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Myrtle Beach gives travelers the golf holes of their dreams

By S. Adam Cardais,
Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links
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A view of the sunset at Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links, which has one of Myrtle Beach's best strategy holes in its No. 16. (Tim McDonald/WorldGolf.com)

Myrtle Beach has more than 100 golf courses, so it's pretty difficult to pick a golfer's dream nine Grand Strand golf holes.

But all that variety also means plenty of choice. Compromise was unnecessary on any of the selections, and in compiling this list we were pretty choosey.

Whether or not you ultimately agree with our choices, we believe the following list is filled with some of the best Myrtle Beach has to offer in terms of scenery, difficulty, and, in some cases, just sheer novelty.

Grand Strand's greatest holes

River's Edge Golf Club and Plantation, No. 9: This 570-yard par 5 is trouble no matter which way you slice it. Hit long off the tee and you wind up in the marsh. Hit short, and you'll have to lay up far right of the green. The sheer pleasure of playing Tidewater will hopefully numb some of the frustration.

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club, No. 13: Known as "Waterloo," No. 13 is the signature hole of The Dunes course, one of the most revered in Myrtle Beach, with Lake Singleton coming into play. It is a 590-yard par 5.

Tidewater Golf Club: It's hard to pick just one hole to highlight on this Myrtle Beach stand out, but No. 3 is a safe bet for the best on the course. The Sun News voted it the "Best par-3 on the Grand Strand." It has four big bunkers, a sloped, slanting green dropping off to the marsh on the Intracoastal water. The views are stunning.

Farmstead Golf Links, No. 18: In truth, this hole could be considered more of a nightmare than a dream. At 767 yards, this par-6 is one of the most daunting finishers in Myrtle Beach. Though the hole has been called a gimmick, it keeps the guests rolling in.

"It's a classic case of 'if you build it they will come,' and it works," Tim McDonald wrote in a review for MyrtleBeachGolf.com. "And usually, they come back for the rest of the course."

Heritage Club, No. 18: Trees line the fairways of this 530-yard par-5. The right side of the track is lined by water that nearly surrounds the green, leaving little room for error. Hit too short, and you're in the drink, too long, and you're in the drink.

Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links, No. 16: This hole is the first of what McDonald calls one of the best closing trios on the Grand Strand. It's a classic strategy hole, with a hill on the right and the fairway narrowing to a sliver on the left. Definitely keep your driver in the bag on this one or suffer the consequences.

Thistle Golf Club, No. 9: Water runs along the entire right side of the fairway at this 525-yard par 5. In your approach to the green, watch out for the large sand bunker on the front right.

Kings North at Myrtle Beach National, No. 3: This 365-yard par-4 is one of the most recognized holes on the Grand Strand. Long hitters might actually take a stab at going for the green off the tee, but don't make this decision lightly.

Pawleys Plantation, No. 13: This par-3 beauty is truly unforgettable.

"A slew of holes play right out into the coastal marshland, and the par 3, 13th, with its tee shot to an island green, has to be one of the most memorable holes in the entire Strand," Shane Sharp wrote in a story for MyrtleBeachGolf.com.

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