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Comment from: Clyde Rodney [Visitor]
I must disagree with Mr Ogilvy's comments.I'm a fan of Tiger and Phils but I am a bigger fan of golf.Compared to the States in the UK we are abit more reserved we may not shout 'get in the hole' on a par 5, 600yd hole.Personally I believe I know how to be a spectator as well as many others.Its unfair to make those comments.In this day and age fans are a wee bit more exitable they want to see balls boomed along way.However they are forgetting about the side of golf that mere mortals can associate with recovery shots.That to me is as good as 350yd drives.In september I will be a volunteer at the AMEX watching the top 50 in the world.Watching these guys I will be screeming inside my body enjoying every minute.Question does that still make me dumb.
2006-08-31 @ 16:57

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