Gulf Coast golf courses get the shaft from U.S. House of Reps

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Gulf Coast golf courses are no different from a massage parlor, liquor store, casino or hot tub facility. At least not in the eyes of the U.S. House of Representatives. In voting through a multibillion-dollar tax package of tax breaks to revive hurri… more »

The Morris Men: A golf saga about two rivals, and one reader

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There's nothing quite like curling up with a good book, or so they say. Right now, I'm reading The Morris Men by Stephen E. Mitchell. And I'm reading it, because I told the guy I'd review it. The Morris Men is the riveting tale of two lifelong English… more »

Ohio loses a golfer

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According to the News Herald in Ohio, Army Spc. Allen J. Knop of Munson Township was killed in Iraq recently, after spending 13 months in combat, then reenlisting. From the News Herald: "He was a golfer and he was always very careful with his money… more »

Help golf blogger buy private island, create World peace

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So lets say you have the gross national product of South Africa stuffed in your bank account, and use krugerrands in vending machines just for the rush. If that's the case, here's a potential Holidays gift idea – a private Caribbean golf resort designe… more »

Tim Clark's charity in South Africa tough to criticize

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For some unknown reason, it's tough to be critical about anything this week. Not that it's a bloggers job to be pure criticism, mind you, but let's be honest, it's fun to lay the blast down sometimes. And therapeutic, I'm sure. But in all seriousness… more »

Holidays a time to reflect on life, golf and shallow holiday blogs

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The holidays are just a fantastic time to be a writer. A writer's lonely existence is mollified by being surrounded with family, friends and loved ones in a heartwarming, soul-enrapturing yadda, yadda, yadda. But mainly, it's a great time to be a writ… more »

Will future societies see deep meanings in golf reality shows?

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The year is 2634. Around noon-ish on, say, a Monday. Two beleaguered scientists rummage through debris in a long-abandoned television studio. They find a strange looking video: Beleaguered Scientist 1: Hey, I found a DVD that looks playable still. It… more »

Stop Everything! Duval leading the field in Japan

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This deserves immediate attention: David Duval is leading the Dunlop Phoenix in Japan, as we speak, one shot up on Tiger Woods after shooting a 64. "I played well," Duval said. "I've been playing well for about a month now but just haven't been scorin… more »

PR and money-hungry folks rush to score on Michelle Wie's good name

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Michelle Wie's continued escalation into becoming "The World's Most Important Human" seems to be going smoothly, as the young star continues to amass headlines and controversy around the globe. Ok, no victories as of yet, but lots of headlines and con… more »

Come to for great debate (or just to bag on Baldwin)

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I remember the day clearly. I was summoned to the main complex to receive an important assignment. It was a normal day at the complex, which inside is somewhat similar to the bar scene in the original Star Wars. Boss-in-chief Mark Nessm… more »

Mack Daddy Caddy may have an answer to Finchem's dreams

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PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem has made it clear he wants his sport to have more and new viewers with his new plan for finishing the season with a "World Series" of sorts. Meanwhile, in Kansas City, Luke Kohl, along with partner Mike Yohay, are loo… more »

Search-engine queries show bloggers' dark side

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Being a blogger is a job full of perks. We get to travel all over the globe to play golf and write about it, for one. I mean, that's a seriously cool perk. But there are others, like seeing Cheap Bastard spend an entire evening trying to h… more »

Golf Community Alert: From now on, it's Mi-Wie

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Having seen the leggy rara avis that is Heather McMichael comment that nothing may be deemed a golf blog without two mentions of Michelle Wie, I realized some important things. First of all, trust me on this, be happy that Chris Baldwin is fixated on… more »

A missed 3-footer? Monty would gladly take a win that way

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When John Daly missed a three-foot putt to lose in a playoff to Tiger Woods at the World Golf Championships in San Francisco, Woods gave a look of dismay and later said "You don't want to win tournaments like that." It was at this point that Colin Mon… more »

A golfing debut with 11 aces makes Kim Jong Il the top Korean

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After reading Jennifer Mario's absolutely gushing blog about South Korean golfers dominating the LPGA's Office Depot Championship, I realized something needed to be done to present a more balanced picture of Korea. I mean sure, South Korea has great a… more »