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Another Ryder Cup Titanic for U.S. team

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Once again the good ship United States slammed into a gigantic iceberg and is now resting at the bottom of the English Channel along with Peter Kessler. The guy found the perfect club but lost the perfect job to Vince Cellini. Johnny Miller mentioned… more »

The Maxwell Media Awards for the Fall PGA Show

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It is that time of year again, where the golf gods come together in Las Vegas, or at least a sliver of the business and this year we gathered at Mandalay Bay on September 13 and 14. The Fall PGA Expo has been hailed a success by the PGA as always and… more »

Golf world has gone mad with consumerism

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Unfortunately we live in a world gone mad with consumerism. And it's unbridled consumerism that's killing golf. To those making the big bucks in golf, everything looks rosy. That's probably what Nero thought before he saw the flames devouring Rome. E… more »

Look within to succeed at golf

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"Gain 20 yards after 1 day." "Make more putts." "Hit more fairways." "Make more sand-saves." The list goes on and on. If a training aid or golf club really had the answer to playing better golf the game would cease to captivate us; success is found from… more »

Tiger Woods v Phil Mickelson? The jury is now in

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Well, I guess it is now safe to say that the Jury is "in" on how well Phil Mickelson would rebound from his devastating blowup at the US Open. We haven't seen him even sniff the leaderboard since, and we all know what the Tiger Woods has done. Four i… more »

Sandbaggers are everywhere

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I did a search on the Internet and over 33,000 listings showed up for "Sandbaggers." I knew there were a bunch of them out there but I'm a golfer and had no idea Sandbaggers are everywhere. There are Sandbaggers who play hockey, runners, DISC Golfers,… more »'s "Your Name Here" Golf Blog Contest off and running with first entries!

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The first two entries are in here at's "Your Name Here" Golf Blog Contest, take a look at the interesting and funny blogs turned in by "The Divorced Golfer" and Karen Fish. What to enter your own blog? Give us your own take on the game,… more »

If Arnold Palmer was a Muslim, would World peace ensue?

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There is a saying that "Golf is like life only on a larger scale." Have you ever noticed how people tie their self esteem to their latest score? Golf has golf psychologists but why not golf psychiatrists? What is the psychiatric reason for the 50 war… more »

Tiger Woods fans are dumb and Mickelson's no better

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Fans of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson don't know how to watch a golf tournament. This is the opinion of the U.S. Open winner Geoff Ogilvy according to Michael Buteau of Bloomberg. Ogilvy, a 29-year old Australian, talking about golf fans is quoted as… more »