in hopes that one of their excuses sounds plausible enough.


      • RE: Funny

        Joe wrote on: Sep 20, 2012

        Its funny how just because we are white and speak our mind we are racist thats whats really funny... What else is funny is that the rest of you sheeple cant understand the 1st ammendment... I think ignorant fans like you and the like are ruining the LPGA not the comments of one of its players.


  • Jan Stephenson omments

    Swiftshot wrote on: Jul 8, 2012

    Had not seen nor heard about these talked about comments. I was just watching The LPGA Open and wondered about the Asian dominance. Having read the comments I see the Game of Golf and the LPGA used interchangeably. My wife asked why the LPGA wasn't a bigger deal. I explained that it was about BUSINESS! Interaction with fans, personality, big money corporate endorsements TV commericals, and sponsorships and all these thing are about personality. Lack of personality is hurting the LPGA but not the game of golf. The LPGA is a business! Golf is a game!


  • LPGA

    Randall El wrote on: Jun 30, 2012

    Part of the reason for the failure of the LPGA, as I have noticed for several years, is the manner in which the announcers do the play by play. The women golfers aren't chastised at all for many stupid errors or bad choices of stragety (such as laying up a shot near the end of a match) verses the men's tour. The women are paid professionals, quit treating them differantly than the men's tour.


  • lpga

    rik wrote on: Apr 2, 2012

    who really cares about the lpga asian tour? no one? they will lose sponsors it is given. you see the lpga advertising it's all the US girls but it's the asian's who are winning which no one cares about.


  • She was right

    The Nak wrote on: Apr 1, 2012

    I guess Jan was right after all the Asian's have taken over the LPGA tour.


      • RE: She was right

        Rayray wrote on: Jul 1, 2013

        I guess we could look at this a couple different ways,BUT what i see on TV is domination of South Korean woman.I think there should be a limit of asian players or unfortunatly the LPGA will lose a big part of their viewers, therefore popularity will decline.More and more asain woman are coming here to compete.


  • asian women players

    jim brown wrote on: Feb 20, 2011

    I have been a follower of the women tour for quite some time, but of late I am being turned off more and more by the Asian women. There is never a smile or a look of happiness. In the interviews the comments and looks remind me of the Sphinx. I know it is said that this is their personality and nature, but I do not buy this crap. You are in America, you can smile and be personable.


  • LPGA

    Hide Takahashi wrote on: Jul 11, 2010

    Stop being politically correct! In this country,speaking your mind takes some courage and sometimes it puts you in truble. But lest's face it,major sponsors don't want to see Korean-invaded tour nor majority of fans and viewers. It's all matter of a right mix of ethnic group. And I'm a male and I want to see a pretty player(s) on the course,someone who can show her great play and her elegance. Korean players can play very well but they are not plasure to my eyes at all. I talked to my neighbors about it and they all agreed with me.
    LPGA is in a big trouble. If this Korean invasion continues,someday,they may loose all sponsors.
    But what can you do?
    This is a situation like dumb-if-you-do or dumb-if-you-don't.


  • Jan Stephenson

    Greg Ralph wrote on: Feb 1, 2008

    I entirely agree with all those who have responded to this issue by challenging the media and others for playing the 'Race card'! Jan Stephenson, like all past champions is more entitled to make comment on the state of Women's professional golf than any journalist or administrator. To coin a variation to the old saying "those who can -'do' those who can't, write about it and cristicise". I have no doubt that she was not, in any way, slighting the Asian race. She was absolutely correct though - people who watch any sport expect the highly rewarded participants to be able to demonstrate their personality when being interviewed. When a young champion -Seve Ballesterios could not even speak English ( although he soon corrected this) but his personality shone through and he quickly won fans because they recognised his genius, a future Master of the game and a striking individual full of fun and mischief. 'Good on yer' Jan Stephenson, please pay no attention to the feminists or the people who are racially obsessed and continue to encourage all professional golfers, whatever their nationality, to learn to promote them selves as well as the game. Those of us who spectate expect a degree of animation from golfers being interviewed for our benefit.


  • LPGA

    Adrian wrote on: Nov 8, 2007

    Jan Stephenson is right - I personally would rather watch Paula Creamer than any Asian player, even if she was not in the running. She is a good player, is classy looking, can express her joy or disappointment with her shot and can communicate with the spectators. We need more Paulas and less boring Asians.
    For those that think that Jan was a mediocre player I bet she would have taken money off you when she was on the circuit.


