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Readers sound off on Seve

By Staff

Seve Ballesteros was not a happy man after being disqualified from the Italian Open last weekend for refusing to accept a slow-play penalty. Apparently, he believes European Tour officials are against him because he once complained about how the tour is operated. Personally, it seems like Seve should keep his conspiracy theories to himself, but we'd like to hear what you think. Is Seve imagining things, or is there something to his story?

The European Tour players set their own time targets for tournaments, and Seve is on one of the committees dedicated to avoiding slow play. Seve is a great golfer, a great ambassador for the game and one who will be long remembered. In this case, however, he behaved like a Latin prima donna.

The rules are there for everyone, without favour. He should apologise and admit his mistake. I still admire him. It was that Latin tempermanent that also produces his genius.

Bob Henderson, Luxembourg (an exiled Scot!)

Seve is perhaps Europe's most charismatic golfer. He may have a point but he should not air the point that way. He is bigger than that and he should be considered the stateman of European golf. I am sure that golf fans worldwide were much saddened by his outburst.

Seve is the Arnie of Europe, he has lost credibility through this mess. A shame.

Andy Orr, via email

Seve has always been a whiner. He seems to have bred his breed of painfully slow play into the likes of Bernhard Langer and his fellow countryman, Mr Garcia. Their type of slow play should be banned from golf. When this brand of play pervades a public course, many many people are adversely affected. It does not take 3,4,5 minutes to decide which club to use, and then 15-20 grip re-adjustments before launching a shot. These are habits. Bad habits. They can and should be changed.

Al Malmquist, via email.

Seve should keep his mouth shut until his game gets back to what it was, or give up and retire gracefully.

Bill Quain, United Kingdom

He should quit crying and start playing faster,something needs to be done about slow play. The pros need to set an example for all golfers. Fines do not work as they make too much money to hurt them.

Keith Stell, via email

It seems to me that the slow play applies to all on the tour. The pros know the penalty before they start. Did he get a warning before he was disqualified? If not, then I think he has a case. Otherwise, he knows the rules.

Donald Morris, via email

Seve is imagining the conspiracy theory. He's in the waining years of his career, his skills are declining and he's having great difficulty adjusting to the fact. Many great professional athletes have horrible transitions from their days of greatness to their days of being mediocre. Seve is fighting his decline the only way he knows how.

Chris Walters, via email

He is a Spaniard...#1 and #2...he feels he is an icon and above the rules for the masses. Just my opinion of a man and his country and observing his behavour over the years.

Connie, TrendWest (via email)

As a European who has seen the rise and fall of Seve Ballesteros I find it sad that he has allowed his massive ego to cloud his judgement. Seve thrilled thousands with his heroics, magical shotmaking and sparkling personality. However, some of his career moves left us wondering about his sanity, particularly with regard to his choice of swing 'doctors'.

For several years now Seve has been a pebble in the shoe of the European Tour, both on and off the course and do not be surprised if he tries to mastermind a 'coup d'etat' at some stage in the future. I'm afraid the world knows something that Seve refuses to recognize, he has passed his 'sell-by' date!

Derek J. O'Neill, via email

If Seve was playing slow and was warned, he should be penalized! For him to think he is above the rules is ludicrous.

Michael Matz, via email

While I don't care either way whether Seve is right about the European Tour, I am opinionated about the fact that whenever you watch Tiger Woods play he not only takes forever to put- more than any other player I see, but he also takes time after the putt to practice on the greens. I can only imagine how much time he costs to the Tour...why don't we here anything about that?

Chelsie Johnson, via email

The problem is that Seve thinks that he is bigger than the Tour.

Bill Wells, via email

You've got to play to win. And if you play, you have to play by the rules.

Nancy, Acapulco Villa Rentals (via email)

Dear Mr. Carey: It is the right of every human to peacefully express whatever opinion they may have. In the same way that you express your opinions and get paid for it. I don't know Mr. Ballesteros nor the details of his being upset...but when you say that he should keep his opinions to himself, you threaten your own existence because that is same material that your position depends upon...I hope you take this in the light of just another opinion from all the way down Bangkok, that receives your excellent coverage of news snippets. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Bobbie Del Castillo, nutz4golf.com

Seve may be Europe's Fred Couples. His problems may have more to do with his commitment to golf than the tour.

L. Vlasman, via email

How unprofessional for a professional to not play by the rules. Since when are professioanls exempt from the rules? If I play as well as Ballesteros, can I then be unaccountable for my actions?

J.E.B. Butler, Golf Air, L.L.C.

Seve is an idiot. He thinks he is right and in truth nobody cares.

John Rogers, via email

With golf increasing in popularity, more people are desiring to play. Therefore, in an effort to speed up play, each player has a responsibility to keep up with their partners, and/or the group in front of them. Seve knows the rules. He needs to be more professional, and shed the schizophrenic fears.

Kris Harken, via email

I think he should keep up with the group in front of him. No excuses!

Ron Adams, via email

Seve is a whining wimp.

Tom Vickers, via email

Was he guilty or not? There has to be a guideline. Did he fall outside of the set times?

Tom Ferenc, via email

Seve is a crybaby; he needs to accept his game has gone south. Step aside and let someone play who could make a cut.

Sammy Truett, via email

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