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Golfers of all ages celebrate aces with fathers, sons and friends

By Staff
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Getting an ace is a golfer's biggest thrill, especially when it happens near family and friends. ()

Ah, the hole in one, life's great equalizer. For golfers, getting an ace is the type of thing that can keep them in a good mood for the next 12 months or longer. It can be replayed in the mind over and over again, and the story can be retold endlessly, regardless of whether friends and family are tired of hearing about it. And most wouldn't trade their ace for a round playing with Tiger Woods.

At WorldGolf.com, people from all over the world tell us about their aces. Here are some of their stories, told by the happy duffers themselves, once again showing why the hole in one continues to be one of the most interesting, exciting and unexplainable occurrences in all of sports.

First one with father, second one with son

I hit a hole in one on September 5, 1986 while playing with my father. It was at Hard Labor Creek Golf Club, hole number 3, 132 yards. I hit an eight iron. My father and I were able to see the ball hit and bounce twice before rolling into the hole. On August 6, 2006 I hit my second hole in one while playing with my son. I am teaching him to play and was on a par 3 course, hole number 1. The hole is 117 yards, I hit my sand wedge and the ball did a slam dunk into the hole. My son and I were able to see the entire shot. Tore the hole up. What a blast!

Marty V. Holmes,
River Pines Golf Club,
Alpharetta, Georgia
Hole No. 1, 117 yards, using a sand wedge

A very Happy Easter

This was on Easter Sunday and on a mandatory wave-up hole. There were people eating brunch and they all got quiet when we were teeing off. This was also a water hole so I decided to put my Callaway ball in my pocket and hit a Nike ball. As I addressed the ball, my friend Bill informed me that Ii was aiming slightly to the right. I made a small adjustment and took a deep breath and let it rip. It was one of the straightest drives I've ever hit. I thought it was only going to be a good drive and it hit about a foot behind the hole and spun backward and went in. This had to happen in front of Bill and Marty my two golf buddies. I wouldn't trade this for a round with Tiger!

Efrem Hawkins
Trilogy Golf Club,
Corona, California
Hole No. 9, 177 yards, using a Callaway X-18 4 iron

First ace at 74

I'm a 74 years old who has been golfing since the age of 60. This is a really dream come true as I have never thought this accomplishment to be possible. I was golfing with a group of seniors called the Geezer's and I am the first Geezer to attain this goal since we have been golfing together which has been about seven years. I used a Top Flight ball and was wearing a pair of Footjoy shoes. I am still in shock, what a thrill.

Danny A. Davis
Black River Country Club,
Port Huron, Michigan,
Hole No. 15, 150 yards, using an Adams Tight Lie Fairway 5

First ace at 9

Skyler Young, age 9, hit a hole in one today golfing with his dad. Beginning his second 18 holes for the day on the first tee he hit 110 yards. It hit the fringe on the green, bounced to the left and rolled in the hole. Skyler has been golfing since he was 4 and without one lesson he has the makings to become a champion golfer. People stop and watch him when he golfs. This junior golfer is good. He is a natural. His dream is to become a pro golfer.

Skyler Young
Lakeside Village Golf Course,
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Hole No. 1, 110 yards, using a 6 iron

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  • 1st Ace while golfing with my 2 daughters

    Brett Deschamps wrote on: Jul 21, 2009

    At 40 years old, I had given up on aspriations of the Tour. But I have hope for my two young dauthers, 12 and 9. So I was trying to get them interesting in the great game of golf during our summer vacation outside of San Diego. We were golfing the Welk Resort in Escodido on 7/16/09 and having an enjoyable yet uneventful time, when things got exciting on the 15th. At 88 yards, it's probably not a big deal to most golfers. But I hit the sweetest-feeling shot of my life with my gap wedge. You know what I'm talking about. Everything just came together in an efortless, non-thinking, natural connection between the club and the ball. My Callaway ball took one hop on the green and disappeared. Not willing to admit that the impossible just happened, I thought the shot was a little strong and went off the back of the green. My girls hit their shots, then we approached the green. I honestly spent 5 minutes searching the back of the green looking for my ball. In frustration, I went to the front of the green to visualize the approach and run-off. I located my divit on the green within 24" of the hole and started to think "what if". Sure enough, when I dared to look inside the cup, to my complete surprise, there's my ball nestled next to the pin. Holy crow, my first hole in one, and boy did I let it loose! I'm afraid my kids may never golf with me again for the spectacle I made. But, as I assured them, this is a once in a lifetime event and I was touched to share it with them. Unbelieveable!


