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Fred Frey [Visitor]
It's a shame to see Nike using Tiger Woods to infringe on my sleeve patent. Are they so big they can run over people? Trying to find a loop hole to screw my u.s.patent rights. I am sure Tiger doesn't know Nike Golf is trying to screw me out of my patent rights, and using an icon to do it. This isn't fair to Tiger or to me. I guess that's how Nike got where they are today.
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Seon Hwa Lee signs with Sterling SM [Visitor]


Sterling Sports Management signs LPGA Rookie of the Year,
Seon Hwa Lee

Columbus, Ohio – Sterling Sports Management (“Sterling”) announced that they have signed an exclusive representation agreement with the reigning LPGA Rookie of the Year, Seon Hwa Lee.

After capturing the money title on the Duramed Futures Tour in 2005 and earning for her LPGA Tour card, Seon Hwa Lee started her LPGA career by finishing 2nd in 3 of her first 6 LPGA events. She followed that by winning her first LPGA title at the ShopRite LPGA Classic in June, 2006 and finishing the season ranked #12 on the Money List. While LPGA fans may have been surprised, those who knew Seon Hwa were not. After all, she holds the record, in her native Korea, as the youngest golfer to turn professional at the age of 14 and the youngest player to win a professional tournament at age 15. In a rookie class that was seen as the strongest ever in LPGA history, Seon Hwa Lee won the rookie race - ahead of early season favorites, Morgan Pressel, Ai Miyazato and Brittany Lang.

In explaining her selection of agencies, Seon Hwa stated, “Sterling represents some of the top golfers on the LPGA tour including some of the tour’s best Asian players, and that experience was important to me and my family.”

Jeff Chilcoat, the President of Sterling Sports Management, stated, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to manage the career of one of the LPGA’s young guns – a player who we believe will become a fixture at the top end of the LPGA Money List. We feel especially fortunate that over the past 12 months, 3 of the world’s top 15 players – Jeong Jang, Brittany Lincicome and Seon Hwa Lee - have entrusted Sterling Sports Management to manage their careers. Earning the confidence of Seon Hwa and her family further validates Sterling’s unique status as a market leader in the area of LPGA player representation.”

J.S. Kang, Sterling’s Vice President, added, “Seon Hwa exemplifies the spirit of global competition and excellence. She refuses to be limited by barriers like age and language – barriers that many would consider insurmountable. That spirit was in evidence at every tournament throughout the year. But, it was also evidenced by her Rookie of the Year acceptance speech, which was delivered in near flawless English to an audience of her peers who were moved to tears. Seon Hwa’s dedication to bettering herself both on and off the course is truly inspiring. She is the new breed of international player and we are looking forward to helping to make Seon Hwa Lee a global brand.”

About Sterling Sports Management

Sterling Sports Management is a leading full-service sports management company based in Columbus, Ohio that represents professional golfers including many of the LPGA Tour’s biggest stars. Sterling’s golf clients come from 7 countries and 4 continents and have won more than 50 professional golf tournaments. Sterling Sports represents its athlete clients in contract negotiations, endorsement agreements, media arrangements, marketing, celebrity appearances, public relations, and tax planning. Sterling also represents corporations through its Sports Marketing Consultancy practice which assists corporations get the most out of their investment in sports marketing, and facilitates the opening of overseas markets for both its athlete and corporate clients.

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Artful Golfer [Visitor]
I agree with you, Miguel. Study the good golf books and work on that mental game. I just shot my first under-par round last year - less than 2 years after picking up golf regularly. I agree w/ CB Maxwell too, Fred Shoemaker's books are the best!
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In response to: Tiger Woods v Phil Mickelson? The jury is now in

agradegolfa [Visitor]
Phil and Americans are just too arrogant - "the USA Open was yours and you threw it away Phil". Whatta laff - what about Colin Montgomerie who also had a double to lose it. Whattabout Gentleman Jim Furyk who missed a short putt to lose it, and whattabout Australian Geof Ogilvy who was the only golfer to par the 17th and 18th yet is treated like he stole the Open. I thought the lowest score won the tournement. Now we read more about Phil. Get some perspective you people and after just watching Phil at the Ryder Cup, he should pack his bags and get outta town. Whatta pathetic effort. He has the fighting capabilities of a limp lettuce leaf. In a contest between Phil and Tiger, Tiger is a superstar - Phil is a good golfer - not great but good.+
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In response to: Golf world has gone mad with consumerism

CB Maxwell [Visitor]
Raise up a beer to Mark...and "here, here!"
I work in the industry and he is absolutely correct. There are some serious rocks under the water in the industry and no one is talking about it...and equipment is part of the story...the cost for new players to become equipped and learn the game has become prohibitive...Most would agree with Jack Nicklaus that to "learn" the game and become reasonably proficient takes five years...and alot of play and the math at todays prices, if the courses get their full fees. Secondly, I agree with the commenter that the consumers are passing on "brand" new in April on release of new product...they know that they can buy at a discount in the fall...or Ebay sooner than that. And the truth is...that yes, there are some really amazing tech improvements to be found out there like the Balance-Certified counterweight and some of the new science in putters...but real tests have shown that this years model of drivers in some cases is not as "hot" as previous editions from the same manufacturers because more scrutiny is being placed on COR. The truth is the game is NOT growing...and when the boomers pass...there is little evidence that the generation behinds us will pick up the slack...there ain't enough of them for one, and secondly...they don't have the patience for the game, it doesn't fit their "go fast" lifestyle. The result I predict will be a serious constriction in the game both in companies serving it, and more courses becoming houses. Sad, but that is what the numbers tell me. When I get to Heaven, I will give Ely a piece of my mind...he started this trend.
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Brandon Tucker [Member]
I've said it many times and I'll say it again, a golfer can win in consumerism by buying used clubs. These clubs are made to appear "obsolete" but really a driver three years old is just about as good as the new ones and you can find one for 50 bucks if not free from your buddy. I've also had the same irons for 9 years and they work just fine, my putter for seven years and its dinged up and I had to replace the shaft once after an "incident" but I can still drain a few here and there. You're right about the amateurs driving the market. But just like losing weight or quitting smoking, its easier to simply buy a new club than really work out a swing kink, so as long as our mentality is in search of the easy fix I don't see consumerism in golf going away any time soon.
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In response to: Tiger Woods v Phil Mickelson? The jury is now in

