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Golf and the frequent flyer

For the past few years, Southwest Airlines has been my first choice whenever I've needed a flight for a golf weekend planned at the last minute. Based in Dallas, Southwest has long been the best low-fare airline around, in my mind. And its frequent flyer program has been equally impressive, offering a free flight after four roundtrips booked through their Web site.

All that changes January 1, however. After six years, Southwest has decided to stop giving double credit for booking online, meaning it'll take eight roundtrips to earn that free flight. Still not a bad deal, but it'll take time to get used to the change. While I consider other options, I'm wondering what our readers think is the best airline. From service to frequent flyer programs, let us know the best in the air and we'll print a few selected responses here.

A vote for Pan Am

The best airline for golfers? Undoubtedly, it's the newly resurrected Pan Am. They fly into Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and many other prime golf hotspots. And to make it even better, their planes have enough legroom for even tall people like me to be totally comfortable. Other airlines could learn a lot from their service ethic, too. To me, they're the best airline around.

David DeSmith, via email

Cross Delta off this list

I can't tell you what the best is, but I can sure tell you what the worst is: Delta! 5 out of my last six trips to Myrtle, they have lost my golf clubs going there. I found out afterwards that Comcast doesn't have the room in their smaller jets from Atlanta, so they can't pack them. They stink!

Jim Falconer, via email

Southwest in MB?

I like Southwest Airlines as well but pre-9/11 there was talk of them going to Myrtle Beach area; is this going to ever happen? It would be great for all the golf guys trips.

Tom, via email

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  • Article in July 2009 Golf Magazine

    Harold Hashizume wrote on: Jun 13, 2009

    Sergio Garcia's article "Hit It Solid Every Time" improved my ball striking the very first time I applied his advice. I have a comment on panel #2 on page 96 where it demonstrates the natural rotation ("gentle rolling of your forearms")of a wedge on the takeaway. It states that "...you're doing it correctly if the logo on the back of your club points our in front of you, not toward the sky". Should it not read "...the logo on the glove on the back of your left hand points out in front of you and not toward the sky"? This confused me because the logo on the club faces behind the golfer when rotated gently and if the club were over rotated, the logo would be facing the ground. Thank You for your time.