      • RE: LPGA

        tiger Kins wrote on: Apr 17, 2015

        What turns me off LPGA is some noticeable inappropriate manners of some well-known players. One of the names is Paula Creamer. Too often she began to move when her competitors were putting. Obviously she wanted to better watch how the ball breaks from a better angle. Her behavior is obviously disturbing to her competitor and insightful to TV audience.


      • RE: LPGA

        Emily wrote on: Sep 24, 2008

        I am totally offended by Jan Stephenson’s comments and yours(and I’m not even Asian). She is a complete racist and idiot. The person who wrote the first comment supporting Jan and noting that Jan’s comments were referring to the marketing of the sport is not correct. I read the golf article where Jan made those very disgusting comments, and she made it very clear that she feels the LGPA authorities should levy a quota system limiting the number of “Asians” in the tour.
        Obviously, she isn’t an advocate of a meritocracy - she seems to be in the dark ages by promoting the idea women’s golf should market sexuality…she is so ignorant. Also, I know personally many of the Korean players do talk to the crowds when they are in Korea where they can actually communicate with them. They simply are not comfortable speaking English…I don’t see her trying to speak another language when in other non-English speaking countries or getting money from non-American corporations (which happen to be multi-national companies, whose stock holders are from a diverse background)…
        I have lost all respect for Jan and I really think she needs a mega-dose of diversity training and exposure to other cultures…she’s such a has been…I bet the next thing she’s say is that the government should put a quota on the number of interracial marriages…she just comes across as a jealous, old hag…


          • RE: RE: LPGA

            Emily wrote on: Feb 9, 2017

            noone wants to see a bunch of fat ugly asians do anything.


          • RE: RE: LPGA

            Bill The LONG par 5 guy wrote on: Aug 21, 2014

            Hey person who knows nothing but pretends to know all...You are in the minority on this issue, and you can squawk and flap your gums all you like, but when it comes down to it nobody wants to watch a robot, ugly asian chick dominate the US tour PERIOD. Get out of the politically correct sheep state you are in and have some damn pride.


  • Asians

    Bob wrote on: Jul 31, 2007

    Don't worry about the Asians....the whole LPGA sucks. Asians will just speed the demise a bit.


  • Maybe not what we want to hear but.....

    Jessica Lipz wrote on: Jul 24, 2007

    I have a comment, and try to not take this as a xenophobic remark. I am just going to relate what I have witnessed. My husband and our friends all watch golf, PGA, LPGA, and Seniors. Without a doubt, the guys enjoy women's golf, but they lose interest so fast when the final two, or four, or three of the four, groups in the final round, are mostly Korean, due to their, and I quote,"lack of a personality". Who really cares if Seon Hwa Lee wins or not, we don't know her, and the absent emotions leave the TV audience begging for something more. So, it ends up that the announcers "fill", and that just makes it more obvious and worse. Many of the players do not speak English, so who knows what is going on. All I can say is give me Sergio Garcia ANYDAY over the calm, somewhat cold, and bland personalities of the Koreans on the LPGA tour. They are great golfers for sure, to be on the tour, but Jan Stephenson said, not nicely I guess, but kind of right on. "They are killing the LPGA tour's excitement". Give us more Kerr, Creamer, Inkster, Davies and Pressel. Not racist, just a viewers choice. But what can be done? Limit the number on tour? Tell us. If the LPGA isn't careful, they are going to lost their momentum, and that would be a shame.


      • RE: Maybe not what we want to hear but.....

        joe wrote on: Sep 20, 2012

        To the three others that replied to Jessica's comment... What part of this comment actually makes her a racist... The made a well informed argument from a personal experience... which is more than the three of you did... I agree... with her and jan. LPGA needs personality... I dont care what nationality they are, it just so happens that the players with personality are Americans. Hell I love Michelle Wie and she is of Asian decent but she also has a personality. And furthermore paula, natalie and michelle can probably drive, strike and putt circles around all three of you.


      • RE: Maybe not what we want to hear but.....

        hello wrote on: Jul 17, 2009

        Ifeel ashamed to be a fellow human being with people like yourself.


          • RE: RE: Maybe not what we want to hear but.....

            Fredd wrote on: Jan 19, 2012

            She is now old and wrinkeiy what she says dosen't matter her looks are long gone


      • RE: Maybe not what we want to hear but.....

        Emily wrote on: Sep 24, 2008

        You realise you are a racist...get a life...you are simply jealous that the A
        Asian players have talent...


