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These great Holiday golf gifts won't disappoint duffers

By S. Adam Cardais,
Christmas Gifts
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From swing aids to great reads, there are of plenty of gift options for your golfing loved ones. (GolfPublisher.com)

During the long winter months between the end of one golf season and the beginning of another, even the most fanatic golfers lose touch with the game. But they don't have to.

This holiday season, help your golfing spouse, squeeze, kids or buddies stay primed for the upcoming season with a carefully selected gift. From the golfer who needs to hone his swing to the duffer who wants stay inspired by reading about the greats of the game, there are plenty of great options out there this Christmas.

Here are a few of the best.

For the golf geek

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07: Every golfer dreams of being Tiger; for most, this is as close as they'll get. PGA Tour 07 is arguably the most realistic golf video game ever made, down to the great character-creation function: You can hand-craft your own unique golfer, down to the smallest detail ($39.99).

P3ProSwing: The perfect gift for the golfer who needs to spend the off-season on swing work. Using strategically placed sensors, the P3ProSwing analyzes the entire path of your swing, allowing you to identify the holes. The simulator also displays the distance, arc and angle of your shot on your computer screen ($699).

For the golf 'accessorizer'

Sun Mountain Superlight 3.5: At only 3.5 pounds, this is the lightest golf bag on the market. But it still has all the features of a top-rate bag, including sturdy flip-out stand legs ($150).

Designated Driver Kooler Club: Not to encourage drinking and golfing, but this is the perfect gift for the duffer who likes to bang back a few during a round. Disguised as a golf club that fits in your bag, the Designated Driver Kooler Club holds 48 ounces of cold or hot beverages ($49.99).

The Shling: This new golf-bag carrier from OGIO Vision is strapless, keeping your arms free and comfortable. The shoulder-pad-like design supports the bag on your back while you walk (around $250).

For the golf reader

Michelle Wie: The Making of a Champion: Learn more about golf's current 'it' girl in the first biography on the teenage phenom, written by TravelGolf.com's Jennifer Mario. The book tracks Wie's impressive and controversial career and includes several fun facts about the golfer, including her favorite subject in school ($11.99; $10.19 from Amazon.com).

Yoga for Golfers: Practicing yoga is a great way to improve your golf game, something both amateur and tour players are beginning to realize. In this book, author Katherine Roberts teaches yoga techniques to help golfers sharpen their games ($18.95; $12.95 from Amazon.com).

Fairways of Life: Drawing on the rich history of golf, Fairways of Life aims to teach life lessons through stories about Jones, Palmer, Nicklaus and many others. The book is written by Golf Channel personality Matthew Adams ($15.75 for an autographed copy from Adams' Web site).

The Bare Essence of Golf calendar: Give the golf guy in your life a gift that combines two of his life's passions: golf and women. The Bare Essence of Golf calendar features artistic nude pictures of women in golf settings shot by photographer Ray Alonso. Trust us, your husband or boyfriend will thank you. ($11.99 at the Web site).

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