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Another Ryder Cup Titanic for U.S. team

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Once again the good ship United States slammed into a gigantic iceberg and is now resting at the bottom of the English Channel along with Peter Kessler. The guy found the perfect club but lost the perfect job to Vince Cellini. Johnny Miller mentioned… more »

The Maxwell Media Awards for the Fall PGA Show

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It is that time of year again, where the golf gods come together in Las Vegas, or at least a sliver of the business and this year we gathered at Mandalay Bay on September 13 and 14. The Fall PGA Expo has been hailed a success by the PGA as always and… more »

Golf world has gone mad with consumerism

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Unfortunately we live in a world gone mad with consumerism. And it's unbridled consumerism that's killing golf. To those making the big bucks in golf, everything looks rosy. That's probably what Nero thought before he saw the flames devouring Rome. E… more »