InTheBunker [Visitor]
What's missing with Phil is desire!! The will and hunger( not that kind of hunger for sure). Things have come easy for Phil in golf based on natural ability. Now, there's an obstacle he can't overcome without supreme dedication and his physical condition says he's not committed. His prep for majors is a good effort, but not enough.

Now, it's all about image--golf is not his priority, family is. That sells in corporate America; truth be told, the elite golfers do not make a living winning tournaments, they make their living as corporate pitchmen. Phil legacy is set.
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In response to: Tiger Woods fans are dumb and Mickelson's no better

Clyde Rodney [Visitor]
I must disagree with Mr Ogilvy's comments.I'm a fan of Tiger and Phils but I am a bigger fan of golf.Compared to the States in the UK we are abit more reserved we may not shout 'get in the hole' on a par 5, 600yd hole.Personally I believe I know how to be a spectator as well as many others.Its unfair to make those comments.In this day and age fans are a wee bit more exitable they want to see balls boomed along way.However they are forgetting about the side of golf that mere mortals can associate with recovery shots.That to me is as good as 350yd drives.In september I will be a volunteer at the AMEX watching the top 50 in the world.Watching these guys I will be screeming inside my body enjoying every minute.Question does that still make me dumb.
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In response to: Look within to succeed at golf

CB Maxwell [Visitor]
There is a new guru on the block. Fred Shoemaker, Extraordinary Golf, and Extraordinary Putting are his two books dealing exclusively with what is going on in the mind and to find "your" natural swing. But our blogger of course is quite correct...blown shots come from bad thinking much more than bad technique.
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In response to: Tiger Woods v Phil Mickelson? The jury is now in

CB Maxwell [Visitor]
Mambo King...good point, but one would think after a collapse like the Open that he would have stepped up to prove to himself he could compete with the world's number One. He hasn't....58 shots behind Tiger in the last four events he competed against him.
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In response to: Tiger Woods v Phil Mickelson? The jury is now in

mamboking [Visitor]
I would only add that Phil is notorious for packing up his bags after the PGA championship. He has even skip the TOUR championship the last couple of years. I am sure that the US Open fiasco affected him somewhat but I think the biggest reason of his poor play is his mental fatigue where he his brain has pretty much called it a year by now. If I were Tom Lehman, I would keep him from play at the Rider Cup until the last day for the single matches.
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In response to: Tiger Woods v Phil Mickelson? The jury is now in

CB Maxwell [Visitor]
Slump...nice try. When Roberto Duran, said "no mas" was that a slump?
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In response to: Tiger Woods v Phil Mickelson? The jury is now in

Ghet Rheel [Visitor]
I'm a huge Tiger fan - not much of a Phil fan. But I will say this. Phil may have more natural golf talent than anyone else on the tour... including Tiger. For the average Joe, Phil's conditioning is, well, average. For an elite multi-million dollar athlete, Phil's physical conditioning is pathetic - apalling. Phil could be in very good shape within six months. He could be cut and toned within a year. If anyone has the wherewithall to pull it all together it is Phil. His sponsors should think seriously of tying his compesation to his physical conditioning. It is done in other sports routinely. He'll feel better, play better, think better.

One more point. Phil should consider another caddie. A big severence package may be in order. Phil and his caddie are dangerous as a team. They seem to revel in acts of daring on the golf course. What was that movie? Dumb and dumber? I know they are great friends, but they seem to bring out the worst in each other when it comes to course management decisions... Tin Cup City.
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Merrin [Visitor]
It's possible Phil is just going through a slump instead of the Winged Foot Freefall everyone keeps assumes.
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Tony Montana [Visitor]
Phil needs to get in shape. Every golfer that wants to seriously want to challenge needs to get in shape. Mental shape will not be good enough when stamina is needed to close those last 2-3 holes decisive to win championships.

Tiger can do it because he's focused mentally and physically in shape.

It will take many years and many pushups for anyone else to maintain the pace that Tiger has.
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In response to: If Arnold Palmer was a Muslim, would World peace ensue?

Ghet Rheel [Visitor]
"Golf has golf psychologists but why not golf psychiatrists?"

Can't answer that. I think "golf psychiatry" may be the new Pharmaseutical niche marketing craze. How about ultra fast acting psychiatric medications? A major-upper for that big wide open drive. Something really mellow for that testy five-foot par putt... TV ads even - Ask your doctor if Lo-Scor is right for you! There's a gold mine out there, Karen.
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