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Wie's comments on Sony Open exemption spark post-blog debate

By Staff
Michelle Wie
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Many readers were critical of Michelle Wie's response to her PGA Tour exemptions. (.)

WorldGolf.com readers charged into the debate over a recent blog by Dot Wong about Michelle Wie's PGA Sony Open exemption.

It will be the fourth consecutive Sony Open appearance for Wie, who has yet to win an LPGA event or make the cut at a men's tournament.

Here's what Wie, 17, said about receiving an exemption from her sponsor.

"I like exemptions. It's like somebody says, 'Here, you can have $100,' or I can work for $100," she said at a news conference. "I'm very thankful for Sony for believing in me."

Readers had a lot to say about this comment, some arguing it shows Wie doesn't have a strong work ethic, others saying she's just being honest. The common overall thread was one of skepticism, with readers acknowledging the talent of a young golfer who still has a long way to go to prove herself. Here's some of what they had to say.

Wie won't achieve much in the next 20 years

Fast-forward 20 years and this story will read just the same: "Wie will again try to make the cut in a PGA Tour event at the 2027 Sony Open. Organizers, citing increased revenue and interest in the 37-year-old native Hawaiian, issued their 24th consecutive exemption.

"Michelle missed the cut last year by 11 strokes, but commented, 'I really feel like my game is close. I was just a couple of bad breaks away from making it.' Wie, you will remember, missed the cut by just a single stroke 23 years ago, when she was hailed as the next big thing in golf.

"Wie's career wins include the Jennie K. Wilson Hawaii amateur title and the 2003 Women's Amateur Publinx. She has 211 top-five finishes on the LPGA tour but has yet to break through with a win.

"She has also attempted to qualify for the Masters and U.S. Open a combined 40 times, making it to the men's U.S. Open in 2023, firing a 102-113 to finish last by 57 shots.

"She has appeared on numerous reality television shows and is currently in talks with ABC to remake Who's The Boss, starring Michelle, her father and IMG management."

- Seve

Wie needs to pay her dues

Very unsettling that Michelle doesn't understand the importance of having a strong work ethic or the notion of paying your dues.

History has shown that all the talent in the world will be wasted in the end if you don't want it bad enough and are not willing to work for it. It's really quite sad, but I hold Sony, Nike, Omega and the rest of them partially responsible for Michelle's attitude.

How can she be expected to fight for what she wants when they are always handing it to her? I'm not surprised she has not won yet. ... Maybe the sponsors could just award her first place and mail her the trophy at home so she doesn't have to take the time to even show up.

- Livestrong

Hey, what's all the fuss about?

Hey, I'm not gonna condemn anyone who says, "Yeah, I realize it's easier to get an exemption than to qualify for the event." So what! It's the truth.

If that's the case, why is everyone so upset about Michelle taking an exemption from a "struggling male player"? When she gets invites to men's tournaments, everyone should condemn that struggling male player, saying you need to work for it, not be given an exemption, you don't have good work ethics, etc., etc.

Oh, and another thing. I'd say Michelle has an excellent work ethic. How do you guys think she's had such success in the LPGA? It's through practice, practice, practice since she was a young child.

Get real w/ your comments that Michelle doesn't know the importance of work ethic or isn't paying her dues. She's already proven it through her results.

Michelle was appropriately appreciative, yet she still realizes what an advantageous reward being given an exemption is. I mean, it's not like she hasn't tried to qualify for men's events before. For instance, as an amateur she tried to get into the Masters, and then later one of the other majors.

So she's gone about getting into men's events from both sides, through exemptions and qualifying. So once again, don't worry about her understanding of work ethic.

- Listen Up

Wie has talent but still needs to prove herself

I followed her stats playing against the men on the European Tour. Her drives were sub-250 and putting was poor. One of the men said her ball flight was quite low and, combined with being maybe two clubs shorter than the men, her ability to create birdie chances on the men's courses will be slim.

After trailing the field she said she was looking forward to returning to the U.S., where there are wider fairways, no doubt to bomb her drives to 280 - J.B Holmes will be quaking in his spikes!

Wie undoubtedly has talent but should now focus on carving out a career on the women's tour before the media grow tired and the exemptions dry up.

- Josh

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  • Michelle Wie

    Kenny E. wrote on: Aug 18, 2009

    Something is wrong with this picture! Any teenager with average golfing skills given the opportunities that Michelle Wie has had could do as well or better. Her sponsors and the golfing media will continue to promote her regardless of where she finishes each tournament. Will she ever be a golf superstar that has really earned the status, I say no! Will she win a tournament, yes eventually. Will she graduate from Stanford, only if daddy arranges it!


  • Michelle " One Excuse After Another " Wie

    Jack wrote on: Jan 14, 2007

    I was this, I was that , I was so close , When I get my game going, I will tear this course up .. On and on and on .... This loser is just one excuse after another .. She NEVER says that she is over matched " I had a really good day .. I was so close ... That 85 I shot was really not that bad ! Yikes what a delusional, poor , pathetic creature ... just as her legion of poor pathetic excuse making supporters . and now a 16 year old beats the cr*p out of her .. GO AWAY WIE !!!! NOW !!!!!!!


      • RE: Michelle

        Joe Cool wrote on: Jun 14, 2009

        It is now June 14, 2009 and Michelle's comments are still the same. She finished tied for 23rd at the LPGA Championship 14 strokes behind the winner and she thought she played very well. With 8 bogeys and 3 double bogeys, she thought that she just missed a "couple of shots" here and there.


      • RE: Michelle

        dereko'brien wrote on: Jul 24, 2007

        and so say all of us