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Get ready for 'Women's Golf Week' 2007

Kristen By Kristen "Golf Chick" Williams,
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Play Golf America's third annual Women's Golf Week is coming up, and it's a great thing for women to take advantage of if they want to get into golf. (Chris Baldwin/GolfPublisher.com)

Personally, I think every week is women's golf week. But that's me. I'm a crazed addict and get out and play whenever possible. I take my golf clubs everywhere I go and enjoy playing on unfamiliar courses with complete strangers, as well as on a home course with friends.

The golf industry recognizes that many women aren't so gung-ho and might need a bit of encouragement. I'm all for it. Having more women take up golf or take their game up a notch is great for golf and great for women. So it's exciting to see promotions like the June 2 - June 9 "Women's Golf Week" helping encourage ladies to get out there and play.

Now in its third year, Women's Golf Week is a Play Golf America production with big name sponsors, which might sound off-putting but it certainly helped the idea get recognized and picked up by golf courses and retailers all around the country. And that benefits you, ladies. Really - it's not just a gimmick to get women to go out and spend lots of money on equipment they get bamboozled into believing will help them play better. First, they have to convince more women to play and get our games to the point where we think we need the latest and greatest gear. To do that, participating facilities are offering lessons and clinics at ridiculously low rates - many are even free. Golf is an expensive hobby, so we might as well take advantage of such low budget opportunities when they are presented to us. Of course they want and will probably get our money in the long run but this is our chance to take advantage of them while we can.

And guys: if the woman in your life doesn't understand your need to leave her for several hours to attend to your own golf habit, maybe you should encourage her to participate in some of the events. It could benefit you both whether you end up playing golf together, separately or she just makes new friends and gains a new understanding of your addiction. That's right, the week includes social activities like networking opportunities, luncheons and, oh yes, fashion shows.

I know women who "play golf" (or just hang out in the clubhouse) just so they have an excuse to wear the cute golf outfits. Of course the industry will cater to our shopping weaknesses, so if you're one of these women, you might as well take in one of these fashion shows. While you're there, take them up on the lessons as well. Who knows - you might end up actually playing - and enjoying - golf.

When some women take up golf, they get lessons, go to the practice range, get all decked out in fabulous outfits, and maybe even buy lots of fancy equipment and accessories. Then when it's time to take their games out on the golf course, the intimidation factor sets in. Thoughts about all the rules and etiquette to know become overwhelming and some women fear they'll make a terrible blunder on the course. Such fear can actually prevent people from taking the next step and they might even end up leaving golf altogether. Don't! Women's Golf Week answers this dilemma as well by providing rules and etiquette seminars so you can learn what you need in a friendly, non-threatening environment.

Check out the Play Golf America site and find out what facilities are participating in your area. In my neck of the woods, I found three golf courses, a practice facility and two retailers offering free clinics, social events, free fittings and a nine-hole round for $6 all week long (June 2-9). Oh, and anyone who participates in any event and registers on site gets a free one year subscription to Golf For Women magazine. What are they offering in your area?

A woman relatively new to golf and known for her wit and dedication to her rapidly improving game, Kristen "Golf Chick" Williams has won fans for her blog and WorldGolf.com golf course reviews. She pens her golf articles from her home in Southern California.

Any opinions expressed above are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of the management.

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