  • Congratulations on Your Aces

    Mancil Davis wrote on: May 31, 2009

    I am collecting hole in one stories for a future book. If you have time, please visit my website holeinoneking.com and register your hole in one and tell us your story.
    Mancil Davis, King of Aces
    PGA Record Holder
    51 Holes In One


      • RE: Congratulations on Your Aces

        John Ferguson wrote on: Jul 4, 2012

        Mr. Mancil Davis, I first met you during the 'Tournament of Aces' golf tournament with The National Hole-In-One Association at The Woodlands, Texas, this June or July 1990. I had made a hole-in-one on May 29th that year and came down for the tournament. I was very lucky to meet you and even got picture taken and put in your merchandise catalog, I think that's what it was. Anyway still have very fond memories of that and also have the picture taken with you and the foursome I played with. Now current update. I'm 84 years young and just made another hole-in-one, Sunday July 2nd at the Lake Hefner Golf Club on the par 3 #14 hole, 130 yds. with a 7 iron. So there's still life in the game an thrilled with my third hole-in-one. Oh yes, your record is safe. Thanks for the memories.


  • Hole in One at the age of 10!

    Paul vickrey wrote on: Aug 18, 2008

    I just hit a hole in on at the Pro Kids/First Tee course in San Diego Saturday August 16th. 4th hole,88 yards with 7-8 club. My dad was with me and saw it all.WOW!!!


  • hole in one

    Cameron J wrote on: May 17, 2007

    I'm 14 and i hit a 4 iron 177m all carry into a straight head wind. It took a couple of bounces and dropped. My club almost landed on the path next to the tee box i was so happy.


      • RE: hole in one

        michael watson wrote on: Jun 15, 2008

        i am 14 and i got a hole in one on a par 4. 362 metres. i hit driver, no wind. look on balmac golf corse. hole 11!


  • Hole in one

    Matthew White wrote on: Feb 12, 2007

    My name is Matthew white,I am 7 years old.I got a hole in one when I was 6 years old,at hole Number (7) 87 yards at hyland hills ranch,on the south park course.Using a nike 22deg.hybrid club.With a precipe 33 ball.This hole was in the golf deigest magazine in 1999 as the sunflower hole.It is beautiful!I love golf.i am going to be a PGA Pro As soon as someone sees how I can play the game.My Dad got me a new set of Pings.Everybody follows me on the course to see me strike the ball.I can drive the ball 140 yards plus.I have also won a golf clinic and 7 hole tournament at buffalo ru cousrein colorado.You will see me on the golf channel some today.Thanks Matthew White ) Olney,Tx


      • RE: Hole in one

        Caleb wrote on: Mar 27, 2008

        Don't be so cocky because you dont know you're going to be on tour, you have to pay 6,000 dollars just to try. you have to go through a tournament at school #1 then if youre in top 20 you go to school #2 if you finish top 10 there then you go to school 3 if you finish top 5 there you get tour card. btw im 12 and i hit it 280=P


          • RE: RE: Hole in one

            anymajordude wrote on: Jun 24, 2008

            Give the kid a break! He is only seven years old!


      • RE: Hole in one

        Julius Taslim wrote on: Nov 26, 2007

        Congratulation for your hole-in-one. Just want to share our happiness to all of you. My son, learn golf since he was 6 1/2 years old. He star play on the courses few months after, of couse he always play with me in that time. When he was 7 years old, first time he not play with me and he got first hole in one.
        Now my son 8 1/2 years old, and he alrady record 5 hole in one in his home course. The last hole-in-one on 24-Nov-2007
        Julius Taslim


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