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Course Name Pakenham Highlands
Location Pakenham, Ontario, Canada
Comments from Daryl Lepine, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The whole ordeal of trying, on 3 occassions, to get a morning tee time with Loch March left me with a very sour taste in my mouth, I don't care if I ever get on the course. Yes it would have been nice to play but as with anything else in life there is always something better out there.

In fact, I managed to secure a tee off time at one of my most favorite courses, who by the way does not get nearly enough credit in the golfing area and that is Pakenham Highlands. The members and staff are very accommodating, the course is in great shape and as time goes on I know they will be better than Loch March in every respect. They were able to book the time for me with no questions asked, no matter how busy they are (having played there before on the weekend I know they are booked solid), and NO CREDIT CARD.

All I ever wanted to do when I golf, is play as many if not all the courses I can and have fun. Well I can't have fun when something like the Loch March mess happens and I certainly will not get to play all the courses because Loch March is no longer on my list.

Comments from Rod Ralph, Nepean, Ontario, Canada
A very nice test of golf that has recently been severely compromised in character by virtue of "squeezing in" an additional 9 holes. Unfortunately, the designer ran out of room and the course now resembles the interchange of the 401 and the 416! (And, I predict, will be dangerous in places!)

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