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On the Road with Golf Chick: Mesquite's Wolf Creek Golf Course scenic, but not perfect - Part I

Kristen By Kristen "Golf Chick" Williams,
Wolf Creek Golf Club
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Wolf Creek Golf Club is so scenic, it made it hard for Golf Chick to concentrate on her game. (Courtesy Golf Chick)

Before Dennis and Jon Rider filled it with their architecture, the area in Mesquite, Nev., where the Wolf Creek Golf Club lives and breathes was probably pretty nice to look at. Now, it's so beautiful, it's a distraction to the golfers trying to play there. I could practically hear it mocking me.

There's no question that Wolf Creek is one of the most gorgeous courses I've ever played. I expected it to be and it didn't let me down.

I have always had a soft spot for the types of rock formations and terrain found in that region, and to combine that with my green addiction, well, I started drooling in anticipation before we even turned onto "Paradise Parkway." What did let me down was my game.

Tee Selection

Okay, it's a difficult course - I'll give it that. However, I should still be able to break 100 when "playing a realistic set of tees for my ability," as it recommends on the score card. I guess the trouble is my "ability" still changes from round to round. There are five sets of tees from which to select, which is nice.

For men, they even have recommended handicaps for each set. I highly recommend following those recommendations, especially if you're just visiting and only get to experience this course one time. You'll want a fond memory, not a day of struggles.

A manly course

I don't think this course was necessarily designed for men. I mean, there are five sets of tees, like I mentioned. I do think that it is definitely managed for men. When they put the tee selections on the card, they decided to only show two sets on the ladies side and those are the only two with ratings for women.

They also don't show the recommended handicaps for them like they do for the men. And while the yardage book is a very slick piece, it gives nicely worded tips for landing areas and club selections ... from the "men's" tees.

Of course, I was playing with two men, who had each other for discussion on these matters as well as the yardage book and time on the tee. Then we would drive to my tees, and they weren't always where they said they'd be, so I was left to make a quick calculation and decision on my own.

Math is not among my strengths. Also, the rocks with the directional arrows to guide you up stairs and whatnot to find your tees were occasionally mis-marked for the tees I chose. Hike up one set of stairs with one or two clubs only to see my tees on an entirely different cliff across the way. Hike back and recalculate!

I hereby offer my services as a consultant to Wolf Creek. I'd be happy to have them bring me out for a week or two to write a female friendly yardage book and make recommendations for changes to the card and the markings to help attract more female players.

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Wolf Creek Golf Club

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