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A hole in one can take decades or a day: A couple of Aces tell their tales

By Staff
Laura Ybarra and Chuck Eakins
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Golfers Laura Ybarra and Chuck Eakins recently scored aces at different stages of their lives. (.)

A hole in one is the pinnacle of golf. Every par 3 we play, the thought is there -- here comes my ace.

For many, it can be a life pursuit. Even solid golfers have gone decades and hundreds of rounds on the golf course sans a hole in one. For some, however, it comes almost immediately, when they still barely understand the game.

At WorldGolf.com, people from all over the world tell us about their aces. Here are a couple examples of why the hole in one is the most interesting and unexplainable occurrence in all of sports.

First time is a charm

It was my first time holding a club, much less on a golf course. My boyfriend put the ball down and told me to shift right.

"Then hit the ball in the hole," he said.

So I did ... and you know what? It went straight in. No roll, no bounce, just went straight into the hole. He's more than a great boyfriend -- he's a pretty good darn coach, too, I guess!

It's turned into quite the joke: my first time out and I could say, "I hit a hole in one every time I play."

Laura Ybarra,
Riverside Golf Center,
Columbia, S.C.
Hole No. 5, 63 yards, using a 7 iron

A 42-year wait

I use the Titleist pro V ball. The wind was left to right and I hit it up into the wind and let it bring it back toward the hole. The ball hit about two feet to the left of the hole and the spin was just right as it went right and fell in for the ace.

I am 64 years old and have been playing for 42 years. It is a great feeling to have my very first hole in one.

Chuck Eakins,
Ava Country Club,
Ava, Missouri
Hole No. 7, 150 yards, using a Big Bertha 5 iron.

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  • hole-in-ones

    Robert I. Best wrote on: Nov 19, 2006

    My wife was at a baby shower so I went out to play a round of golf. I was playing by myself until the 5th. hole where I caught up with this nice couple, Jim and Pia Molloy. They asked if I wanted to join them and I did. When we got to the 16th hole which has an uphill green where you cannot see the back where the hole was located it was my honors to tee off. The hole is 137 yards and the wind was blowing in our faces. I took out my #5 Hybrid, which was a fairly strong club to be using, and teed off. It hit right of the pin and then we could not see it because of the elevation of the green. Then Jim and Pia teed off. When we got to the green there were 2 balls on the green so I thouhjt I had hit it over becuse of the club I had chosen. I grabbed my wedge and putter and started to look for my ball. I could not find it so I looked in the hole and there it was. I could not believe it. My first hole-jn-one. We all celebtated, it was great. This should be the end of the story but it gets better. 45 days later my wife and I went out to play a round of golf and when we got to the same hole I pulled out the same club and hit another hole-in-one. This time the flag was in front and I saw the ball fall in the hole so now my wife got to see me hit a hole-in-one. End of story? No. On 11/07/2006 my wife and I went out to play the last round of golf for this year and I hit another one on a different hole. As soon as I hit the ball I called to my wife and told her this might be a good one. It hit in front of the green bounced once and rolled into the hole. I am 60 years old and got 3 hole-in-ones in 1 year. UNBELIEVABLE !!! How many other people have hit 3 or more hole-in-ones in a season? Thanks


      • RE: hole-in-ones

        jeff wrote on: Oct 17, 2007

        what is the correct way of saying this,is it hole in ones or holes in one?


          • RE: RE: hole-in-ones

            Charles wrote on: Feb 25, 2008

            However you like. If I were to ever hit one, I'd probably name it.


  • holes in one

    rick hooper wrote on: Sep 20, 2006

    I have had a hole-in-one both righthanded and lefthanded on the same course, is there a special club i can join


      • RE: holes in one

        chuck scroggins wrote on: Feb 26, 2010

        My mom Marlene Deacon hit a hole in one ysterday on hole #5....She is 72 years old.....Whooooo hooooo go get em mom...


          • Holes in one

            Chuck Scroggins wrote on: Feb 26, 2010

            She was playing at Trilogy Golf Course in Corona California


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