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From wedding hole to the members' stares, Gainey Ranch Golf Club offers something different in Scottsdale

Chris BaldwinBy Chris Baldwin,
Gainey Ranch Golf Club - Lakes
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Gainey Ranch Golf Club's waterfall tends to attract weddings. (Chris Baldwin/WorldGolf.com)

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Walk around Gainey Ranch Golf Club as an outsider and it can feel like you're Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in "Wedding Crashers." You could be discovered at any moment and tossed from the grounds.

Probably by that local county sheriff who made Mike Tyson wear pink underwear.

On a Sunday morning visit, two different cart attendants and one of the clubhouse guys stopped me all within five minutes. This is when you start thinking of great excuses or looking for an escape route ... Maybe, I could jump that lake.

Until, you remember you're supposed to be here.

Gainey Ranch is one private Scottsdale golf club where the public can find pretty easy access. Guests at the next-door Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch get to play for a daily green fee. A good golf packager should also be able to get you on.

Which doesn't mean that Gainey Ranch's staff is going to tone down the private vibe. And you might appreciate that when you're breezing around the golf course on a day when other Scottsdale tracks are filled with foursomes who haven't played all winter.

There are 27 holes at Gainey Ranch - The Lakes, The Arroyo and The Dunes nine - and usually plenty of space to breathe. Gainey Ranch didn't go with a big name celebrity golf architect to draw outside attention. The club used Michael Poellot, the former chief architect for Robert Trent Jones II, and while there are definitely two holes showier than Nathan Lane on Broadway - including the wedding waterfall hole - Poellot mostly stuck with just good hardcore golf.

With 27 holes, you want some different looks and various 18-hole combinations with their own unique feel. Poellot pulls this off, while still not making Gainey Ranch seem like a disjointed mishmash of nines.

Still, you might remember the brides-to-be you see most of all.

They tend to be attracted to Lakes No. 9 like Pacman Jones is to strip clubs. This is the hole with the big multi-level waterfall behind the green. Some couples get their wedding pictures taken here, others actually get married where they can see down on the running water.

Remember, Scottsdale is still the Arizona desert. Water's no small deal.

"It's pretty beautiful don't you think?" location scouting bride Monica Crowers said. "I think it will be beautiful on a nice sunny day."

Thankfully, Crowers didn't ask each group coming off the green what they thought of the hole's wedding potential aesthetics. She would have come across some grumpy old members, guys who hit the ball in the water on Lakes No. 9 every which way, again and again.

When you're golfing, there's much more danger from the lake to the right of the green than the waterfall it leads to in back. The green's long, but it's model-skinny in parts, making splashdowns a distinct possibility.

If you actually launch one into the waterfall, you've butchered the hole like Jean Van de Velde at the 18th at Carnoustie.

Don't worry. If you're playing a Lakes-Arroyo combination (the best 18-hole combo at Gainey Ranch), you'll get another chance to tempt lake fate. Arroyo's closing hole features a peninsula green with towering twin palm trees at its backside.

And this time, a large flock of ducks and a few curious resort guests will likely provide an audience from just across the pond. Sometimes, you'll have tourists getting into the Hyatt's gondolas, too.

Most of Gainey Ranch is a more relaxed play through a golf home community. You can all but forget you're in the desert, with the sand rock areas that do come into play more fit for someone's backyard than any rugged adventure.

It's green and more green, made better by the fact Gainey Ranch is usually in good shape. The members aren't going to stand for anything less. That surely deserves a smile and a nod from you when they cast a stare your way. (And stare they will, with some seemingly not pleased that outsiders are here).

It's their course. But it can be your playground for a day. Water dodging included.

The Verdict on Gainey Ranch Golf Club

When you're looking for a break from desert golf that's as penal as nun who's been teaching since the 1950s, Gainey Ranch Golf Club is a good play. The course doesn't carry a high profile either, which gives it a different atmosphere than the usual tourist-dependent track.

Don't go in expecting to be wowed by scenery, though. You're smack dab in the middle of the suburbs and an office area. Some of Gainey Ranch's fairways run parallel, and at times it can feel squeezed in.

If you're staying at the Hyatt Regency on business, it's hard to beat the convenience, though. All it takes to get to the course is a quick walk across a bridge near the resort's pool grounds. You can hump over, carrying your own clubs if you want.

In a Phoenix-Scottsdale golf valley where half hour drives to courses are common, this is no small perk. Especially if you're trying to sneak away from a conference for a few hours (the Hyatt Gainey Ranch is a big corporate retreat hotel). The fact you can easily play nine holes at Gainey is another quick getaway bonus.

Scottsdale hotels

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch is not in the same league as its five-star brethren Fairmont Scottsdale Princess or the Arizona Biltmore Resort (ratings aside), but it's hard to beat the mid-Scottsdale neighborhood if you're looking for easy access to both the better Scottsdale shopping areas (including Kierland Commons) and the cutting edge restaurants of Old Towne.

Turn right or left at Scottsdale Road (which is about 30 seconds from the Hyatt), and you're on the way to one or the other.

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Gainey Ranch Golf Club - Arroyo No. 9Gainey Ranch Golf ClubGainey Ranch Golf Club - Lakes no. 9

Chris Baldwin keeps one eye on the PGA Tour and another watching golf vacation hotspots and letting travelers in on the best place to vacation.

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  • Golf on the MLK Holiday 1/16/2012

    John wrote on: Jan 22, 2012

    My wife and I stayed at the Hyatt and saw how beautiful the course looked and made a 9 hole tee time on the Lakes course.
    We usually play municipal courses and at first I felt somewhat uncomfortable as I entered the clubhouse but found everyone to be friendly and helpful.
    This course was fun, beautiful, and one of the highlights of our trip. Don't miss out on playing a really fun course.


  • golfing over Easter

    Dan wrote on: Apr 26, 2011

    This past weekend was my first "fly your clubs with you to Arizona." Wow! I couldn't have picked a better resort to play four rounds of golf in four days.
    As a guest from the Hyatt, the staff treated me with respect and were always pleasant. I even had an opportunity to golf with a few members and they were also cordial and very hospitable. I will never forgetrecording my first eagle on a very tough #9 on Arroyo.


  • Golf Vacation

    Mark Gregory Olguin wrote on: Dec 4, 2010

    Chris, that was an awesome review my man. because of your review we are going to try and find an agent to book my wife and I for 3 great days of golf and a stay at The Gainey Suites for the Christmas holidays, thank you my friend. And have a Merry Christmas.


  • review

    Eve wrote on: Apr 27, 2009

    Thanks for your review. Unfortunately, some people around here act like they have no manners or were not raised with the slightest sense of respect towards others. Shame that they don't realize THEY in fact, are the unworthy ones.


  • Best visit ever

    Bryan Tonz wrote on: Nov 6, 2008

    This review in my eyes is false. Gainey Ranch Golf club is great resort course to play with friendly staff and a great golf course. The golf course is fun and kept in amazing shape. The staff was hands on and made me feel at home as soon as I walked in the door. I would recommend it to anyone visiting the desert as a must play course.


  • Gainey review.

    Bob Lucas wrote on: May 25, 2008

    It's not for everyone. Glad you did not like it.


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