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Golfers reap the benefits of scoring a hole in one

By Staff
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For many, the moment the ball drops in the hole for an ace is just the start of their good fortune. (Courtesy photo)

Scoring an ace is usually all the reward a golfer needs, especially when it's done around family and friends. Still, a few lucky golfers pick a perfect time to collect a hole in one and reap the benefits.

Whether it's a new car, a cash prize, or bragging rights, not every hole in one is created equal. Here are some stories of WorldGolf.com readers who scored an ace, and then scored a lot more.

A hole in one equals a new car

My dad had invited me up to be in the Emanuel Baptist Church's 50th anniversary tournament. This event is hosted by the church annually, but this year is special because of the anniversary. My brothers and I teed off with Dad and started a glorious day of fun. When we approached the par-3 fourth hole, an official spotter greeted us at the tee box. She made sure we all teed off at the proper distance and watched everything closely. My brother Mike shot first, then my younger brother Phillip hit a beautiful shot that we all thought might have a chance.

As I teed up with dad watching behind me, I had the feeling of peace as we all were playing together for the first time since Dad's cancer surgery which was followed by a life-changing automobile accident. To make this story a bit abbreviated, I swung nicely with my new Ping club obtained from an online store. What a deal!!!! My shot was on the same line as Phil's and we all thought "Hmmmmm ... maybe."

At the green was Roger Evans, another official from the church. He indicated a downward motion with his thumbs and I turned to Dad and asked what that meant. "I dunno," he said. As we drove down to the green in the carts, Roger was walking up to congratulate me as Dad and Mike were looking for their balls in the bushes (ha ha).

Sure enough I walked up to take the ball out of the hole WOOOO HOOOOO!!!! We all shouted and screamed for joy … and went on to try to finish the round. Soon we were met by a cart from the club house to inform us of the official recording of the ace and the winning of the prize at the event ...A NEW CAR... Wow what a day, thanks Dad.

Tim Murphy
Pinion Hills Golf Course,
Farmington, New Mexico
Hole No. 4, 178 yards, using a Ping 8 iron

An ace gets a trip to Las Vegas

During the RCC Ladies Invitational Two-Day Tournament. Hole-in-one sponsor Bozeman Ford offered a Ford Mustang for the first Hole-in-one on No. 15 and a Trip to Las Vegas with a golf package for hole No. 3. It was so exciting to get my first hole in one during the tournament. Our pro David Baucum, in 20 years, has not had a major prize won during one of his tournaments. This was my first hole-in-one, what a kick!!!

Patty Shea
Riverside Country Club
Bozeman, Montana
Hole No. 3, 131 yards, using a Ping 7 iron

New clubs mean first ace at 66

(My first) hole-in-one in 66 years, I'll be 132 by the next one. A Great thrill! Wish I could see that far to have witnessed it myself. Only second round with new clubs - I think I'll pay for them.

Tom Lang
Wolf Hollow Golf Club
Labadie, Missouri
Hole No, 5, 135 yards, using a Tommy Armour 7 iron

A special wedding anniversary present

After my husband played "Tin Cup" and hit about four balls (none of which landed on the green) I hit my 5 wood and the ball landed just to the right of the pin and rolled into the hole! All this on my 27th Wedding Anniversary. It was an elevated green over water.

Lynn Swansen
James Baird State Park
Pleasant Valley, New York
Hole No. 15, 126 yards, using a 5 wood

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  • 2 Hole in Won's New York

    lilian Walter wrote on: Aug 4, 2016

    I also made a hole in won at my Business association tournament in Saratoga New York June 2015 But I was not the only one my co worker also did Much to OUR surprise a company www.hole-in-won.com was a sponsor and gave us EACH fantastic Prizes of a golf trip to TPS Sawgrass Jacksonville Florida


      • RE: 2 Hole in Won's New York

        Daniel Sunori wrote on: Aug 6, 2016

        Keep 'em Coming http://www.hole-in-won.com


  • Hole in one on my birthday

    Deo Clure III wrote on: Dec 9, 2011

    A beautiful sunny day in Tucson AZ. Dorado golf course, first tee. I tell my good friend, mostly in jest, that I will get a hole in one today. I proceed to slice it into the tree. Started with a bogie, double, double, birdie, double. Ouch!! Cut to the 17th, 168 yds, 8 iron in hand. The shot went right, then drew left, struck the green 3 inches and a little left of the hole, spun into the stick and dissapeared. I was shocked, my friend says, you called it, Happy Birthday. I was 39. I had started playing at 36. True story. Thanks for letting me share my awesome day.


      • RE: Hole in one on my birthday

        Dave wrote on: Dec 13, 2011

        Happy birthday again now that you are 40!
        did you do it again?


  • Hole In One

    Joy Price wrote on: Jan 4, 2010

    Congratulations to everyone on their aces! The odds may be slim, but it DOES happen-- more often than people think! My company, Hole In One International, actually insured the Hargett Hole In One -- the Million Dollar winner back in September. It's really exciting and it generates a lot of hype when you advertise a prize at your tournament.


  • birthdays

    Roger Picot wrote on: Oct 22, 2007

    My first hole in one came on june 10/99.Thats my sisters birthday,never knew for sure what her date was, now I won't forget it.
    My second came on my mothers 70th birthday with a little kicker. $10,000
    Sweet 2001/August


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