Smells like Annika Sorenstam

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Ladies, been wandering around thinking how much life would be better if only you could smell like golf superstar Annika Sorenstam? Well wait no longer: HALL OF FAME GOLFER ANNIKA SORENSTAM PARTNERS WITH SA FRAGRANCES TO LAUNCH SIGNATURE FRAGRANCE WORL… more »

Erik Compton: You gotta have heart

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Erik Compton probably won't earn his PGA Tour card after shooting a 76 at the first round of first-stage PGA Tour Qualifying at Crandon Golf Course in Key Biscayne, Fla., but it won't be for a lack of heart. Born with heart problems, Compton underwent… more »

Seve Ballesteros diagnosed with brain tumor

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It's a very disconcerting day for golf fans, as one of the most important golfers in the last few generations has a huge new challenge ahead. Seve Ballesteros has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. From the Associated Press: MADRID, Spain -- Seve… more »

President Tiger Woods? Gary Player thinks so

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Gary Player is fond of speaking his mind, which makes the world in general pretty fond of Gary Player. Player's latest proclamation? Tiger Woods could have the U.S. Presidency some day if he wanted it: Speaking at the launch of the Gary Player Invitat… more »

This golf blog needs a bailout

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Dear Members of Congress, I write to you not in my own self-interest, but with a clear vision of the larger picture. As you discuss the bailout of the U.S. financial industry, I ask that you take a moment to think about what type of bailout you can of… more »

After Ryder Cup loss, Europe hits the whine

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Following Europe's loss to the U.S. in the 2008 Ryder Cup, Europeans are reacting to it by cracking open a big bottle of whine. Here's a fairly standard example from the Belfast Telegraph: However, the disappointing thing which stood out was the bad s… more »

Ryder Cup victory more proof that America is hungry again

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Having reclaimed the Ryder Cup, the United States is back on top of the sporting world. And all it took was a massive financial calamity. The victory by Paul Azinger's squad is the latest glorious victory for Americans in international competition. In… more »

Ryder Cup can wait for Michelle Wie at LPGA Tour Qualifying

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Following her final round at the LPGA Tour sectional qualifying tournament in Rancho Mirage, Ca., Michelle Wie made a comment that truly encapsulated how many feel about the 18 year old: "When I came the first time [this week], I didn't know where any… more »

Vijay Singh makes a liar of Chris Baldwin

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Golf writing megastar Chris Baldwin - who was on John McCain's short list of surprise vice-presidential nominees - has had good success when it comes to writing off golfers. He was railing against Michelle Wie since she was a pre-teen. He wrote off Retie… more »

Taking my cue from the LPGA: Speak the language or get lost

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Em uma nação que poucos dominam uma segunda língua, o LPGA decidiu que jogadores asiáticos devem falar pelo menos duas. De acordo com a GolfWeek, membros do LGPA serão obrigados a dar entrevistas em inglês sem auxílio de tradutores. Quem não c… more »

Tiger Woods unveils plans for Dubai golf course that you will never play

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For Tiger Woods fans around the globe, 2008 has been a year of mixed blessings. Because while knee surgery will limit Woods to just six tournaments, one of those was the U.S. Open, where he hobbled to possibly the most impressive victory of his career.… more »

Charles Barkley to defy reality with new Golf Channel Reality Show?

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On an episode of the groundbreaking reality show "Living Lohan," mother Dina Lohan looked over at daughter Ali, who was being interviewed by a TV reporter. As her young daughter was interviewed, Dina Lohan told the reality show cameras that "this is the… more »

Barack Obama can be President by visiting

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Yesterday on ABC, Cokie Roberts pointed to yet another sign of Barack Obama's rampant elitism - he vacationed in the exotic locale of Hawaii, rather than Myrtle Beach. I know his grandmother lives in Hawaii and I know Hawaii is a state, but it has the… more »

Michelle Wie fails upward - accepts spot in PGA Tour's Reno-Tahoe Open

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Michelle Wie has worked her way back onto the PGA Tour. The teen, who utterly ruined her game the last few years by playing against the men, has announced that she has accepted a sponsor's exemption to the 2008 Legends Reno-Tahoe Open. "Michelle's gam… more »

Advanced Copy: Holy $%*@, Greg Norman won the British Open!

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(Note to Publisher, please don't release this until after the British Open) At age 53, Greg Norman has again won the British Open. An amazing final round of 70 (fix this later) gave Norman a comfortable five-shot win in what must go down as one of the… more »