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Myrtle Beach sports bars: Blow off steam after your golf round

By Randall Ingles,
Stool Pigeons - Myrtle Beach
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Stool Pigeons at Broadway at the Beach is one of the best spots in Myrtle Beach to watch the game after your round. (Brandon Tucker/WorldGolf.com)

With more than 100 courses, golf in Myrtle Beach is a full-blown passion. And after a long day on the course, what better way to unwind than by finding a nearby watering hole to enjoy a round of beer.

It's a rough job, but we've scoured the Grand Strand from north to south in an effort to find Myrtle Beach golfers' favorite sports bars. We looked for the restaurants with decent food, great beer, an enjoyable atmosphere and, above all, enough sports on the tube to make your head spin.

Overtime Sports Café (North Myrtle Beach, 1409 Highway 17 S.) - Overtime is one of Myrtle Beach's largest sports bars. The only thing that outnumbers the TV sets is the massive amount of sports memorabilia that adorns the walls. With approximately 150 TVs and a subscription to all of the major sports packages, there are few games you won't be able to find.

The food at Overtime is what you would expect from a sports bar as most of the items are deep-fried but there are plenty of salads and grilled items for those of you wanting to keep the waistline in check. A true sports bar, the atmosphere can get a bit rowdy. A nice touch is the individual sound-box you can request for your table, enabling you to listen to your game even if it is not the featured event.

Oscar's (North Myrtle Beach, 4101 Highway 17 S.) - Oscar's provides a family-friendly environment with an excellent menu headlined by a righteous hamburger. During football season, Oscar's serves as a Pittsburgh Steelers bar, which is evident by the restaurant's blaring black and gold color scheme. If you're not a Steelers fan, you may want to consider another bar when they're playing. Otherwise, you'll find a casual sports bar with more than 96 TVs that offer a wide variety of action. Bathrooms are equipped with strategically placed TVs.

Stool Pigeons (Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach) - It would be hard not to recommend a bar that has TVs installed in every booth. Stool Pigeon's personal TVs keep the action close enough so that the only thing blocking your view may be a bottle of ketchup on your table. The bar also offers a wide selection of beers and an excellent menu serving up the usual wings, chips and burgers. If all of the televised sports action sparks your competitive side, Stool Pigeons has pool tables, darts and trivia. Stool Pigeons is not the largest bar we "researched," but it offers a relaxed atmosphere and has plenty to keep you entertained.

Remedies Bar & Grill (Myrtle Beach, 4803 Highway 17 Bypass S.) - From the outside, you might think you're entering one of the dodgier bars in town, but walk inside and it's a whole new ball game (pardon the pun). Recently remodeled, Remedies is truly one of Myrtle Beach's local secrets. You cannot turn in any direction without catching an awesome view of a game, or a match, or a round. Outgoing bartenders behind a fully stocked and affordable bar greet you as you enter and the oversized booths and tables each have a plasma TV.

In the newly added wing of the bar, four alcoves complete with plush couches, allow for gatherings that are more personal. The extra large plasma screens and scattered smaller screens complete the feeling of being in your own private living space. With 45 TVs and all major sports packages available, some of the meatiest wings in town, and an eclectic mix of brilliant local bands in the evenings, Remedies is worth a stop during any trip.

Murphy's Law (Garden City, 405 South Kings Highway) - Fortunately the Garden City-based sports bar, with an assortment of more than 15 beers on tap and 27 televisions, proves the exception to Murphy's law. This casual spot relishes in its role as sports bar as the walls are covered in pictures, apparel and other sports memorabilia. If you're golfing the south Strand, we highly recommend checking out Murphy's Law.

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Murphys's Law
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  • No Overtime

    Bar wrote on: Aug 13, 2010

    Overtime is awesome for Tv's, but atmosphere and even ordering food are horrible. If you do not mind having to order off of two menus, or how Ohio State should have won then this is your place. You must look at both food menus to be able to get chicken tenders as an app or even a club sandwich, which you must slice by the way. While you cut your oown sandwich or try to read the laminated menus, someone is yelling about how Ohio State is great, but keeps losing. Be prepared for no glass, only plastic, to drink your beverage and a library card to check out the menus.


  • South End Sports Bars

    Bil Spencer wrote on: Apr 23, 2008

    I own Spencer'z on the corner of 554 and business 17, and am surprised we get no mention. We are the only sports bar on the south end that gets EVERY major sporting event including Ultimate Fighting and Major Boxing matches.


