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Michelle Wie ponders her future golfing and oral commitments

William K. WolfrumBy William K. Wolfrum,
Michelle Wie
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Michelle Wie has serious issues about her mouth that need to be addressed in 2008. (Courtesy Patrick Micheletti)

One-time golf phenomena Michelle Wie has an important decision to make in 2008, and it has nothing to do with the golf course or the LPGA or PGA Tours. She needs to decide whether or not to have her wisdom teeth removed.

The procedure is painful, but most often provides good results. Wie has spent the last 72 hours huddled in conference with her parents and officials from Nike.

"We can admit that Michelle did not play her best golf in 2007, and that she doesn't command as much attention due to her lack of success," said Nike spokesman Francois Lefleur. "But we believe that these recurring issues with her wisdom teeth, along with the ongoing injury to one or both of her wrists, cost her seven or eight wins in 2007."

Swing coach David Leadbetter said Wie had tried to bulk up her swing to compete against men, and that that contributed to her dental issues.

"She was swinging so hard she knocked her teeth right out of alignment. It's the left one that's the real problem. Or the right one," said Leadbetter. "Either way, it's messed her all up. With her ability, she could win every event on every tour at any given day. If it weren't for these damned afflictions."

Wie's dentist refused to be interviewed, but a source close to the dentist's office said it should be a simple matter. "You know, she goes in, gets the teeth pulled, lays around the house for a couple days, and she's back," said the source. "This is Michelle Wie, however, because there could be complications."

According to Lafleur, the Wie family has not yet promised that they will fire the acting dentist mid surgery. "They are a close family, these are big decisions," said Lafleur.

In other news, Lafleur announced the new release of the "Michelle Wie Barbie Girl" collection, which should be hitting shelves before Valentines Day.

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  • Wie

    Julian wrote on: Jan 21, 2008

    Michelle Wie is really just all body, beauty and mostly Bogeys!


  • Wisdom Teeth

    Joe Cool wrote on: Jan 19, 2008

    Hopefully this article is "tongue in cheek" or we are in real trouble for 2008!


      • RE: Wisdom Teeth

        Butthead wrote on: Jan 20, 2008

        Heh heh ...... he said tongue.


          • RE: RE: Wisdom Teeth

            Sunny wrote on: Mar 29, 2010

            She lost all her wisdom when she signed on with McDonalds.