Get John McCain golf gear to prove you hate elitest scum like Obama

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So now you know it will be Barack Obama against John McCain in the 2008 Presidential Election. The question for golf fans now is - who understands you, a golfer, better? Well, thus far that appears to be McCain. Just one look at McCain's campaign site… more »

AT&T, Congressional come through for veterans for Tiger Wood's AT&T National

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A few days ago I wrote about Charles McKay, a Sergeant First Class in the Army and an Iraq veteran. He was looking for how to go about getting tickets to go to the AT&T National at the Congressional Country Club. In that post I called out to the T… more »

Sergeant First Class in U.S. Army looking for tickets to Tiger Woods' AT&T National: Can you help?

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We just received this Message from Charles E. McKay Jr., a Sergeant First Class in the U.S. Army: To whom it may concern,I'm in the Army and serve over in Iraq. How do you get tickets to the Tiger Woods Congressional on July 5-8, 2008? I just spoke… more »

Exclusive! Golf writer watches Manchester United beat Chelsea, finds it "boring"

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DUARTE, California - In what has been called a first, an American golf writer has gone on record saying that soccer is "boring." The historic words were written following Manchester United's victory over rival Chelsea in the Champions League final. Manch… more »

President George W. Bush MUST golf again

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Ok, obviously by now you know the story. President Bush was finishing a round of golf and was told a Brazilian died in Iraq. Bush thought for a moment and said “So how many is a Brazilian, anyway?” (Insert rim shot here). Anyway, Bush then said it w… more »

Will Dot Wong join Annika Sorenstam, Justine Henin in retirement?

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On consecutive days, two of the world's top female athletes have decided to call it quits. First, Annika Sorenstam announced that 2008 would be her final year, and today world No. 1 women's tennis player Justine Henin announced her tennis playing days ar… more »

George W. Bush: "I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal"

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In an insipid interview with the web site Politico that featured no less than 20 questions about his daughter's wedding, baseball, American Idol and who does the best impersonation of him, President George W. Bush was hit with a haymaker - Has he stopped… more »

Brookside Golf Course: 'Good Humor' and great Pasadena golf

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In Southern California, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena stands out as one of the great sports stadiums in the state. Holding more than 100,000 people, it is steeped in history. But a two-minute walk from the gates of the Rose Bowl takes you to another sporting… more »

Erick of Survivor takes John Daly's "Dumbest Human Ever" mantle

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John Daly gets a lot of grief from golf fans, and for the most part, rightly so. Any golfer talented enough to win two major titles at a young age is going to have expectations placed upon them. Daly decided to meet those expectations by being a perpetua… more »

A call to golfers: Celebrate Mothers Day by becoming a bone marrow donor

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It has been nearly three years since I joined the team, and in that time we've laughed, we've cried, and I've been insulted in ways I never had imagine possible. But such is the life of a lowly golf blogger. Today, however, this lowly go… more »

Score Tiger Woods, Lorena Ochoa gear while going "Pink on the Links" to fight breast cancer

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Last May, PGA Tour players went pink. Next weekend, they'll do the same. "Is it some type of May Day celebration," people wondered? Well, no, it's actually much bigger than that. You see, this Mother's Day, CHAMP Spikes will be running its second "Pink o… more »

The Global Anti-Golf Movement: Golf's ultimate enemy celebrates 15 years of having a Manifesto

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There has been a war going on right under your noses. For 15 years now, golf has been under a sustained attack. Not a very effective attack, mind you, but an attack, nonetheless. Brought to my attention by reader-golfer-warrior King Robert of Shankalo… more »

Florida golf ball diver survives Alligator mating attack

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When Tampa, Fla., golf-ball diver Dwight Monreal woke up on Saturday morning, little did he know his day would include a brief and savage romantic interlude with an alligator. But, then again, who really prepares for that as well as they should. It wa… more »

Laughlin River Run: Renegade bikers swarm old folks' haven

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Despite a growing dedication to golf, the Colorado River and impressive hotel casinos, Laughlin, Nevada still tends to be overlooked in favor of nearby Las Vegas or Arizona golf destinations. This weekend, however, Laughlin - best known as place where… more »

If Danica Patrick can win in the IRL, a woman can win on the PGA Tour

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By winning the Indy Japan 300, Danica Patrick has just smashed through a wall for women. The first female driver to win in Indy Racing League history, Patrick has shown that women can not only compete with men at that level, but beat them. Which is wh… more »