      • RE: South End Sports Bars

        Peter L wrote on: Sep 24, 2011

        I am not a local but I do own a home in Murrells Inlet. I am a die hard NY Giants fan. I just drove by and I dont see Spencerz anymore. I now have to find a new spot to watch my Giant games. I will miss this place alot. Was friendly and a very fun bar. GOOD LUCK MR. SPENCER


      • RE: South End Sports Bars

        Steve wrote on: Jul 24, 2010

        I just came down with a group from NY and we actually decided to go to a few of the places mentioned in this site... The one guy was right about Spencers. The food was terrible, but it was the only place by Myrtle Beach Resorts we could find the Lesner UFC fight. Dagwoods was new since our last visit and was nice. The only thing was we didn't feel welcome there. We stood out and everyone looked at us like the out of towners we were. Then there was Remedies... We came down 2 years ago and have to admit I was against going back to Remedies... But, was I ever glad we did! Food was awesome, 100% restaurant quality! Drink prices were crazy cheap... $4 shots of Jager??? You kidding me? And the bar wasn't close to how it used to look. I litteraly had to do a double take to see if we were in the right bar. But the guy behind the bar said they just finished their remodeling 2 weeks ago. The outside gave us an indication it was upgraded since our last visit. But the inside sealed the deal! A must visit for every golfer everytime the go to the beach. Hands down the best place we went to. They had free food durring Happy Hour, $4 Apps, and my Beam and Ginger's were only $2 at HH... That's what I'm talkin about! It didn't hurt that it was a Yankees Bar too!!!!!


      • RE: South End Sports Bars

        brian wrote on: Jun 23, 2010

        Spencers IS a great place to go watch a game or hang out with some friends. There are only two things that in my opinion would make it better, brighten up the place and do a little landscaping on the outside. It took me a while to go in there just because it looks a bit rundown from the outside...


      • RE: South End Sports Bars

        Mike McGough wrote on: Jun 6, 2009

        In all due respect to your restaurant, I am a local that has visited you establishment a couple of times. I live closer to the new restaurant but have only been to the one located at 544. The reason your sports bar isn’t mentioned in this add is because although your food is cheep it taste awful. It is beyond typical bar food. The tables and chairs are uncomfortable to sit at an extended period of time; there is no atmosphere and is very unfriendly to those who hate smoke! It is dark and out dated compared to the restaurants you can go to catch a game like Liberty Tap Room, Tavern at the Forest, 5 o’clock somewhere, the new place at Market Commons, I could go on but wont… Admittedly not all of these are a true sports bar, but it is where you can catch the game eat good food be surrounded by good people in an upbeat updated environment.


  • Myrtle Beach Sports Bars

    mundymorninggolfer wrote on: Mar 29, 2007

    Why did leave out the "joint" in the South end of the Beach? You must never had gone below "Restaurant Row" in your search. Or did you search? Or were you "pointed in the right direction based on your paid advertisers"? Come South . . . enjoy the places there and THEN . . . write an article about "Myrtle Beach sports Bars". Most of the places you wrote about aren't even in Myrtle Beach. Get a life and spend some real time here to see what the "are" offers.


      • RE: Myrtle Beach Sports Bars

        all4england wrote on: Apr 9, 2007

        Munday - I've lived here for 20 years and never heard of "the joint", other thn the ones I knew in my college days! Stoolies and Remedies are in MB and Murphy's is in Garden City - how long have you lived here?


          • RE: RE: Myrtle Beach Sports Bars

            golfnutty wrote on: Sep 5, 2007

            South End- Spencers #1 (Surfside)
            Dagwood's #2 (Surfside)
            Jimmigans #3 (Murrells Inlet)
            Beef O'Brady #4 (Surfside)
            Other honorable mention:
            Wild Wing Cafe (Garden City)
            Johnny's (Garden City)


              • RE: RE: RE: Myrtle Beach Sports Bars

                Bill Spencer wrote on: Jul 5, 2008

                Thanks for including Spencer'z in your list of best sports bars. By the way, Spencer'z South is opening in Murrells Inlet in the old Royal Oak building. Hope to see you there in August 2008.
                Bill Spencer


                  • RE: RE: RE: RE: Myrtle Beach Sports Bars

                    mike wrote on: Aug 4, 2008

                    Spencer'z is also my favorite, stop every year when I am in MB more then once! By the way, do you still have that friendly 'well endowed' bartender working for ya? She made it even a better place to be!


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