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On the Road with Golf Chick: Mesquite's Wolf Creek Golf Course scenic, but not perfect - Part II

Kristen By Kristen "Golf Chick" Williams,
Wolf Creek in Mesquite, Nevada
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Stunning downhill vies will highlight your round at Wolf Creek in Mesquite, Nevada. (Kristen "Golf Chick" Williams)

Golf writer and blogger Golf Chick recently took her clubs on the road and played a few of the top courses in the U.S. and wrote about them in her own entertaining style. Here is Part Two of her review of Wolf Creek Golf Club in Mesquite, Nev.

A lot has been said about the design and beauty of Wolf Creek Golf Club and it's all true. The scenery is breathtaking, and notwithstanding the stunning views from the higher-up holes and dramatic par 5s, the par-3, 8th hole is probably my favorite.

There's a creek on this hole that snakes around in front of and behind the green that epitomizes the use of the natural landscape in the smart architecture of the entire course.

There is a drive-through snack shack for your convenience once you're out in the middle of the course. It was my first drive-through in a golf cart, which I thought was cool all by itself. In addition to that, there are chipmunks and a family of birds (they're called chuckers) that come around and get fed by the snack-shack attendant.

They even have their own wading pool behind the shack. Sure, the plastic kiddie pool looks out of place, but come on, it gets hot up there!

The pro-shop and the clubhouse are really nice, too. They certainly didn't forget anything in their branding campaign. Even the dinner plates are emblazoned with the Wolf Creek logo. The food was good, the wine list is comprehensive, and there's even something on the dessert menu called a "spider shake." I didn't go there - anything to do with spiders, count me out.

The professionals were ... professional. The service was efficient and, in cases, ultra-friendly. Charlie, one of the starters, was particularly likable and open. I'll end this with a quote from him, which, rather than being indicative of the predominance of men there, sums up the beauty and challenge of the course: "Don't come here to score."

Every rose has its thorns

The male-centric management might be a frustration just from my perspective. Plus, there were a couple of factual snags, as well.

First, choose your tee spot carefully. Due to the nature of the terrain, the tee areas aren't always flat. You don't want to give yourself a side-hill lie for a tee-shot.

Secondly, the greens are hammered. There was damage from un-repaired ball marks everywhere. I asked about this after the round, and apparently they have a lot of foreign tourists come through who are accustomed to caddies following them around and cleaning up after them.

Consequently, the marks don't get repaired and the damage has been done. They said they have hired a new greens-repair service to fix them up and keep them maintained.

Finally, the practice range is irons-only. Hmm, I guess this is more of an opinion than a factual flaw. I don't mind irons-only on a course I play frequently or even one I don't that isn't so difficult, but for me, I want a few swings to get my driver in shape before tackling a course like this.

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Wolf Creek Golf Course

A woman relatively new to golf and known for her wit and dedication to her rapidly improving game, Kristen "Golf Chick" Williams has won fans for her blog and WorldGolf.com golf course reviews. She pens her golf articles from her home in Southern California.

Any opinions expressed above are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of the management.

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  • Wolf Creek

    Brian wrote on: Sep 24, 2008

    This course is an utter joke. It's fun to see for the scenery, but that's it. There's nothing friendly about it. It's over-priced (like most Nevada courses), and you can't drive your cart on several holes. With that terrain, that's ridiculous.
    I will agree, this is a course every golfer should play once. But only once.


  • golf course on mini grand canyon

    rob wrote on: Apr 28, 2008

    I played wolfcreek 11/9/07. Low 80's temp and it was a blast. My buddy and I played from the "real" tips (now days they put challenger tees 2 tees forward due to people trying to play the tips and take 6 hrs). The view from back there is even more spectacular but bring your hiking shoes since cart path reach only the middle tees. On 1st hole, you have to jog about 60 yds back from cart path to get to the real challenger tee area and on 2nd hole, you have to go up around 6 sets of stairs. We got paired with 2 guys in mid 50's and they called us "glutton for punishment". If you're not slowing down the group behind you, its worth getting beat up by the course from back there. However, I only recommend back 2 tees for quick players who hits 250yd+ tee shots st8. Highly recommend.


  • Wolf Creek Golf Course

    RJ Ventura wrote on: Aug 25, 2007

    Played this course in the spring (March) played early...which was perfect given the daily temps that week were in the upper 80s to mid 90s...one of the starters and one of the workers at the counter both said to 'enjoy the views and the play and try not to get caught up in scoring' good advice...the greens were about an 8 given the neglect by visiting golfers but the course has got to be a 10...unbelieveable vistas from the higher elevations...a must play if you visit the Vegas area (an hour drive)


  • Great golf course

    Richard Lanthier wrote on: Aug 16, 2007

    My wife and I played the WolfCreek on April 15, 2007. The first day of our vacation, we were flabbergasted by the scenery of the course. To make it simple, Kristen's description is accurate although, my wife did not experience the issues she had on the tee box. Every golfer should play this course at least once.


  • “One-of-a-kind golf adventure”

    Geary Harbert wrote on: Mar 28, 2007

    Here’s the letter that I sent to the staff: “This note is to inform you of my experience at your course of 3/24/07. The staff in the club house & starters where very professional and courteous. I wish I could say the same for your golf course staff.
    Our starting tee time (6 of us) was 2pm, but we were able to get out at 1:30pm. It took us 3 and 15 minutes to play 9 holes, and we never saw a course marshal during this time to accelerate the playing time. We were asked to stop playing after number 15, because the maintenance had to being on the course. By this time we had been on the course for 6 hours. It was the most intolerable experience we have ever had on a golf course and the fact we were asked to stop play, after six hours was dumb founded. After playing other courses the area, we heard and were told of similar experiences by others.
    You have such “one-of-a-kind golf adventure” it’s a shame it was ruined by a few. I know that my comments will probably not mean much, but I wanted you to know of our experience and obviously we will never play your course again and let others know of our experience also.”
    PS – Don’t waste your TIME, play Falcon Ridge. The staff and the course where just great…