  • Jan Stephenson

    Nicki wrote on: Jun 16, 2007

    Jan Stephenson is right. Golfers are entertainers as well as athletes. I never missed a tournament within a reasonable distance when she was playing in the 80's. She knows public relations and marketing and she knows those of us who played in pro ams paid a lot of money to do that; we expected the players to be friendly and they were and it was fun. Had it not been for the mugging she would have played much longer than she did. Like Michelle McGann, she played well and she looks good and both are a pleasure to watch.


      • RE: Jan Stephenson

        Emily wrote on: Sep 24, 2008

        Golfers are not entertainers - they are athletes...
        Golf is a sport - not a movie.
        Watching a great shot from any player (regardless if they are quiet or not) is entertaining...
        You sound totally repressed and totally jealous...
        Obviously you feel threaten by the Asian players to generalize so much...
        I'm really quite disgusted and worried about these extremely racist comments...I'm very embarrassed by these comments since I am a white person...
        No wonder whites people are being perceived more and more as racist and insecure with who we are...why should anyone be judged by their appearance and race...
        I know of many Asian players who show emotion and I know many white players who don't...


          • RE: RE: Jan Stephenson

            Jon Kite wrote on: Jun 27, 2009

            Emily....you are so off base. We MEN appreciate a great golf shot. But as a golfer and a MAN I would much prefer to see that great swing or shot from an attractive golfer rather then some of the girls/women on the LPGA Tour today. Many of the Asian women are attractive and I for one enjoy watching them. Give me the Anika Sorenstams', Julie Inksters' and I'm a happy golfer. The Gulbis' and the Creamers' will attract the majority of male golfers and thats OK. The problem as I see it is that there is desire by most of the "White" audiance to see MORE (other than asian) "White" golfers perform better. We are "Afraid" the LPGA Tour is being taken over by the "Asian" Golfers and if that happens GOODBY to the TV watchers. JUST my opinion. And by the way, I don't believe your "White". Jon Kite


              • RE: RE: RE: Jan Stephenson

                Hawk wrote on: Feb 24, 2013

                Sorry to say , i think Ms. Stephenson is correct. " Asians are "killing" the women's tour " is a correct statement. Look at the attendance they are drawing. It looks like a high school tourn. I never heard a racist NFL , NBA , MLB or tennis comment from anyone about all the African Americans or Hispanic player that dominated all those sports. People who watch sports on TV can't get enough of those sporting events. Why do you think that is? Maybe Ms. Stephenson is correct and it's just too hard for some people to admit it. It doesn't make anyone a racist ; it's just their opinion. Where does it say we have to like what we don't like. Think about it!!


                  • RE: RE: RE: RE: Jan Stephenson

                    Tiger Kins wrote on: Apr 17, 2015

                    Golf, regardless of women's golf, men's golf, champions' golf, has gone downhill for a number of years. Too many golf courses are close to empty on the weekdays.
                    There are multiple reasons for the sad trend. One of the biggest reasons, I believe, is the internet and smartphone. Many people find it is many times more joyful to surf the web, watch movies and play a game online than to hit a golf ball in near constant frustration. Golf has crossed the bridge of no return. The gold old days are gone forever. It is ridiculous and short-sighted to blame the decline of women's golf on Asian players.


                  • RE: RE: RE: RE: Jan Stephenson

                    adam wrote on: Apr 2, 2013

                    Is it maybe that there is envy jealousy because the Asian girls are kicking butt? Isn't Yani #1? Jealous. Isn't Stephenson from Australia? That heavy British accent. No one complained about that. She was somehwhat cute, but what was her majors record? I like looking at the Asian girls and any cultures on the tour. That is what America is to be about, multi-culture. I really don't care what any of the golfers have to say, just put on a good exhibition. Just watch the game and pick up some pointers and stop worring about all of the politics, it is a sport/competition.


                      • RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Jan Stephenson

                        Larry wrote on: May 9, 2013

                        I hardly ever miss looking at the LPGA when it is being broadcasted. I really enjoy looking at these very talented women, regardless who they are. If our American women show less glamour and more skills on the golf course, just maybe they would succeed more often.We know the real reason for not appreciating the Asian golfers,it has has nothing to do with the language barrier,but what has plagued this country when dealing with a different race of people.


                          • RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Jan Stephenson

                            Robert gray wrote on: Apr 3, 2016

                            I'm an life time golfer but I stopped watching the LPGA tours, too many Asians. Taking over the American tv of golf. Sad.


                              • RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Jan Stephenson

                                Rayray wrote on: Apr 16, 2016

                                We have stopped within the LPGA golf, there are just way too many Koreans on the field. We have been watching LPGA since it started and it has really changed. And for the worst, soon alt of American people will,stop,watching plain and simple.


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